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how to be a good boss

How to Be A Good Boss – Some people become boss by luck & some earn this position by their hard work & knowledge. This is unfortunate that more often than not people become boss without proper knowledge & practice to manage. To become a better boss, one has to work on making his employees feel valuable and assign them significant goals to motivate them to work efficiently.

Being a boss in not so difficult but one should have cleared thoughts what he wants from his employees & how he can lead them to do that work. A boss has a pressure carrying many people’s faith. So he should be at his best.

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Here we will explain you how to be a good boss.

1. Communication Classes

A boss should be in 100% confidence whatever he speaks because your lecture will boost the morale of your employees. If you think you hesitate to speak in front of many people you should take communication classes. It’s a very effective idea to speak confidently. Your presentation is the first impression on your employees and it should be accurate.

2. Placement of Employees

This is another most important duty of a boss to place his employees in the position where they can give 100% performance. A brilliant boss knows the strength & weakness of his employees & to develop the skill of employees who can perform better for him. To know these things about your employees you have to spend enough time with them. You can also share your views with them that how to be a good boss.

3. Lead Instead of Dictate

Don’t treat your employees like you are the dictator & they are your servant. Just because you have the power doesn’t mean they have to do whatever you say. A boss should listen to the point of view of employees and then decide his plans.

4. Motivate instead of Criticise

So many bosses spent a big amount of time in finding small mistakes of employees thinking that this will increase an efficiency of work. But employees gets irritated of your act because of no one like criticism every time. A good boss is a person who appreciates the good work of employees more than criticizing them. Avoid criticizing employees as much as possible and appreciate their work more often. This will motivate them to put more efforts.

5. Light Environment

Everyone knows that many times the environment of a workplace gets stressed. especially when everyone has a deadline of work. It’s your job to make the environment of office light by letting the team have some fun or free food or may be other things which make your employees feel stress-free. The light environment of office really helps in productivity.

6. Listen more than you talk

You may be having lots of experience and opinion to share with those who are working for you. But that doesn’t mean you should share it every time. Don’t be a boss who always interferes in thoughts of employees. Otherwise, your employees will think less and become completely dependent on your brain. Let them examine the problems and find their individual answers. Listen to their thoughts to make sure their ideas are on the track. You may also learn something new.

7. Control Your Anger

Many times things don’t go as you planned. The results are bad enough frustrate you. In this type of situation, it’s pretty easy to loose temper. Do whatever it takes to calm yourself but never burst out your anger on your employees. Your most important loss in screaming at employees is they will be afraid of you and this is a wrong way to build a team. So control your anger in every possible situation.

8. Be Yourself

When you are with your team don’t pretend to be extra nice or don’t be judgmental about your team. Just behave as the normal person and make them feel comfortable with you. By seeing this normal behavior from you, they will respect you and easily adopt the culture you are building. Not pretending a boss is the key from which you can learn how to be a good boss

9. Hire The Best

While building a team, most important thing a boss must remember is to hire a best & deserving candidate for the post. Don’t hesitate to hire a person who has knowledge & experience more than you. Your time at workplace will be easier and pleasant if you are surrounded by smart employees. They will understand your vision & mission & share your values.

Most of your work will be done automatically by hiring smart & talented employees. These are the qualities of a good boss. And who knows, they may learn you a thing or two. The ultimate way to being a good boss is to take action. The action sets the plan in motion and motivates the team to complete the job.

So these were the ideas or i would rather say recommendation we want to give you if you want to know how to be a good boss of any organization. Tell us if any of these points help you in your work by commenting below.


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