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butterfly wrist tattoos

Butterfly Wrist Tattoos – Discovering the World is the greatest part of a human in his lifespan and after all research, everyone gets to a conclusion. In the World of art and especially tattoos the expectation has its own heights, so if you would like to have a tattoo on your wrist and want it to be one of the greatest and conducted with a super message, then you should try butterfly wrist tattoos because they are the real and deep representative of life. Plus you can try these beautiful cross tattoos on wrist of your wrist to make it more cool.

Here are some of the best butterfly wrist tattoos you should try on your wrist.

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1. Couple Butterfly Wrist Tattoos


On the hand of the female and teenage girls, this amazing life representative always makes its bold and clear statement of how you love and live your life. They are really cute and super in their own presence.

Tip: You should color and color it well and choice of colors should be impressive.

2. Small Butterfly Wrist Tattoos


Small wrist tattoos are always preferred by the people who are not familiar with tattoos. This bird is cute in look and strong in messages, so these are the enough reasons to grab a butterfly wrist tattoo if you are looking for that.

Tip: Do not color it, just stay with black, it will boost its look.

3. Hope Butterfly Wrist Tattoo


Are you waiting to happen something and something positive? Now if the answer is yes then you should make a tattoo on your wrist which will make you mood always positive and as it happens. Try this beautiful butterfly wrist tattoo with simply written HOPE.

Tip: Just fill two colors and keep it simple as you can.

4. Family Butterflies Wrist Tattoos


Oh! this is what we call beauty. A family of a butterfly is walking through your wrist. The person who want to spend his time with family and friends and love tattoos then s/he should try such amazing and unexpected tattoo which will make your appearance more visible when you are not nearby them.

Tip: Try minimum three flies, and if you love to color then take smallest one and color it.

5. Tribal Butterfly Wrist Tattoo


Tribal wrist tattoos are always in trend, plus mixing it with the concept of the butterfly is a solid example of art. People who have some anger and want something which can control should get this butterfly wrist tattoo which will help them to do so.

Tip: You can color it with your choice.

6. Flower Shape Butterfly Wrist Tattoo


Isn’t it beautiful, the combination of flower and butterfly? No doubt, it is absolutely stunning and gorgeous, as it shows the love of a butterfly to a flower it is really cute and amazing. Plus you can choose any of these flower wrist tattoos too.

Tip Keep your focus on the flower and its elements they are the key feature of this tattoo.

7. Floral Butterfly Wrist Tattoos


As we already explained why you should have a butterfly wrist tattoo? However, most of the butterfly tattoos are look cool on the hand of female but, if you are looking a butterfly wrist tattoo for men then this is a good option.

Tip: Focus on the shape of butterfly it should look like a cute flower.

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8. Stylish Butterfly Wrist Tattoos


On the inner side of the wrist tattoos, this butterfly is ready to fly. The butterflies are the only small animals which are really loved by everyone so if you are planning to have a small butterfly on your wrist then you can try this one.

Tip: Just do outlines of the butterfly and make them bold.

9. Butterfly Wrist Tattoo for Men


Simple and gorgeous, as a solid representative of life, this is really rare and amazing to have on your wrist. The body of this butterfly is a ribbon which represents many emotions depending on the different colors like black, red and white.

Exclusive Tip:
Red Ribbon – Represents love and awareness.
Black Ribbon – Represents sad incidents or opposition.
White Ribbon – Represents campaign to end violence.

10. Side Butterfly Wrist Tattoo


The image of a cute bird wrist tattoo is really looking awesome. Remember, if you would like to have a tattoo like this one you should make the border bold and if you are looking for wrist tattoo for a female hand then make it thinner.

Tip: If you love some specific color then you should try that too.

11. Multiple Butterflies Wrist Tattoo


There are many tattoos for available in the market for your wrist. You can try this butterfly tattoo only if you have a healthy wrist then you can try this amazing tattoo. You can also add few rose wrist tattoo inside this tattoo to make it more beautiful.

Tip: There are 12 butterflies in this tattoo, so you can adjust the number of butterflies as your wish.

12. Cutest & Smallest Butterfly


The females who love to wear a bracelet and have a fair tone of skin can try this butterfly wrist tattoo too, however, getting a tattoo on wrist is a painful task, so making a small wrist tattoo is a good idea.

Tip: Just try to make it more simple as you can.

13. Colorful Wrist Tattoo of Butterfly


Beauty and colors are made for each other. Butterflies always have calm nature and never hurt any person in this world. The people who have calm nature and want to have a butterfly wrist tattoo can try this colorful one.

Tip: Colors you can choose what you love.

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14. Wrist Butterfly Tattoos for Girls


Wrist tattoos are mostly loved by the teenage girls and females, this is another greatest example of butterfly wrist tattoos. The girls with calm nature can grab this small and really cute tattoo for the wrist.

Tip: You can color this one too, just try to match it with your nail paint.

15. Love, Heart Butterfly Wrist Tattoo


“Heart” shape is the most loved things in the World tattoo plus the artwork of artist getting this height more every day. This is one of the amazing examples of butterfly wrist tattoos with the heart shape. Also try these heart wrist tattoos too.

Tip: Take care of the curves of the shape, they must be perfect.

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16. Cute Flower Butterfly Tattoos on Wrist


This butterfly tattoo on wrist of a female looks really cute, because of its colorful art. The shape of a butterfly is such that it look like a colorful flower from a distance.

Tip: Choose colors of this butterfly wrist tattoo wisely.

17. Small and Cute Butterfly Tattoos on Wrist


There are so many hidden messages lies behind every tattoo, however, if you need to remember any specific date then fix it with a cute and small butterfly which will make your wrist look more elegant.

Tip: Make sure the color of date and the butterfly should be same.

18. Love Butterfly tattoo on wrist

love butter fly wrist tattoo

Getting a deep representative of life on a wrist is an amazing thing to do. So, if you are planning to have a tattoo, then you should try this cute fairytale on your wrist.

Tip: The sign of infinity tattoo with love is a cute message.

19. 3D Butterfly Wrist Tattoo


On the wrist of a teenage girl this 3D butterfly wrist tattoo is looking awesome. The butterfly tattoo on wrist looks real because of its 3D designs and real colors.

Tip: Choose a perfect tattoo artist to design shadows of the butterfly.

20. Initial of a Name, Shape Of a Butterfly


This butterfly wrist tattoo is looking like an initial of a name starts with alphabet ‘B’.

Tip: You can color it if you love to.

Getting a wrist tattoo is a beautiful idea, if you are looking to get butterfly wrist tattoos then these are the amazing option you can grab for yourself. If you loved any of these butterfly wrist tattoos then don’t forget to comment on the comment box.

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