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Endangered Animals

Endangered Animals – Nature has bestowed many gifts to humanity and its surroundings. And one of the many is its wonderful animal kingdom. Sadly, from whales to polar bears, these wonderful species are verge to disappear from the earth due to human intervention. According to IUCN Red list, around 41,425 species are on the verge of danger to the existence and out of them 16,306 are endangered.

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Here, we have dug out endangered animals facts; the reason why are animals endangered and what are the endangered animals from the huge red list of extinction. Let’s find out the ones really need to be saved.

1. Endangered Animals: Giant Panda


The first among the list of endangered animals is the Giant panda. These real teddy bear look alike are the natives of China. According to the study in 2014, only 1,864 pandas are there on the earth and need to be saved. The main threats to this species are the loss of habitat, fragmentation and predators. Many conservation projects had been started by the Chinese government to save their habitat and species.

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2. Endangered Animals: Black Rhinoceros


Black rhinoceros is another animal on the list of endangered animals. One of its subspecies, western black rhinoceros has already been declared extinct by the IUCN red list (The International Union for Conservation of Nature). Black rhinoceros are natives to eastern and southern Africa including areas of Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, and South Africa.

These species are also known as hook-lipped rhinoceros due to their hooked lips. This hooked shape of mouth distinguishes them from the other species of rhinoceros. This innocent creature id hunted basically for their horns, creating havoc for their life and existence. Plus it is also listed to most dangerous animals in the world.

3. Endangered Animals: Baiji


One of the highly intelligent marine animals known for their friendliness, Dolphin, is also on the list of endangered species. Baiji is a freshwater dolphin found only in the Yangtze River of china. These aquatic animals reduced to few due to heavy use of rivers after Chinese industrialization.

The continuous dispersal of dam’s pollutants increased the number of algae and soil erosion the condition of the only residing river of Baiji. In 2007, it was declared functionally extinct but recently some sights of Baiji Dolphin are witnessed, giving hopes to ecology.

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4. Endangered Animals: Amur Leopard


Amur leopards are another species of animals endangered due to human intervention in ecology. This rare species of leopard is native to the Primorye region of Russia. Famous with the name of Far eastern leopards, these species are once found in the northeast region of China.

These are hunted mainly for their skin which has resulted in 70 animals in wild today. Russian and Western organizations have led The Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance (ALTA) initiative to conserve the species.

5. Endangered Animals: Orangutan


The only great ape living on the earth in Asia is Orangutan. The natives of Borneo and Sumatra are estimated to be 30,000 left in wild with the continuous decreasing number. These large sized orangutans are large in size having strong hands, long arms up to 8 ft. and hand-like feet. Orangutans are omnivores but are mostly dependent on trees.

The most interesting thing is their adaptation due to which they rarely touch the ground. They even quench their thirst from the water collected in the tree holes. The main reason for their endangerment is habitat loss due to oil palm plantation and agriculture.

6. Endangered Animals: Asian Elephant


The key species of ecology, Asian Elephants are found in the areas of Natives of the Asian continent, Asian elephants were enlisted to the endangered animals in 1989. According to the survey, today there are only 35000-40000 elephants left in the forests. Habitat loss and human greeds are the main threat to their existence and a very common fact about endangered animals.

Moreover, tusks of these animals worth lot in the black market leading to poaching. Hunting for their ivory has reduced elephant population to clusters in the areas of India, Srilanka and South East Asia.

7. Endangered Animals: Vaquita (Threatened Species)


A native of Gulf of California, Vaquita is a tiny porpoise among the animals endangered. This creature was so rare that it was considered as extinct animals in 2006. In 2016, the number of Vaquita is estimated to fall below 30. These loaf sized marine animal population is decreasing usually by getting trapped in illegal gill nets.

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Besides the gillnets fishing, habitat alteration and pollutants in the sea are other causes for the extinction of these tiny creatures. To save it, Mexico government has established CIRVA to prevent the deaths of Vaquita due to gillnet fishing.

8. Endangered Animals: Lemur


Relatives of apes and monkeys, black lemur are one of the endangered species on the verge of the list of animal extinction. These social creatures are medium-sized having black or brown color with white undersides. According to an estimate, only 10,000 black lemurs are present in the northwestern tip of Madagascar.

