Animals With Big Eyes: A List Of Animals With Uncanny Eyes6 min read

Animals With Big Eyes

Animals With Big Eyes: Evolution over the time has created myriad creatures with distinguishing features. Some species have unusual body size while others carry surreal long ears.

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Some others carry gigantic trunks while a few of them crawling with sloppy limbs. While a species like bats lack vision, a set of species have eyes to die for. Our list for today includes such animals, whose eyes are too massive for their body.

Their unusually enormous eyes demarcate them from the rest. Such large eyes make a few of them attractive and adorable and to others, it gives an uncanny appearance. In this article, you will find a few of such big-eyed animals. You may have seen some of them while others continue to be a rare sight.

1. Animals With Big Eyes: Tarsier

Animals With Big Eyes Tarsier

Tarsiers also have known as mamag dwell in the rainforests of Southeast Asia. These nocturnal beings were once widespread but have now reduced significantly in numbers. These mammals are very tiny in size but have remarkably large eyes.

Each eyeball of a tarsier measures about 08 mm in radius resting on a head of 10 cm range. With such enormous eyes, tarsiers are unable to rotate their eyeballs. To make up for the rigidity, tarsiers have a very flexible neck. Such large eyes bring these mammals to the list of big-eyed animals.

2. Animals With Big Eyes: Chameleon

Animals With Big Eyes Chameleon

These old world lizards famous for their ability to change colour have another feather in their cap. Chameleons have slightly unusual eyes. Their eyelids cover the major portion of the eye leaving a little space for the pupil.

The cone-shaped eyes of chameleons can move independently as well. The big stuffed eyes give chameleons a sharp vision and a 360° view.

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3. Animals With Big Eyes: Dragonfly

Animals With Big Eyes Dragonfly

Another animal to make it to the list of big-eyed animals is the dragonfly. Generally regarded as the most dreaded Ariel species have the most unusual and gigantic eyes as well. Their massive eyes give them a nearly perfect vision even in low light conditions.

Each eye of the dragonfly contains a multitude of vision units and light-sensitive cells. These Ariel insects can catch their prey in such low light when humans can’t even see. Their helmeted appearance brings them to our list of large-eyed animals.

4. Animals With Big Eyes: Leaf Tailed Gecko

Animals With Big Eyes Leaf Tailed Gecko

These weird looking lizards are native to the islands of Madagascar. Geckos have bizarrely large eyes. The vertical pupils of their eyes give them an unearthly look. Their eyes have ‘pinholes’ which broaden in the night, enabling leaf-tailed geckos to see clearly even at night.

These big-eyed animals have 350 times sharper vision than human eyes. These lizards don’t have eyelids to protect their large-sized eyes. Rather a transparent membrane covers them.

5. Animals With Big Eyes: Colossal Squid

Animals With Big Eyes Colossal Squid

Colossal Squid, the largest of the squid species has the largest eyes as well. It is believed to have the largest eyes among all other species. Each eye of the colossal squid is said to be bigger than a dinner plate and its lens as large as an orange.

Such massive eyes enable the squid to see and hunt below the surface of the water. As far as specimens are considered, the colossal squids are the largest invertebrates known so far with the biggest eyes.

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6. Four Eyed Fish

Four Eyed Fish

These little fishes are mostly found in Central America and Mexico. Despite the name given to it, the four-eyed fish has only two eyes. So why are they named so? Actually, these fishes mostly swim on the surface of water hunting insects.

As such, the lens of each of its eye differs in terms or thickness and curvature. This means the upper half of its eye is adaptable to air vision and the lower half to that of water. Thus, it can see both above and below the water surface concurrently, doing justice to its name.

7. Animals With Big Eyes: Spook Fish

Animals With Big Eyes Spook Fish

The next big eyed animal on our list is a fish with somewhat ghostly appearance. This underwater fish is a rare sight but has a potential to scare you (wink). Spookfish has large eyes with a mirror-like appearance.

The mirrored structure endows more light to the eyes and enhances its vision. This means that a spooked fish can look upwards and downwards simultaneously, which is slightly unusual. The huge mirror eyes make spook fish one the biggest eyed animals.

8. Slow Loris

Slow Loris

Next on the list is a sweet, adorable, bunny-like creature- the Slow Loris. This cute stuffed animal has big eyes, but its innocent look is to die for. Their forward-facing eyes gives them a 3D vision.

A reflective layer covers their round big eyes which further refine low light vision. However, they are only perceptible to monochromatic vision. They can’t see colors. Slow Iorisis communicate through ‘scent making’. They secrete a toxin through their arms which can be fatal for humans.

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9. Animals With Big Eyes: Owls

Animals With Big Eyes Owl

These nocturnal hunters are usually characterized by a large head, binocular vision, and an erect stance. But they have one more distinguishing feature and that is, a pair of large, round eyes. The eyes of an owl make up to 5 percent of their total body mass.

These solitary birds have a binocular vision, similar to that of humans. Their massive, forward-facing eyes are fixed to the socket. This makes the owls turn their head in order to see things around them. This stuffed animal with big eyes is certainly on our list.

10. Tree Frog

Tree Frog

The last big eyed animal to make it to the list is a tiny, smiling mouthed tree frog. As the name suggests, a tree frog is a species of frog that spends its life on trees. These critters have enormous red eyes and narrow, vertical pupils.

It has a vibrant green skin marked with stripes of yellow and blue. Their feet have a unique cup-like structure which helps them in moving along branches of trees. The gigantic red eyes of this jumper can startle a predator as well.
Vision is one of the greatest powers of every being.

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The evolution of eyes dates back to 540 million years. They evolved as mere light detecting sensors but with the passage of time became more varied and complex. The unusual eyes of these animals are a result of adaptation to their surroundings.

The habitats in which these animals dwell require such magnification of their eyes to survive. So think of a few more big eyed animals which we can include in our list.


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