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bird wrist tattoos

Bird Wrist Tattoos – They are beautiful and energetic; birds are the symbol of freedom and always inspire the human for their ability to achieve higher goals. People always aim high, and then why not get it tattooed on your wrist, which is actually a fashion trend. These tattoos are loved by girls mostly, so if you are looking to get a flying bird on your wrist then you should try these bird tattoos on wrist which will take you to the heights of success.

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1. Tribal Bird Tattoo on Wrist


Tattooing your wrist is an amazing thing to do, it makes you more appealing and smart. If you love tribal tattoos and nature then getting this bird tattoo on wrist is a mindblowing idea.

Pro Tip: The curves should be perfect.

2. Cute Bird Tattoo on Wrist


Especially for girls, this is a cute thing to draw on the wrist. A small bird will help you to look better and show your nice and helping nature to other peoples. This is one of the most elegant bird tattoos on wrist.

Pro Tip: Try to keep it simple, do not color it.


3. Be Brave Bird Tattoo on Wrist


So, what next you are actually planning for bird wrist tattoo? If you are looking for something cool and cute bird wrist tattoos then you can try this one, which will make your wrist more beautiful and stunning.

Pro Tip: The writing font of the tattoo should be attractive.

4. Bird Tattoos on Wrist


Colors really make difference, on the upper side of your wrist you can go with something beyond imaginary. If you are looking for something colorful bird tattoo on the wrist then you can try this one.

Pro Tip: If you love some specific bird then you can try that.

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5. Upper Side Wrist Tattoo


A small bird tattoo on upper wrist is looking outstanding. Few colors are the additional feature of this amazing bird wrist tattoo. On the hand of a teenage girl, this bird wrist tattoo will appear amazing.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to color this one.

6. Longer Together


Birds which are loved by everyone in the world, especially in the world of tattoo the birds are always in trend. This tattoo has a hidden message; it shows the message of leadership and the following. A special character making another outstanding appearance itself, so whatever you would like to have on your wrist just draw it. If you love stars then you can also try these star tattoos on your wrist too.

Pro Tip: You should add minimum three birds to make this bird wrist tattoo great.

7. Couple Bird Wrist Tattoo


The cuteness of this tattoo is really indescribable. This couple wrist tattoo is rare to see, however, this is not a unique tattoo but the creativity is really awesome. They are aiming for something targeted, which must be the most awaited movement for them, so if you have some hidden aims and want to have a wrist tattoo then you should try this one.

Pro Tip: The stand for the couple is necessary.

8. Freedom


This tattoo has its own audience and love. The wrist tattoos are always lovely; however, they are really painful to have. These three free-flying birds are showing your nature if you love to travel plus love tattoos then this option is the only one you should never miss. This tattoo only looks cool on the inner wrist, so don’t try to do any experiment and just deal this awesome bird wrist tattoo on inner wrist.

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Pro Tip: No matter which bird you are tattooing, just be sure to the family of the bird, they must be same.

9. High Flying Bird Wrist Tattoo


The people who have high aims in their life, they should try this high flying bird tattoo on the wrist. There is no identity about the bird which means hidden aim, and the feathers which are making their own way to the sky. Generally, such kind of people never wants to get the audience they are really focused on their aim and work.

Pro Tip: No colors, please.

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10. Fly Away Wrist Tattoo


This is a really cute tattoo for wrist and especially for teen girls. The symbolic birds are really looking beautiful and have a clear message to the audience about the living life. If you are a girl, and looking for a cute tattoo of birds, with a simple message, try this. Plus you can add a flower wrist tattoo or a butterfly wrist tattoo also in it which will give it a rich look.

Pro Tip: You should go for the temporary tattoo because it looks cool on a teenagers hand only.

11. Colorful Birds Tattoo on Wrist


There are many types of the birds and for a tattoo artist, there are multiple options. The people who really want to make their own audience they can try this really bizarre colorful bird wrist tattoo.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to tattoo an Eagle multiple bird wrist tattoo.

12. Cute Bird Wrist Tattoo


If you want to have a tattoo on your wrist plus it should be a bird and cute also then this is the only left thing which can fulfill your dreams. People who just love their work and don’t ever try to hurt anyone, they just want to share and get love. This is the one of the most loved bird wrist tattoo ever. Plus you can put a rose wrist tattoo to replace the flower stick in this tattoo.

Pro Tip: Don’t color the tattoo and specially take care of the border size it should be simple and thin.

13. Bold Bird Wrist Tattoo


The heights of the tattoos are getting more skies every day, and with the birds, the sky is looking a little smaller. Designing a tattoo is not a difficult task, however, making it meaningful is that much challenging part of the tattoo world. This bird wrist tattoo is a unique tattoo because this was a tough task to draw with one color and multiple shades.

Pro Tip: If you want to make such bird wrist tattoos, find an experienced tattoo artist.

14. Small Bird Wrist Tattoo


Especially for girls. This side wrist tattoo is really looking great and looks cool on the hands of girls. No matter which birds is this, the message is clear behind it is, “Always Ahead”.

Pro Tip: Again, no colors, please.

15. Love Birds Wrist Tattoo


Everyone love to stay with someone really special, however, the birds also follow the same equation. In this wrist tattoo of birds, the message is getting stronger and making a statement of love. On the hands of the teenage girl, this gonna look outstanding.

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Pro Tip: Now you can add some colors in wings and the upper side.

“Making A Bird Is, Making A Statement”, the world of the tattoo sometimes really loving. These are the ultimate bird wrist tattoos you can try on your wrist and make your own move with the real king of the sky. However, if you loved any of these bird wrist tattoos then don’t forget to comment and share your opinion.

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