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How to make your date perfect

How to Make Your Date Perfect – Still looking to make your date perfect? Then Stay alert, and keep these 13 small things in your mind, and you will get converted into Prince Charming!

A perfect date is a great dream of every girl, however, what people don’t know is, they could be perfectly happy with some simple acts. The main reason why some guys can’t seem live up is the lowest of the expectations.

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We listen many times the answer of “What was your dream Date?” is a very generic answer and that is “A Dinner” or “a moon-light walk”.

Oh! come on and move to 21th century. If you are moving now you are thinking what next? Don’t worry you will get a lot many ideas to fix your next date after reading this article.

First, you have to understand what exactly girls want on a date?

Start reading her mind. Is it sounds like complicated? Maybe, however, if you try to keep things simple and straight you can easily get what exactly your girl expecting on that special evening. Because, women are as same as guys, so it makes things easier to know what make her happy.

Still confused! Don’t worry; here we have some tips and ideas that will help you and surly make your girl smiling and happy.

1. They Want To Know “Exactly Who You Are”

The very basic and general necessity of humans, but why? Because it’s the only reason she is with you on a date. However, no one cares about the next morning or what will happen at the end of the night. This day is actually intended to make you feel more comfortable, so, both of you can build up a higher level of intimacy.

2. They Want More Fun

After all, it’s necessary to know & understand each other, plus they also want to enjoy. It’s not written in the book of the date that, you can’t enjoy or get more fun. No matter where you are walking at the beach or having dinner you can still make your girl laugh and smiling.

And one more very important thing, if you are on an active date you must know the interest of your partner first. Maybe you love hiking and want to spend time or you love dancing, whatever it is you must know what she likes, so she feels more comfortable and not just get bored with you.

3. They Are Foodie

A starved women!! Alright you get that: “Hell”. Many girls actually don’t want to have dinner on a date, however, a three-hour date will usually need something to eat. Keep her happy by not making her hungry. You can get popcorn tub while watch movie, a burger after getting drinks, coffee or dessert also an amazing idea.

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4. They Want To Explain Themselves

Typically girls have some special speaking habits. Joke Apart! However, somehow this is true; girls love to gossiping and talk, more talk. Just because everyone wants an audience. They want to get heard and want to get reactions also. So take care of it; you must give her more chance to speak than you. And about yourself keep it simple. Pay full attention while she is talking about her and family or whatever she is talking about.

5. “You Like Her” They Want To Know That

You must make them feel special. You must compliment your date. And the amazing thing, this is not much hard. Take your girl to a great atmosphere and share your positive feelings about her. Make her special and stay talk about her, not just explain yourself. Don’t shell her out and give the ultimate impression. Explain her like she is the most beautiful women of the World.

How to make your date perfect?

Just because of it’s so easy if you are planning to take your girl out to a nice, romantic restaurant than wait for a movement and fix it again. Fix it’s what she actually wants. They first date can make you or even can break you too. And you don’t need a private jet to take her Paris just to impress her. What you need to do just find out what she exactly wants and do the same.

Here are some important things you must take in the notice to make your date special.

6. Location

The safest bet for a date is a romantic restaurant, however, there are lots of amazing ideas you should try to impress your date. Find what she loves and do your own research. Girls always love to find something new locations. She might love the different place or food too. And if it is very hard to get that what your girl loves than go to your decided one. But remember it should not “Just A Guy On Date”. However, you can try a peaceful place to go. Moreover, you should try to go any romantic city which she loves the most.

7. Presentation

If you don’t want to surprise your girl, just focus on your attractive looks. And you should do your best. Making her laugh and smile is also a huge part of representing yourself to her. Be confident and make her happy, plus how you handle yourself in your own life, be confident about it too. Only these simple ways can make her thought about you not to the others.

8. Conversation

Don’t oversell yourself. Simple meaning; don’t explain about yourself too much to impress her. Just start talking what actually your mind is thinking about and stay comfortable with it. Girls always want a simple and nice conversation with a nice guy. To make your talk more special you can add some jokes to it or you can try to flirt.

9. Chivalry

Be polite and make your girl feel special. Show your positive attitude. Opening a door for her is a great idea, holding a chain to welcome her; also not bed. These small and simple things make her feel good. Girls and women notice the things you are doing.

10. Respect

A few girls like to go on a date with scrappy guys, however, it doesn’t mean you do treat them badly. Take charge but remember you girl should not feel small. Always try to consider what exactly your girl wants. It’s all about timing and attentiveness. Express yourself without confirming her.

11. Appearance

Stay close! No matter how unusual it feels like. Make yourself tidy and presentable. Let the girl know that you are making efforts to look good for her.

12. The “Move.”

Be what you are. Be creative. You have to do something which makes you openly that who are you? You love dancing show them at the dance club. No matter how good or bad it is, just be sure that you must know what exactly you are doing. And I bet you she will appreciate your performance. She must feel that she is on a date not just at somewhere with someone.

13. The “Kiss”

It must be sweet. Girls or women like you kiss sweetly. Just make it the simple and calm kiss. And for god sake stop thinking about movies. Don’t get over excited. Stop moving hard. Kissing is just an expression to convey the feelings for each other.

And if you still stuck what to do just do one thing take her out and make the girl feel that she is the most amazingly beautiful girl you ever found. Stay close and don’t prove yourself, listen to her, make her smile and laugh, offer a walk in the talk (not much longer) and make your day of date very especial.

Special Note: Good Luck 🙂

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