How to comfort a Girl? 15 Reflective Ways to Do It Right6 min read

How to comfort a girl

How to Comfort A Girl? – The only way to manage a strong relationship is making them comfortable. If you can’t make them comfortable than all in vain. No matter whom is she: may be your sister, girlfriend or even mom. These tips help you to know how to comfort a girl in a simple and right way. These are very simple tips which will help you to understand what actually girl needs, plus you don’t need to take hard actions which can make the things worse.

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1. Listen to her

When she is saying anything you really need to listen to her properly, clear and loud. Don’t just sit and acting like you are listening to her. To make your girl comfortable you need to listen to her situation and you must try to fix that if there is any issue, no matter what it is. Plus you can add this topic to the list of cute couple things which will keep your spark of the love alive.

2. Give Her A Hug


Hugs can make anything better especially for girls. Give your girl a sweet hug and stay for a few minute will make your girl more comfortable with you. The physical touch will make her feel good and it will reduce the stress too. However, if you are in India or Indian than please don’t do that at public place because any PDA activities are banned in India.

3. Speak Softly

Girls are the very weak creation of nature. Moreover, when they get upset they just elevate emotions. If you talk her hardly, no matter you are talking for a reason. If you ask her hard you will make her upset again. To make your girl comfortable always try to talk in the soft tone.

4. Offer Your Thoughts

If she confused with anything then you must ask her what was it? Plus you have you share your opinion too. It shows how careful you are with her and these things will give you the right answer of how to comfort a girl. You Just need to find a better word choice and share your opinion with her. Be strong and tell what you are actually feeling about the issue.

5. Give Her More Advice

Girls are always good in listening. They need someone who tries to advise them timely. Then if you feel that your girl needs some advice then you must try to give her. She must feel like you can handle this.

6. Don’t Tell Her “Calm Down”

When a girl upset this is the only worst thing which can be said ever by a guy. Avoid saying “Calm Down” at any costs.

7. Let Her Know How Strong Is She


Just explain to her that she is enough strong to make anything right. Ask her, she can achieve anything which she really wants. She can really do anything just not that she can hit a hole in a brick building.

8. Take Her Side

If you are looking for to know how to comfort a girl then start taking her side. Never go with opposition, especially when she is upset. No matter what is right or what you really think you need to strictly on her side. If you are not in her favor she will get an invitation to argue.

9. Don’t Make Quick Decisions

If you want to make your girl more comfortable in a unique and right way, then stop making any decision faster. Don’t try to interrupt her and don’t try to say like you are ruling her or judging her. To make her comfortable you can’t order your judgments.

10. Dinner at Her Favorite Place


Most of the girls are foodies; they love to eat fast food or many different foods. But the major thing is that they love to eat their loved food at their special restaurant or place. If you are still discovering the answer of how to comfort girl then you will find the answer at her favorite place for food. Whenever you feels like she is upset, take her out at her loved place and offer her favorite food. Plus try to avoid weird hotels if there any around you.

11. Talk About Most Loved Movements

Whenever you feel like she is upset or not comfortable with anything then you should start talking about the amazing memories she had. Good moves will make her mood cooler and she will feel more relaxed. Moreover, if you can relate those amazing memories with real time situation then this is it. She will be more comfortable with you now.

12. Pay More Attention

When girls are upset they need more care than normal time. To make her more comfortable you need to pay your total attention, more hug and kiss and you must compliment her more. Feeling valued, admired and loved comforts any girl, however, there may many issues.

13. Get Her Mind Off

Distraction is excellent at comforting a girl! Even if it’s not immediately trading with the issue at hand, taking her mind off the issues by running out and having pleasure puts her in a solid mindset to deal with the problems. And you will be credited for this.

Take her out for city games like bowling and snooker, buy 2 tickets and go out to watch a movie or you can try mini golfing. Just make something special with a little fun will make her more comfortable. And if you have enough budget and you can manage a trip out station then try any peaceful country to hangout with your girl.

14. Make Her Laugh


Be Funny and try to make her smile genuinely. If you want to know how to comfort a girl then try this one. Tell her some old or new jokes. Just open your inbox and let her give a chance to laugh. You must cheer her up while making her laugh. This is a coolest and right way to make a girl comfortable.

15. You Are Always There For Her

Let her know about this. Girls love to hear that someone is always there in their situation. You should express yourself like you are always there for her to protect her to love her to make her happy. No matter how big is the situation. Remind her that you are here to care her more every time. This will make her more comfortable.

It may be the challenging task for anyone and of you are not familiar with these girls situation. However, following these tips will help you to deal with the question how to comfort a girl.

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