Flower Wrist Tattoos: They Can’t Scent They Make You Smile7 min read

Flower Wrist Tattoos

Flower Wrist Tattoos – Flower tattoos are mostly loved by the young women and teenage girls, Just because females are more closer to flowers than male persons. The wrist has small area to cover with tattoos that’s the only reason it has an ample of different range of tattoos, so if you are a young female and looking for flower wrist tattoos then these flower wrist tattoo designs are knocking your door to grab them.

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However, getting a tattoo on wrist is painful because the skin of wrist is so much sensitive and thinner. However, first, you should take a look at most beautiful flowers in the world and rare flowers which will help you to suggest which flower you should try on you wrist.

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1. Lotus Flower Wrist Tattoo


Beautiful creation on the artist who made this really wonderful world. Lotus flower is one of the most beautiful flowers on this planet and getting this flower as a tattoo is another beautiful thing. The flower is the symbol of purity of body, mind and speech; however, the flower is rooted in mud.

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Pro Tip: Don’t break the lines of the cute wrist tattoo, this feature is making it amazing.

2. Dark Lotus Flower Wrist Tattoo


This is the real shape of lotus flower and also glorious wrist tattoo to get. Flowers, which are always beautiful, always make you smile. This is another incredible example of flower wrist tattoos.

Pro Tip: The dot at the top and bottom of the flower are amazing, you can replace them with stars also. To replace you can try these star wrist tattoos.

3. Rose Flower Wrist Tattoo


Women love roses and almost everyone too. Whenever you thought about the flowers this is the only one which comes first in mind. Rose wrist flower tattoos really look cool on hand of females, so if you have a special love for rose flowers you should try it.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to add leafs also which will complete the tattoo.

4. Colorful Flower Tattoos on Wrist


Roses as already explained really looks amazing on the wrist, however, to make it more beautiful you can add colors in rose flower. Plus you can use multiple colors which will make your tattoo more stunning.

Pro Tip: Trying multiple flowers is a unique idea for tattoos on your wrist.

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5. Sunflower Wrist Tattoo


This is one of the most attractive flowers in the world and not the rarest flower to found. The flower has a special nature, it blooms in day timing only when the Sunlight focuses it. This is a solid representative of calmness.

Pro Tip: However, the flowers have the yellow color, but as a flower wrist tattoo, you don’t need to color it.

6. Cute Small Flower


Small flowers are looks attractive and beautiful and in tattoo world, they make their presence outstanding. People who love flower tattoos on the wrist and love to have a small one in size can try this really beautiful flower wrist tattoo.

Pro Tip: Color is the key feature of this tattoo so try them.

7. Simple Flower Wrist Tattoo


“The more simple you go, the much higher results you get”, the simple statement is showing its class in the tattoo. On a female hand this simple floral wrist tattoo really looks superb; however you can try this one if you are a male, just follow the pro tip.

Pro Tip: Avoid colors and adjust the size as your wrist.

8. Small, Cute and Superb


Yes! Now, these tattoos are getting the amazing heights of cuteness. This is quite simple and really outstanding flower wrist tattoo ever found. Plus on the hand of a teenage girl as a side wrist tattoo, this is shouting loud to everyone near you and making your appearance more attractive.

Pro Tip: “Watch” if you love to wear a watch then get a white belt fancy watch and tie it on the upper side. This black and white combination will stun everyone.

9. Feminine Floral Tattoo


The flower design is really looking outstanding. However, technically this flower is still unrecognized but, it is looking amazing. The bracelet shaped flower wrist tattoo is making its own statement and this is really pretty.

Pro Tip: Coloring this flower is not a good idea, so keep it simple and colorless.

10. Small Lotus Flower Wrist Tattoo


This is the third time we are explaining the lotus wrist tattoos. On the upper side of the wrist, Lotus flower is absolutely stunning. If your skin tone is fair just and you love Lotus flower tattoos then you can get this one.

Pro Tip: Again, no color experiments.

11. Rose Once More


Rose are the mostly loved by females and specially they love tattoos too. On the fair skin, this gonna look glorious. The tattoo is big in size, so only try when you have a healthy wrist.

Pro Tip: Leafs are taking this tattoo to more amazing heights. Plus take a deep look on the colors of the tattoo, light reddish and light blue: no words! The combination is great.

12. Full Size Rose Flower Wrist Tattoos


Another excellent wrist tattoo. As the rose is always a better choice for females this is can make your dream come true of having a flower wrist tattoo.

Pro Tip: Now you can color it red if you love to.

13. Multiple Flower Wrist Tattoo


“Cute, Cute & Small Small” the colorful flowers are looking amazing, plus if you want to get this tattoo then cover your full wrist.

Pro Tip: The featured colors are really cool, so you can go with that.

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14. Tribal Flower Wrist Tattoo


Tribal wrist tattoos are the most admired tattoos ever in the industry. Flamboyant (Gulmohar Flower) which is already listed to the rarest flowers in the world is making this tattoo more classic.

Pro Tip: The tribal touch is making this flower wrist tattoo more outstanding.

15. Artificial Flower Wrist Tattoo



Girls and women love Pink as well as tattoos too. So what is next? Just go to an expert tattoo artist and ask him or her to draw such amazingly looking outstanding artificial flower tattoo which will make your presence more special.

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Pro Tip: Additional green color is sounding good, however, you can replace it with light blue and the audience of this article is females so: Sorry, you have better color options. 🙂

16. 3D Flower Wrist Tattoo


A 3D flower wrist tattoo with beautiful colors, is a perfect combination what a girl is looking for. This type of flower tattoos on wrist of a girl will surely magnify her beauty. So girls go get a tattoo of this kind to make people crazy.

Pro Tip: Its a difficult art to tatto a 3D picture so hire only a professional.

17. Purple Flower Tattoos on Wrist


The best part of this flower wrist tattoo is the design and combination of colors. What an eye catching purple and red colored flower this is! Surely one of the most favorite flower tattoos on wrist.

Pro Tip: Be careful to choose combination of colors. Right combination will surely add to beauty of the tattoo.

18. Lotus Flower Wrist Tattoo


Lotus is one of the most beautiful flower in the world. So it’s a really beautiful flower to tattoo on wrist. Good colors on this beautiful flower and your work is done. The tattoo will look amazing on the wrist of a girl.

Pro Tip: Keep the design of this tattoo as it is but you can experiment with colors.

19. Designer Flower Wrist Tattoo


Planning to get some amazing tattoo on wrist, then try this designer flower tatoos on wrist and you will get more and more appearance. The tattoos is really looking amazing, if you love to have a flower wrist tatoo on wrist then you should try this one.


After heart wrist tattoos and bird wrist tattoos now your wish is on ground. Try these beautiful flower wrist tattoos which will help you to beautify your wrist. If you loved any of these flower wrist tattoos don’t forget to mention the comment below.

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