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Animals with Big Ears: Just imagine, if Mark Antony would have addressed to these animals with big ears picture in Julius Ceaser, then Shakespeare would certainly have never used the phrase “lend me your ears”. Oh, these animals with protruding ears, sometimes when you look at them you feel as if they are telling you – “Hey mind your language, I am listening to whatever you are saying”. Oops! It’s rude to say like this.

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Oops! It’s rude to say like this. Perhaps not surprisingly, these weird big ear animals appear so cute. Just have a look at them and you will feel that this slightest imperfection basically transform their overall look. It won’t be a flattery to say – Oh, these protruding ears, why it looks so pretty?

Are you are excited to scroll down? Yes, then what are you waiting for? Just blow the trumpet and explore the list of animals with big ears. Undoubtedly, you will be left astounded.

10. Fennec Fox (Vulpes Zerda)


Found in the Sahara of North Africa this big ear animal has an innocent face. These species of fox family are a nocturnal animal and lives in dens. These substantially long ears have a special purpose to serve. Since the habitation of Fennec fox is a desert environment, so in order to dissipate heat, they have larger ears. Moreover, they can hear their prey moving underground easily with these highly sensitive ears.

9. Long Eared Jerboa (Euchoreutes Naso)


Hey, Jerboa is back. You remember this cute little dumbest animal. See, now it again occupies the position in the category of animals with big ears. Definitely, it reminds you of hobbits in Comic-con with pointed ears. Found in Mongolia it will give you a hard time to have a glance of it not only because it is nocturnal but also because it’s a shy animal. You will be amused to know that their ears are longer than their heads.

8. Galago (Galagidae) Big Ears Animals


Popularly known as bush babies or nagapies, these animals with big ears hail from continental Africa. In similarity with bat ears, Galapo’s ears could dart around in different directions and are enabled with the sharp hearing, which makes them competent enough to hunt down insects in the dark.These are small nocturnal animals with large eyes and amazingly big ears with respect to their body.

7. Caracal (Caracal caracal)


Definitely, this medium-sized cat with pointed ears will remind you of hobbits. Native to Africa, this is another nocturnal animal with big ears, which is not easy to observe. These large tufted ears are highly efficient at the hearing and functions as an antenna, thereby helping them a great deal in hunting their prey.

Caracals usually prey on rodents and birds, which shows how swift they are. Interestingly, if you observe their ears closely then you will feel as if they have two ponytails to enhance their look.

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6. Basset Hound Animals With Big Ears


Falling under the category of domestic dogs (Canis Lupus Familiaris), this short-legged dog is certainly an alluring big ears animal. This member of the Hound family has the longest trailing ears perfect in trapping the scent, thereby helping it to track things.

In earlier days it was bred for hunting hare and its ears are known as “leathers”. If you have this as a pet, then do keep its ears clean as these are prone to infection.

5. Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus)


Belonging to western North America, this animal is named after its mule-like ears, which move regularly and independently. These ears protect it from getting trapped by the predator as with the help of the ears, mule deer can hear the sound of the predator from far.

After hearing the voice their predators this big ears animal easily flee away by using a hopping motion known as “pronking” or “stotting”.

4. African Elephant (Loxodonta)


Amazingly, the African elephant has three times larger ears in comparison to the Asian elephant. These large ears, which are signaling organs help them to regulate their body temperature and work as a protective feature to safeguard this big ear animal from potential threats.

An interesting fact of these big ears, which will leave you flabbergasted is that just like humans fingerprints, ears of each and every African elephant is unique and is used usually for identification.

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3. California leaf-nosed Bat (Macrotus californicus)

California leaf-nosed Bat (Macrotus californicus)

Yes, these big ears will certainly knock off your socks as it helps these bats to detect sounds as feeble as that of a cricket’s footstep. Furthermore, they can even hear the caterpillar’s munching mandibles. Found in Sonoran and Mojave Deserts of California, Arizona, and Mexico, this animal with big ears picture is the only bat that doesn’t hibernate in animals or migrates.

It is not just their ears that give them an interesting look, but one cannot ignore its leaf-like projected nose on the basis of which it has been named.

2. Serval (Leptailurus serval)


With long legs, lean body and big ears African Serval are a treat to watch. Popularly known as “giraffe cat”, these big ear animals are beautiful with black lines and long neck. In proportion to their head, they have literally large ears. If we had the ears like that, then its size would definitely have been something near to that of dinner plates.

You may draw the sketch in your mind how we would have appeared. These ears help them in locating their prey such as rodents and birds by detecting their ultrasonic sound. This is one of the reasons why they do not prefer to hunt on windy days.

1. Sand Cat (Felis margarita)



Do not underestimate the healing power of this daring desert animals like desert cat, which easily catches its prey with the help of its highly sensitive ears with large ear flaps and auditory bulla. Strikingly, it can hear the underground as well as above the ground sound efficiently. These triangular shaped ears are protected with the inner ear cavity and provide it an enhanced hearing.

They are mostly found in Northern Africa and Southwest or profusely in Central Asia. Hope this list of animals with big ears would have left you amused; there are many more facts that are interesting and entertaining. Just stay tuned and we will be back with some more new lists which will leave you surprised.


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