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Employee Engagement ideas

Employee Engagement Ideas – Stuck with this question, How to keep your employee engaged? Most of us especially startups, They really need to engage their employees. Now the question is: can we really keep employees engaged and how to execute the ideas and what are the perfect employee engagement ideas.

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You don’t need to upset or stuck. It’s always your cup of tea. However, there are so many companies, which are going wrong on employee engagement ideas.

First, we need to figure it out why such conditions befall? Generally managers and boss are busy with their meets and tight schedules. Employees really nervous to talk with their seniors and managers. And this culture ends up with a hit.

Seniors and managers, they really know why employee engagement is important for an organization, but they even confused how to start employee management.

Don’t get confused and let us explain a right way to start how to engage your employee with these simple employee engagement ideas.

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First, understand the need of your employee. Find what exactly s/he needs which your company should allow.
Our research says “Respect”. Yes! it’s really that much simple. If you really want to keep your employees engaged than you need to start your employees as like your kids & family. It’s just like the simple thumb rule which always works and this is one of the most unique and important ideas to keep your employees engaged.

Following that advice is might be a little bit hard for all employees of your organization. So, don’t worry, here are some of the actionable and simple employee engagement ideas which you can try to stay close with your team and they would love to work for the organization.

1. Help With Personal Growth

The whole world is work to make their life easier, and if you want to make your employees engaged with your company or organization, then you need to give them personal growth. It’s the most important feature of employee engagement.

Employee surely gets board when s/he finds not growing. You must make them feel that they are actually and growing nicely. Which makes them feel happy and they love to do things better. So, if you really want to make your employees to be engaged with you then this employee engagement idea will work 101.

“Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.” – Chinese Proverb

2. Implement Continuous Feedback

Next idea to keep your employee more engaged is, keep updated about the feedback. Let them know where they standing and how they can improve.

This is more important when you want to take your company to the heights of its business. You can’t wait for annual or monthly basis updates you need to keep yourself prepared for this think and to keep your employees asking them about the organization and about the environment will make you one more step ahead. Plus, the same thing you need to follow you should start talking about your employees.

However, its sounds simple, but as tough talk to apply. Be careful.

3. Make Office Work Fun

It’s not a joke. Yes! Really. Think if you are going to a place and working 8 hours a day, greetings your managers and in evening it a buy. Wasn’t it is depressing? So, if you want to keep your employee engaged then you need to make the atmosphere of your office more familiar. Just stop being monotonous. Make your employees smile and active. However, achieving your goals is more important than anything, but they to get them should be nice and smooth. You have to balance the things between you and employee. Don’t make them feel uncomfortable.

“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” – Douglas Adams

And the only trick which can bring some fun inside working zone is, remove the fear from your working culture. Your employees must feel relaxed while working, even if they any other issues, go and ask them and try to fix. We want to set the deadlines to get the job done on time but, not to feel them uncomfortable.

At StunStupefy we took a break at every Friday with a coffee and just talk about each other. Building those relationships and connections at work is so important to engage your employees.

4. Give Employees A Voice

No one is an expert. It’s an amazing myth. Neither you nor me we all are humans with same brain and physic. This is a hidden thing which always works in the case of employee engagement. Listening to your employees is the way to keep them active and fearless. You employees must feel like they are free to explain their ideas and they can actually talk to the boss.

Try to listen to their ideas. However, they may wrong, But remember one thing always a stopped watch shows the exact time twice a day. So, try to take the fear of your employees out and start making them comfortable. Let them explain themselves. No matter what ideas they have, listen to them carefully and try to find out their creativity and give them proper chance to speak.

5. Promote Their Wellness

Everyone wants to pay less and get more this is the human tendency. However, overworking, this is not a right answer and way to get more productivity. Our personal study on employee engagement found that most of the employees feel stressed. This is a big issue, however, if you want to know about the employee engagement ideas then you need to fix this issue. Let your employees feel free to work don’t try to burnout them.

6. Live Your Core Values

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” – Amazing words from Simon Sinek. Define your goals, their limits, values and what exactly the mission or target is. Once you are done with your research, now it’s time to ask your employees for their opinion about your though. If you do your starting in this way, you are never going to fall. And if your company standing tall then your employees gonna feel free to work. You need to hold true to your preferences, don’t try to falsify it.

7. Start Respecting Your Employees

This is an awesome thing you should follow, not just in an office but, in your personal life too. Respecting someone never takes anything away from you. In the list of how to keep employees engaged, this one is the best. Respect your employees and you will feel positive energy around you. Increase the trust factor and you should be feel relaxed. If your employee needs few extra days of leaves and if there some genuine reason then you should provide them.

8. Encourage Experimentation of Employees

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” – Ken Robinson“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” – Ken Robinson

If your employees are doing their best to make your company profit and to do so they are doing some of the experiments you need to appreciate them. No matter what was the results, if it is positive then all well and if this is negative then encourage them to work on a better strategy. This is the easiest way to keep your employees engaged.

9. Build Relationships At Work

As a leader, if you shows your interest and faith to build your company at its heights then you need to start building the relationship first. This will be an amazing idea to engaged your employee. Go and talk to then, listen to them and ask them what is going on their personal life. If you found something wrong then try to figure it out. And it actually works. Because networking is the only key to success in any business so start building your network with your employees.

Start following these simple and cool employee engagement ideas today and your graph of success will increase rapidly. If you still have any related issue feel free to ask our experts. Because at StunStupefy we always take care of each other and we are growing well.


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