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“I was given a chance and I took it”, the simple yet strong words say all about her speaker, the star player of tennis,” Maria Kirilenko”. Maria Yuryevna Kirilenko Stepanova, better known as Maria Kirilenko is the young tennis sensation of Russia. In a short while, she has gained an image of the style icon as well as a strong player in the tennis world.

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Maria Kirilenko is talented, she is beautiful, photogenic, tennis prodigy and many more facts about her that is creating a huge fan following for her these days. Plus Maria Kirilenko is listed to the hottest female athletes in the world.

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Maria Kirilenko Biography & Early Years

Before getting anything you should find who is maria Kirilenko? She was born on 25 January, 1987 to Yuri and Olga Kirilenko in a small town outside Moscow, Russia. Her father Yuri shared his passion for tennis with Maria at an early age of seven by sending her to the one of the top tennis school in Russia, Dinamo Moscow Central Stadium.

Within a year, the talented daughter had picked her first win and soon stepped on the first position in her age group.
Maria Kirilenko’s junior ranking was not an easy way to go through. She used to attend her tennis lessons straight after school, managing her meals, homework and little rest all along her way to the stadium in the car.

At the age of 12, she lived a life that was far different from her peers. Three hours of practice on the court, rest of the day for physical training, long tiring journeys, and living apart from home and studies with private teachers along with distance learning programs that was part of her way from childhood to stardom.

Maria’s life took her first pleasant turn, when Sports master, Elena Brioukhovets gave notice to her potential. She worked towards the all-round nurturing of Maria’s talent that transformed Maria into one of the best players of the world in junior group.

Her tennis talent earned her support by the group of well-known players like Yevgeny Kafelnikov, Andrei Olhovsiky and Max Miny. The group helped her in training and attending tournaments. No sooner she came on number two ranking of Under-18 group.

Maria Kirilenko Tennis & Professional Career

Her professional career began with a bang in 2002 when maria became one of the youngest players to win Canadian Open and US Open junior Tennis Tournaments. She won her third title in the same year in tournament name “Tourneo Internazionale Citti Di Santa Croce”, Italy.

Maria won her first WTA title in Beijing in 2005 and stepped herself in the list of Top 20 tennis players of the World. Earlier in 2007, she grew as a proficient tennis star showed her strong presence in third round in Australian Open and second round in Toray Pan Pacific Open (Tokyo) and Dubai Tennis Championship (Dubai). And In 2010, Australian Open she beat Maria Sharapova and made it to the quarterfinals before losing the game to Zheng Jie.

Now in 2012, Maria Kirilenko advanced to second grand slam quarterfinals of Wimbledon Championship and her third grand slam at French open in 2013. In all these years her ranking improved significantly making her World No. 10 Tennis Star in 2013. In the next year, Maria Kirilenko suffered from the knee injury that led her to miss Australian Open.

At 2012, London Summer Olympics, Maria reached to semi-finals defeating sixth number positioned Petra Kvitova but lost the match to silver medalist Maria Sharapova by 6-2, 6-3. She lost her Olympics Bronze medal to Victoria Azarenka (6-3, 6-4) and landed herself on Fourth position in London Olympics. Kirilenko with her partner Nadia Petrova won Olympics Bronze medal in Women Doubles after beating the no. 1 ranked doubles team Lisa Raymond and Liezel Huber in sets of 4-6, 6-4, and 6-1.

Maria Kirilenko and Alex (Personal Life)

Finding soulmate while serving in common courts are usually witnessed in tennis. This happened with Maria too, she has fallen in love with her mixed double partner Igor Andreev. The best known tennis couple ended up by the year 2011. Afterward, the Russian diva met ice hockey player Alexander Ovechkin at 2011 U.S. Open during a warm-up session.

The couple announced their wedding plans on twitter soon after a year or more of dating on New Year’s Eve of 2012. This much in love couple called for the split in July 2014. It was a beautiful three-year relationship that was soon going to keep the couple in wedlock. The reason behind their alleged break up is stated as the release of Instagram photos of Ovechkin with Russian Gymnast Karolina Sevastyanova.

Despite all the love for social networking, Maria’s most beautiful and important day was a secret affair. Maria tied a knot with Alexei Stepanov on January 24, 2015, in a private ceremony in Moscow. Her husband‘s name was kept secret and has been announced only after a few days of wedding. The 38 years old, Alexei Stepanov is reported to be the Head of the Committee of Public Services in Moscow.

[highlight]Marking her absence from professional tennis for a long time, it has reported that she had become a mother of a beautiful baby boy.[/highlight]

Maria Kirilenko’s Net worth

The Russian star has earned not only the titles but envious prize money that amounts to 6.856 million USD. Her present net worth is $12.5 million. (as

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Maria Kirilenko and her inside and outside

Being a tennis player doesn’t restrict a player like Maria to prove her ability in other things. Her childhood love for dance especially ballet has still that fire. Maria loves to play soccer, basketball and other sports. The cutest thing about this diva is her love for cooking. Maria Kirilenko used to prepare food for her family especially her favorite from mother’s recipes, Russian pancakes with black caviar.

Maria speaks Russian and English with fluency and known to never leave home without her computer. She is a good reader and a huge fan of classical music. Her classic music collection includes Vivadi, Beethoven, Bach, Lady Gaga, Cirque du Soleil and many more. Maria loves to share all her memories, passions, holidays and words with her great fan following.

Since childhood, Maria’s social life was limited to an extent of her family. But with growing career and Maria has grown a wide fan following through her hottest photos and dazzling fashion statements. She is the consistent user of her personal blog, twitter and Facebook. She used to make every attempt to reach her followers around the world through her social presence.

Fashion statement of Maria Kirilenko

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In her words, “All teenage girls like to look good and tennis players are no different”. She maintains the same with Maria Kirilenko’s sexy photoshoots and remarkable fashion sense. It’s her great sense of trends, she was chosen by Stella McCartney as the Adidas model in 2006. However, she is not listed to most beautiful eyes in the world, but she really has gorgeuos eyes.

For her, wearing nice clothes and well presentation on the court boosts confidence. She not only keeps this brand line on her in tennis courts but also enjoys other opportunities to flaunt her style in McCartney designs. Except for a tennis player, Maria Kirilenko and her beauty have matched new heights in many modeling shoots. At present, she is one of the tennis players who has brought fashion and glamor back in the courts. And you may no less agree on seeing her sexy looks on the court and out.

Maria Kirilenko’s Unseen images and Sexy Photoshoots.

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Life of Maria Kirilenko is a great inspiration to all the teenagers who wish to achieve great in their life. Maria set a perfect combination of talent, good looks, amazing persona and a family person. Her good looks are just an addition to her talent and so she wants herself to be remembered as a best tennis player than how she fascinates as “Tennis Babe”. No, amaze that the internet is going all crazy about her potential and sexy as well as girl- next-door image.
She might not be popular as her contemporary players but her connectivity with fans and her tennis skills with diva looks ensure her name in hearts and book of tennis history.

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