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Animals With Long Necks

Animals With Long Necks: You must have visited a zoo at least once in your childhood. if you have done that, you might have also seen the most amazing animal there- the Giraffe. I used to get mesmerized by its long neck, and so would be the most of you.

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But it is not just the giraffe that has an elongated neck, there are a multitude of animals sporting long necks. From Ariel species and land animals to amphibians, you would find animals with long necks everywhere.

Scientists believe, it happened because of the surroundings in which these animals dwell. But, it doesn’t make these animals any less attractive. in fact, they are as beautiful as any other creature. Just go through the list of these long-necked animals and you would get to know.

1. Animals With Long Necks: Giraffe

Animals With Long Necks Giraffe

No need to wonder which animal would top our list of long necks animals. It’s an animal which is known by all – the giraffe. It has a 7 feet long neck which makes up to almost half of its height. Giraffe, like humans, has only 7 vertebrae in its neck, but each of it can be as long as 10 inches.

These animals often fight with their necks to prove superiority over other giraffes. A thicker and longer neck helps the giraffe to win. The one who wins is likely to produce offspring.

2. Animals With Long Necks: Flamingos

Animals With Long Necks Flamingos

One of the most beautiful long-necked animals is Flamingo, the water birds. Mostly dwelling in Africa, southern Asia, and southern Europe, these birds have long legs and long necks. Flamingos have as many as 19 vertebrae in their necks, each elongated.

Their long neck helps in movement and collecting food. A flamingo has such a long neck that it can configure it in an S-shape. They are found near lagoons and shallow lakes, far away from vegetation and hospitality. Another distinguishing feature of these long-necked birds is their curved beak.

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3. Animals With Long Necks: Snake Neck Turtle

Animals With Long Necks Snake Neck Turtle

Mc cord’s snake neck turtle native to Indonesia’s Rote Island is next on the list of animals with long necks. Popularly known as Rote Island snake-necked turtle, the species is a critically endangered one. Its long neck measures to around seven to nine inches, equal to the length of its carapace.

Such a long neck enables the Most Venomous Snakes-necked turtle to snap up tadpoles, tiny fishes, and insects in a single swap, acting like a fishing spear. Also, the turtle draws its neck inwards sideways, when not in use. This characteristic gives it the name snake-necked turtle.

4. Animals With Long Necks: Dinosaurs

Animals With Long Necks Dinosaurs

The longest necks ever evolved belong to the largest of all creatures that walked the Earth millions of years ago. The long-tailed vegetarians had absurdly elongated necks as much as 50 feet. The length is six times that of Giraffe, currently with the longest neck.

Also known as sauropods, dinosaurs were the size of whales walking on the land. Their 15 meters long necks were five times those of any creature who walked the planet. But the bones of their neck were mostly hollow, like those of birds and Ariel creatures. It is assumed that 60 percent of their necks were air.

5. Animals With Long Necks: Peacock

Animals With Long Necks: Peacock

When we talk of peacocks, the image that comes to mind is that of a beautiful feathered blue breasted bird, crowned with a crest. But this doesn’t include the beautiful Indian national bird.

The peacock that saved its place in the list of long-necked animals is the Green peacock, also known as the Burmese peacock. Green peacock have a comparatively long and erect neck as compared to that of blue embellished Indian bird.

They are also taller and larger than peacocks. The reason you might not know about these long-necked birds is that they have become rare and extinct.

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6. Animals With Long Necks: Giraffe weevil

Animals With Long Necks: Giraffe weevil

Dwelling in the warm Madagascar, these curious looking weevils are next on the list of animals with long necks. The giraffe weevil gets its name on account of its elongated neck. The insect can be as long as 2.5 cm in length.

Generally, the male beetle is 90 mm in length and females 50 mm. The snout of the male weevil is 2-3 times that of the female and can be as long as its body. Males usually use their elongated necks to mate with females.

Another feather in the cap is the beautiful pair of its wing covers. The bright red wing covers add to the beauty of the giraffe weevil.

7. Animals With Long Necks: Gerenuks

Animals With Long Necks: Gerenuks

Gerenuks which mean “giraffe-necked” in the Somali language are long-necked antelopes. These long-necked animals are endemic to the Horn of Africa and mostly drier parts of East Africa.

They are characterized by long slender neck and limbs but have a comparatively smaller head. The male antelopes have more muscular necks than the female ones and have horns as well. These vegetarian antelopes prefer dry and woody vegetation to survive rather than open ones.

8. Animals With Long Necks: Ostrich

Animals With Long Necks: Ostrich

The next on our list is a massive flightless bird endemic to Africa- the ostrich. They are the largest among all birds and are characterized by long necks protruding from around body.

Ostriches also have exceptionally long legs with which they can run at a speed of up to 40 mph. The height of an ostrich can reach up to 2.7 km i.e. 9 feet and can be as heavy as 320 lbs.

Another distinguishing feature of an ostrich is its large eyes measuring 2 inches in diameter. No other land animal has ever had such big eyes.

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9. Animals With Long Necks: Great Blue Heron

Animals With Long Necks: Great Blue Heron

You must be familiar with this large wading bird dwelling in North America and more often called a “crane”. A popular member of the heron family, the Great blue heron has long slender neck, legs and winds.

Its tail is comparatively small. The bird often coils its neck back into an S-shape and stands motionless while waiting for its prey. A white form of these birds, known as the Great White Heron, is found in the shallow waters of Florida.

10. Animals With Long Necks: Black-necked Stork

Animals With Long Necks: Black-necked Stork

The last animal to make it to our list is a beautiful member of the stork family, a black-necked stork. These long-legged birds are found in disjunct population in India and Southeast Asia and Australia.

The black-necked storks have a spectacular black and white body which makes it different from others. Its head, tail, and wings are jet black and a contrasting white plumage. The most striking feature of this bird is its prismatic long neck. It appears to be of different color at different angles.

It is believed that time has restricted the size of creatures on the planet. The extent species had still larger bodies and necks just like dinosaurs. Paraceratherium, a rhino-like creature and probably the largest mammal to walk the land had a neck of 8.2 feet.

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Pterosaurs, the Ariel beings could have necks as long as 10 feet. But there are different theories for the evolution of such long necks. Some say it enabled them to eat from trees while others say it was meant for better respiration. Some theorists believe a long neck made them sexually attractive.


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