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Best Places To Retire in The World

Best Places To Retire In The World: Life is so short and you spend the most of it in executing your responsibilities. You spent a major part of your life like T.S. Eliot’s fictional character Prufrock.

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Like Prufrock’s says“I have measured out my life with coffee spoons” in the poem The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock, similarly you have also spent your life so calculatively that you have never tasted the world of extremes. It was all monotony and now when you have retired, you are looking for the best places to retire.

Kids and job was all your first half of life. Now, it is the life after the interval, so start it afresh with happiness and enjoyment. Here is the list of the ten best places to retire and interestingly, many in this list are also one of the cheapest places to retire. So say bye to your worries and hello to these holiday destinations.

10. Best Places To Retire In The World: Malta

Best Places To Retire In The World Malta

A remarkable Mediterranean Island, Malta has a low cost of living and for those in search of the cheapest place to retire, it is a good option.

With a small population, this is a feasible retirement destination. All year round it has a warm weather with mild winters and hospitable English speaking community.

9. Best Places To Retire In The World: Portugal

Best Places To Retire In The World Portugal

With affordable rents, a couple can live comfortably here after retirement making it a good option for you. According to IL Editor Glynna Prentice: “A couple can live well on as little as $1,700 a month, including rent, in many smaller cities, and from about $2,200 a month in Lisbon, the capital.”

That is why it is considered one of the cheapest places to retire. The weather is mild and is the best place for beach lovers. The people here are amicable and lead a classic Mediterranean lifestyle.

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8. Nicaragua


Developed a lot in recent years with smooth highways and another infrastructure facility, Nicaragua is the largest country in the Central America. Here you can enjoy the coffee of Matagalpa and San Juan de Slur, the foodie town.

With superior lifestyle, great healthcare and supermarkets like Walmart a couple can easily live here on a budget of $1500 a month. The people are amicable and it is every day improving with respect to quality life, thereby making it one of the great places to retire.

7. Spain


What could be better than warm climate all the year round with clean beaches? Spain is a good option for those couples who want to settle down after retirement to Europe. It provides some of the lowest cost first world lifestyle.

In smaller cities of Spain, any couple can comfortably live in $1900 a month. Rich historic sites and major hospitals, make it a good option for those who want to lead a Spanish way of life.

6. Best Places To Retire In The World: Malaysia

Best Places To Retire In The World Malaysia

One of the most friendliest places in Asia, Malaysia makes you enter into the world of nature. Sit in the lap of beautiful beaches, this place is undoubtedly, one of the best places to retire.

Known for its idyllic islands, it is a multi-cultural society with good public transport and friendliest people. It is clean and safe for retirees. You can find a substantial population of Portuguese, Dutch, and English here.

5. Colombia Best Places To Retire In The World

Colombia Best Places To Retire In The World

Today, it is an eye catchy retirement destination and grabbing the fifth position of best places to retire in the world. From healthcare to climate all is excellent here. Situated in the north of South America, Columbia has a vast cultural heritage.

It is a scenic beauty in all terms with lush green coffee plantations and crystal beaches. One of the cheapest places to retire, any couple can get a rented house here, starting from $500.

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4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

For more than three decades, it has been one of the favorite places for retirees. That is why Costa Rica is considered as a country with best retirement cities. One of the safest country with no army, it is the most hospitable destination.

With rents starting from $400 anyone can live here a quality life in $2000. With a vast variety of climates, landscapes and high-quality healthcare make it a great place to retire.

3. Ecuador


Excellent weather, low-cost high-quality healthcare, and great retirement offers make Ecuador one of the best place to retire in the world. On a budget of $1500 a month, any couple can lead a quality of life here.

Situated in the Andean foothills, this country gives you many options of climate for settlement. It is a land of different varieties of flora and fauna and for the ones who want to lead a peaceful life after retirement can go for it.

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2. Best Places To Retire In The World: Panama

Best Places To Retire In The World Panama

The adjectives that define Panama are advanced, comfortable and adaptable. It is a hub of different cultures and all the credit goes to International trade and migration facilitated by the canal. Panamanians are always welcoming and hospitable.

For foreign retirees, many discounts are also available there and you can save around 10 to 50 % on healthcare and transport here in Panama. This is one of the reasons why it is the second best retirement place.
Annual Global Retirement Index

1. Mexico


Indubitably, it’s Mexico that is first in the 10 best places to retire list. With an appealing first world culture and low cost of living makes it an ideal place for you. No denial there are few parts which are famous for a crime but not all are like that.

With a monthly budget of $1200 for a couple, Mexico gives 60% discount to foreign retirees in transport and medical care. The elder discount card is quite beneficial and the weather here is perfect for snowbird living to get rid of extreme winter.

“The part of life we really live is small. For all the rest of existence is not life, but merely time.”- Seneca
You have passed the time, now live life at the best retirement cities. Enjoy every day and have a sound sleep every night.

Love your partner and have fun because this is the best phase of your life where you are a carefree bird. Make new friends and explore the new nest of yours. These are the best places of retirement in the world and you may choose any as per your liking. All are a safe and friendly place to live.


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