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Top 10 Beer Drinking Games

Beer Drinking Games: “He was a wise man who invented beer.” Plato Imagine what Plato would have said for the invention of beer games? Beer, one of the most popular drink all across the globe, is a beverage that was considered as a divine medicine by Greek physician Paracelsus.

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The dazzling array of beer bottles in varied shapes and sizes open up a new frame of enjoyment with myriad fun beer drinking games introduction. Undoubtedly, it is not plausible to cover all under one umbrella, but there are ten best beer drinking games enlisted here. It’s time to enter into the realm of top party beer games world.

10. Power Hour Beer Drinking Games

This is a simple, but a cool beer game. In this game there are no stringent rules, only you need to drink a shot of beer every minute for an entire hour. It might sound boring and easy, but it is far more entertaining and engaging. Once you are into it there is no stopping. You may add some rules to make it more interesting.

9. Quarters Beer Drinking Game

It is an easy beer drinking game for two. In this, there is a shot glass and two players are involved. The person who is bouncing the quarter on the table in the shot glass is known as a shooter. If the shooter is able to place the quarter in the glass, then the opponent has to take two shots. This way it will go on.

8. Kings Beer Drinking Game

This is a drinking beer game, where you need a well-shuffled deck of cards. There are many types of Kings beer game, but the most popular are the one in which a deck of cards is kept out faced down around a beer. In this drinking game, each player picks up the card and as per the rule drinks or offer beer accordingly. The game goes on till all the cards are not drawn.

7. Spin the Bottle Beer Drinking Games

Spin-the-Bottle Beer-Drinking-Games

If you are looking for team beer drinking games, then this is undoubtedly one of the best options. In this there is not much of the rules, you just need to stick with it and go with the flow of the game. In this beer game, there is an empty bottle kept in between the two teams surrounded by innumerable glasses filled with beer. When the bottle lands towards you, you are bound to drink the beer.

6. Thunderstruck Beer Drinking Games

This is one of the party drinking games where all the participants sit in a circle and “Thunderstruck” song is played. Strikingly, in this, the first person starts drinking beer once everyone starts singing thunder. The moment the song stops the next person starts drinking till the song goes on.

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5. Beer Slap Cup Beer Drinking Game

Although being a team beer party game this is quite a competitive beer drinking game, as it involves players to compete individually. With one-third cups filled with beer and two cups left empty, the two players play it at a time standing opposite to each other. If your opponent places the ball first, then you are slapped with the cup and you have to drink it.

4. Boxing Beer Drinking Games

It is a four player beer drinking game where a boxing match is played by the two participants. There are two corner men with the job to fill the shots immediately as you roll again. The time duration of the game is three minutes with 30 seconds to rest in between the rounds.

3. Flip Cup Beer Drinking Game

Flip Cup Beer Drinking Game

This is another beer drinking games with cups, which is played in a team. Both the team player stand facing each other separated by a table, where the cups are placed filled with beer. The first person drinks the beer and tries to flip the cup. The player can’t use both the hands. Until the first player is able to flip, the other players of the same side are not allowed to touch the cup.

2. Three Man Beer Drinking Game

This is a classic beer drinking game that you must have played and if not, then try this time when you have your friends at home. This game starts with everyone rolling a die until anyone gets a three. The person who rolls three is the 3 Man and in this game, the whole group sits in a circle. All the participants roll the two dice taking their turns and the dice are passed only when someone rolls that number which doesn’t require drinking. The three man is the first one to start drinking.

1. Beer Pong Best Beer Drinking Games

Beer Pong Beer Drinking Games

This weekend does not miss beer pong the Team beer drinking games. In fact, it is one of the most loved games in beer drinking party. Make sure you arrange the cups properly in 6 or 10 triangles. Each person from the team starts to shoot ping pong balls into the opposite party player side cups. All these cups are filled with beer and if the participant is able to put the ball into the cup of the opponent, then that person will have to drink it, after which the cup will be removed from the table.

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These beer drinking games are fun to play, especially when you have family and friends gathering. There are much more types of games in different categories such as board drinking games, dice drinking games, beer games with shots, etc. All the games you would love to play and would act as a stress reliever.
Do not forget this time when you invite your friends to play these best beer drinking games. You may choose any one from the above list.


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