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banned in india

Banned in India – India is known for its various culture and traditions and the catch is it’s known for preserving them all. This multi-language speaking country is recently banned every that thing which is going against the Indian Culture. With the newly selected Indian government is full in action and implementing the new laws of the ban with their full power.

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With many bans, the Indian Territory is calling the year 2015, “The Year of Bans”, and it actually sounds strange. But, do you know what strange bans this amazing country has? And if you want to know then you are at right place. The Indian legacy is known for its culture. The majority of Indian people are “Hindu”, and most of the Hindu people are vegetarian and their holy books say to save Cow, it is known as the mother of the Hindu union.

So from beef to porn, even the screening of the Fifty Shades of Gray, there are long lists of amazing bans which may you make laugh or could want to cry. However, many countries have already known for their bans, but this one is you can’t miss. If you want to know what are banned in India then you are at right place.

Top Recently note of INR 500 & 1000 – The Indian Government recently banned the Indian currency’s 500 and 1000 rupees, however, they offered to exchange the money from local banks and other government offices.

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1. Kissing in Public


The country with the 2nd largest population, this is illegal to kiss in public. Clear and loud any PDA (public display of affection) is a crime in India. The news you read earlier was right, you have to believe that, the people who were making any kind of PDA activity they have been beaten up, even if they were found kissing in public place they forcefully married.

The Indian Penal Code’s section 294 bans have a punishment rule also for the impropriety in the public area. Even the India should take control on crime against women, they still required to update, why they are still sucking in PDA’s. In 2014 the Indian people comes in non-violent protest against this and many couples came out to kiss openly, and moreover with the open threat of being stripped naked if any of them seek to break the law, by the opponents. And rest of the things are done by the MEDIA, this protest got worldwide attention.

2. Porn


It’s really complicated to understand why pornography is banned in India which has 2nd largest population in the world. Even you can make money till the end of the time. For a specific age group, porn is a legitimated business in many countries. It’s not just difficult, it’s almost impossible to understand porn in India. While some of India star posting their videos and photographs to the internet, the government regard it illegal. One more thing you will get jailed if you are making, directing or possession of porn.

3. Alcohol Advertising


Since 1990, advertising alcohol in India is banned. This is probably oldest bans in India. And this is not just yet; many Indian states have banned alcohol completely. However, the marketing mind can do what actually they want, they found another way to advertise their brand. They actually advertise their products with the help of mineral water, music CDs. With the largest Whisky market in the world, India almost consumes 15% of total alcohol of the world. But, why alcohol is banned in India, is still a mystery.

4. Beef


In the list of bans of India beef is a latest and the most controversial topic to talk. The government of Maharastra imposed a ban on selling of beef. And this is not enough if you found guilty of possession of beef, you have to pay the fine of Rs. 10,000 and up to 5 years in jail. This is really a solid attack on the meet lovers. However, you must know why beef has banned in India? India is a Hindu majority country. And the cow is related to norms. As many Hindu holy books, the cow will be known as the mother of Hindus. So, it is regarded as sacred animal worshiped in the Hindu religion.

5. Mannequin Displaying Lingerie


Believe it or not but true; The local government of the Mumbai city has recently banned the displaying of bikini which has been wear by the dummy models. And behind this all operation they thought, it will help to reduce the number of rapes or other sexual crime. The local authorities believe that dummies dressed in lacy lingerie are mortifying for girls; it makes them think about men. The ban has been passed in lieu of the Provisions of the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986 which regards ‘depiction of the figure of a woman or any of her body part in an indecent manner as a way of depraving, corrupting or injuring the public morality or morals’!

6. Dancing in Bars


Oh! God what is happening here. If you are a female and exposed dancing in a bar in India, you may pay for this. Not just it, a super fine of RS. 1 lac and up to three years in jail. These bars are considered as the epicenters of prostitution. And the prostitution is also illegal in India. So, the government has to stop such type of hubs, they started from the Mumbai and till the all other states. They have canceled the license of the dance bars.

7. Homosexuality is Banned in India


As the many other countries, India the country with lots of cultures also banned the homosexuality. Homosexuality rights are always in trending and many nations like the USA, France, Brazil, Denmark and Ireland have come to support homosexuality. However, with its cultural norms, India still stuck to understand the homosexuality as the sexual introduction under Section 377 of the Indian constitution. According to the India government being gay or lesbian (LGBT’s) is a ‘disease’. So, they need to stop it. However, Why? How? When? But, this is true.

8. Party with Foreigners


This is the worst. Dancing, Lingerie, booze now PARTIES. list of things which are banned in India getting more complicated. You can’t invite your foreigner friends to your local parties. If you insist you have to talk your local government. The Karnataka government recently banned such parties and some organizations. However, this ban somehow shows the real meaning of it.

The rising crime against the foreigners is taking more height day by day things are getting more worse. That’s why government stops such kind of social gathering. No matter you can afford Pitbull or Rihana direct to your party. You need to collect the form and have to clear the legal formalities to end it well.

9. Foie Gras


Oops! You just deleted French delicious food from the menu and became the first country who banned the import of the Foie Gras. An animal activist group from London once came out to protest for the method of producing the Duck Liver. Countries like Germany, Israel, England and the state of California have already banned Foie Gras production, but India is the first country to put an end to its import.

10. Movie The Fifty Shades of Gray


Yes! This is banned in India but why let’s find the reason. On the presence of the nudity and vulgarity, the censor board of India banned the screening of the movie in India. Weird but all true. The director and the team members of the movie have submitted a new edited copy movie which has removed the nude and obscene scene. But the censor board of India is still not in favor to approve the movie in India due to its culture.

So, finally, you are most welcome to the country that still has some amazing list of bans which you may get surprised after a look. There are many other bans too which may amaze you more but these are the top and the most interesting things which Indian government has decided to stop with a hard action. Before doing anything in India please do check the list to know what are banned in India.

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