The main threat to their survival is deforestation, firewood production, logging, and hunting. Captive breeding and creation of natural habitats have been done by the government to increase their population and save this precious species from extinction.

9. Endangered Animals: Green Turtle


Found mainly in the areas of Atlantic and Eastern Pacific ocean, green turtles are estimated to inhabit coastal areas around 140 and more countries. It derived its common name from the green fat beneath its carapace. Despite the wide range of inhabitation, these species are in danger of extinct animals’ list.

The main reason behind it is the illegal killing for their eggs, flesh and their body parts. In West Africa, these creatures are hunted for medicines and religious ceremonies.

10. Endangered Animals: Chimpanzee


The most intelligent animals of the animal kingdom are among the endangered of the world. Closest of human genes are disappearing fastly from the earth. Found in central Africa, these are killed for their flesh as the wealthy delicacies in the area. Another reason for the disappearance of the chimpanzee is habitat loss and illegal keeping. It’s disappointing that today only 172700-299700 chimpanzees are left in the wild.

11. Endangered Animals: African Wild Dogs


African wild dogs are natives of eastern and southern Africa like Namibia, Mozambique, South Africa, and Tanzania. These are known as Painted hunting dogs due to splotchy markings on the coat of the dog. Painted dogs are behavioral social animals living in packs up to 40 individuals. Presently, the number of endangered animal is 3.000-5,000.

This population is mostly found in game reserves and national parks. The reason for the decline of its population is overpopulation, poaching, habitat loss, diseases and predators of wild. These are also killed protecting domestic animals by farmers and ranchers.

12. Endangered Animals: Saola


Famous as Asian Unicorn, Saola is closely related to the wild cow than an antelope. It resembles as the creature out of fairy tales with its white spot speckled head bestowed with beautiful long horns. Unfortunately, by endangered animals information states the presence of these species less than 250.

According to the researchers, the stress of being caught and captivating scenario of Asian unicorn has taken more lives than any other human intervention did. The current range of these animals is within Vietnam in Quang Nam Saola Nature Reserve. World Wildlife Fund, Wildlife Conservation Society Lao, Saola Working Group is working consistently to save these rare species.

13. Endangered Animals: Blue Whale


The largest mammal of the world is also going to be in danger list of extinct animals. This endangered species of animal has the capacity of 200 tones and is bigger than 25 elephants. The most interesting fact about the endangered animal is that its tongue alone can weigh around 2.7 tones, isn’t that gigantic? But sadly, commercial whaling has reduced the 250,000 blue whales to less than 25,000.

Overfishing of krill, ship strikes, sound pollution, habitat loss are the major threats to the blue whales. International Whaling Commission has been set up for the conservation of the largest sea creatures. In 2014, Chilean Government has approved 120,000 hectares for their habitat preservation.

14. Endangered Animals: Polar Bear


Snow white bears at Polar Regions, that’s what the polar bears are remembered as. These natives of Arctic Circle are the early victims of climate-induced habitat loss. These animals are often termed as the marine mammals due to the spending of comparable time of their life in water comparable to its counterpart, the brown bear; polar bears are elongated and have longer nose and skull.

Designated as endangered species, US act of endangered species has extended its wide support to keep polar bears vulnerable to extinction. WWF is working with government and local communities to protect these snow treasures from human intervention and climatic changes.

15. Endangered Animals: Bengal Tiger


Over the past ten years, tiger’s population has decreased to be among the endangered species of the animal kingdom. These species are used to found in the habitat of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan. With an estimate of around 2,500 tigers in the wild the species are classified since 2010. The main threat to these fierce species is poaching.

Its poached skin and body parts are traded illegally in India, China and Nepal. Various conservation efforts like Project Tiger, Save Tigers Now, Indian Wild Life Protection Act 1972 are going on in India and the world to save the tigers.

These above lists the precious treasure that once gone can never be retained, dodo species was one of them extinct. Save them so that ecology can be saved and so do the beautiful earth for generations as it was gifted to you at birth.

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