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Neck Tattoos – The neck is an open part of the body. No matter if you are wearing a Shirt, t-shirt, the neck will remain visible to everyone. There are so many ways people use to make their neck look beautiful. For example, women wear necklace and pendant whereas men wear lockets, chains etc.

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Another way to improve the beauty of neck is neck tattoos. Both men and women love tattoos & neck is a very good place for it because it’s easily noticeable. The size and shape of neck tattoo are different as per the choice of a person. Here we are presenting a collection of most attractive and beautiful neck tattoos for both men and women.

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1. Om with Lord Shiva


“Om” is the sacred and spiritual icon in Hindu religion. In Hindu religion, Om is related to Lord Shiva. So this tattoo is designed such as one can see the picture of Lord Shiva in the Om. This is fantastically designed black & white neck tattoo. And my god, it will look awesome on the neck of anyone. Getting such ideas are really amazing so you can try om on wrist also as a cool wrist tattoo.

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2. Be Happy Neck Tattoo


This is a very nice and simple neck tattoo with the text “Be Happy”. The highlight of this tattoo is “Simplicity is the beauty”. Cursive font with no color and a thin black ribbon. The Tattoo is looking like a Pendant of “Be Happy”. Surely one of the great neck tattoo ideas.

3. Black & White Rose Neck Tattoo


‘Neck tattoos behind ear’ is a very good idea, especially for girls. And this idea is perfectly executed in this black & white rose neck tattoo. A very beautiful rose with some leaves is looking awesome. Girls! All men will going to be flat if you have this tattoo on your neck.

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4. Designer Flower Neck Tattoo


Flower and girls, both are the most beautiful creation of nature. And when they both come together, the beauty gets magnified. It’s even better if the flower and girl always stay together. This neck tattoo of a really beautiful flower on the neck of a girl adds to girls beauty. This is a very popular neck tattoo design. Plus you can also try flower wrist tattoo besides of neck.

5. Love Heart Neck Tattoo


Not a single girl you would found who don’t like love plus heart combination. So this ‘neck tattoo behind ear’ is also very popular among the girls. The red colored heart and “love” in stylish font behind the ear of a girl, is a perfect beauty anyone wants to see. Plus you should also try a heart wrist tattoo if you love to.

6. Crown Neck Tattoos


Crown is one of the oldest symbols in the history of tattoos. This is the emblem of a ruler. So if any person who feels like a queen or a king, this crown neck tattoo is for you guys. This crown sign is small, not much designed and common for both men and women. Such a strong visual appearance.

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7. Patience Neck Tattoo


Patience is the quality that every person should have. The person who doesn’t get annoyed or anxious easily, generally has the very good patience level. Patience neck tattoo shows the nature of a person who believes in higher patience level. Singer Justin Bieber has the same patience tattoo on the neck.

8. Samurai Sword Neck Tattoo


Japanese historical sword is also known as the samurai sword. It’s a symbol of a warrior, a soldier who lives with never give up attitude. This neck tattoo for men is really classy. The tattoo has a colorful sword which cuts a snake into the half. It’s definitely a pride neck tattoo for men.

9. Fully Designer Neck Tattoo


Girls, who love design, will always prefer this tattoo. Girls who love design will always prefer this tattoo. This neck tattoo is fully filled with design all over the back portion of the neck. It is very difficult to tattoo this type of design on the neck. But if you can pull it off you will definitely look gorgeous with this neck tattoo design.

10. Half Moon Neck Tattoo


We all know that half moon looks more beautiful than the full moon because of its shape. The shape of half moon is more eye catching and commonly loved by everyone. So tattooing it on the neck is a great idea. Girls who love the moon go and get a half moon tattoo right now to magnify your beauty.

11. Initials Neck Tattoo


One of the most popular and common tattoos are initials of a name. Generally, couples tattoo it with the initials of their names. But this initials neck tattoo can be made quite attractive by choosing unique design and colors. In this neck tattoo “LA” are the initials and how good is the design and color of the tattoo! Maybe the person in this tattoo loves ‘Los Angeles’.

12. Anchor Neck Tattoo


An anchor is a massive load that holds a ship in position. Remaining firm in the storms, an anchor is the symbol of firmness, hope and tranquility. It also has a spiritual connection that symbolizes as the stable part of our being. So this anchor tattoo on the neck is for that person who is spiritual and wants stability in their life.

13. Tribal Neck Tattoo


“Tribal” relates more to the drawing or painting style practiced in traditional tattoos in Polynesian and other religions. This form of artwork may resemble the thick lines and geometric patterns while including new components. Tribal neck tattoos are very famous among men from a very long time. However, if love wrist tattoos then you can also try tribal wrist tattoos.

14. Keep Calm Neck Tattoo


‘Keep Calm’ tattoos are common but this neck tattoo is something different from others. In this tattoo ‘Keep Calm’ is written on a cap and the cap is placed on the head of a chimpanzee. Chimpanzees are very calm by nature and that’s why he is used in this tattoo. Isn’t it an awesome idea!

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15. Fighter Neck Tattoo


Fighter tattoo on neck describes the whole attitude of a person who lives life fighting from all difficult situations. This tattoo is printed right on the back side of neck and the font style is very classic with no requirement of colors. Very classy and awesome looking tattoo this is.

So these were some of the very popular, unique and quality neck tattoos we listed here. We hope that we are successful in giving you a very good knowledge about neck tattoos and this article will help you immensely in choosing the neck tattoo you want to print. We will try and update you with more designs of tattoos & you can find more tattoo in our other categories of tattoos.

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