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April Fools Day History & Facts

April Fools Day History & Facts  – “No one ever found Wisdom without also being a fool”. We guess this is the thing that made the humans to celebrate the foolishness than a day of wisdom. It’s a fun, hoax or lot more than that, it’s a truth that there is a day when the whole world celebrates being a Fool. Yes, it’s all about “April Fool’s Day”.
April Fools’ Day, a day you celebrate on the first day of April.

But ever it clicked in your mind Why in April, not in any other month, and why it’s on the first day of April on another day of the month for father’s day, mother’s day or else. If you think it’s celebrated in remembrance of some greatest Fools’ birthday, then you have gone too wrong.

The absolute answer is “Nobody knows”. So, here we dug the history and everything about the day of being and becoming Fool. Letts’s Explore with us-

According to the “History” channel, all this started in the 1500s, when the French began to use the Gregorian calendar. In 1564 King Charles IX shifted the date of New Year to January 1 from March 25. Though many people refused to continue with the change and there were many who were not aware of the fact. They used to celebrate New Year around the vernal equinox. Exchange of gifts and feats were continued through first of April. This was considered as mocking of custom and many people mocked them for doing same. Such they were teased as fools and the day of fool’s said to be born.

According to “French Moments”, the tradition started with the name of “Poisson d’Avril”. At this day, children find paper cut outs of animals especially fish. These fish stickers or “April Fish” were stuck at the back of the people to mock them. At that time, fish were considered in reference to the hungriest creature during spring. In the areas of Portugal, it was same as Holi of India; the only difference was throwing of flour instead of colors.

The first authentic evidence comes from a Flemish poem by Eduard de Dene in the year 1561, where he reveals a prank by the nobleman who sends his servant to Fool’s errands. In this poem, he mentions the prank as the April 1 joke.

By the 16th century, April Fool’s Day became a well-known celebration all over the Europe, this is evident from the poem published in the French language (1508). The much-known prank of the 16th century for April Fool’s Day in London was sending victims to the Tower of London to see the washing of London. The prank was first quoted in the British newspaper on April 2, 1968.


Over the years the pranks and the hoax with this silly day became popular and funnier. Another story that accompanies April Fool’s Day is bit royal. The legend is about the Duke of Lorraine’s escape from Nantes prison. It’s said that he and his wife just walked out of the front gate in disguise of peasants. And when it was informed to the guards they believed it to be a prank of April fool. Though, the legend of escape holds true for April 1634 but the date is still uncertain.

The legend of Romans associated with April Fool’s Day is another fit to the April Fool fun stories. But the twist is, it was celebrated on 25 March. It was known with the name “Hilaria”. The day was to commemorate the resurrection of Roman God “Attis”. Pranks, games, happiness and big feast were the part of this day.

In Odessa, people used to enjoy this festival with name “Humorina”. As the day is celebrated, Ukrainian people play raffles, concerts and parades. Same as Odessa, Europe celebrates a “lord of misrule” for centuries. The “lord of misrule” is all about the old church customs which are parodied in a mocking manner. Although the church tried to end up this custom but it cherished through the 16th century.

There is still thousands of interesting April Fool’s Day facts & histories but here are the few that created great hoax:

The first fact is the year 1905 when a Berlin newspaper published news of Robbery. The news is explained as the robbing of the US Treasury with an estimate of about $268 million. The paper detailed this robbery with outrageous authenticity.

In 1957, British Broadcasting Company (BBC) aired a documentary in Panorama about Swiss Spaghetti Trees. It was said that the Farmers were harvesting a spaghetti crop in Switzerland. The documentary even had footage of women picking spaghetti off that mysterious tree and laying it for the sundry. This documentary had such an effect that thousands of calls were received in BBC office to know how to grow spaghetti on the tree.

In 1987, a DJ Steve Morris from Los Angeles KRTH-FM station played a prank that made people really angry. He said that all the freeways in LA and Orange Country would be under construction. This created a great inconvenience to the daily travels. A thousand angry calls were received in the station, which was itself a record.

In 1998, the famous brand, Burger King also tried to make the remark on the April Fool’s Day history. Burger King had given an advertisement in USA Today newspaper about the Left Handed Whoopers. This alleged Whooper was specifically designed for Left Handed Americans by rotating all the condiments exactly by 180 degrees. This hoax was so yummy that a number of customers showed their interest in the new catch of menu at their restaurants. Though, the Burger King cleared the beautiful illusion on the very next day after getting bombarded with requests.

Recently, the most evident April Fool’s day prank was on Facebook promoted as “Why Doesn’t America Read Anymore?” It created lots of anger and outrage in comment’s section. Millions of readers read this article and shared it on their Facebook Timeline. The most interesting thing which went unnoticed was the comment’s section saying “Congratulations, genuine readers and Happy April Fools’ Day.”

So, doesn’t it was the interesting to know how the whole idea of being a fool and making pranks came into your lives. If you have listened to April Fools Day History & Facts from Grandma and if there is anything special then share with us.


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