Black Tea for Constipation: Does drinking tea cause constipation?3 min read

Black tea can help you cure Constipations

Black Tea for Constipation

Black Tea for Constipation – Occasional constipation is quite a common problem these days. However, the difficulty that you face in emptying the bowel in day to day life becomes a serious digestive system condition when this problem turns chronic. In order to ensure that this trouble remains at bay, you need to take black tea. Interestingly, back tea for constipation is considered a good option.

Having said that, there are many who believe that black tea causes constipation. Drive through the write-up to understand what black tea is and how it can help in resolving the problem or constipation.

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What is black tea?

Black tea is a type of tea which is prepared by the complete oxidation of the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Firstly, the harvested leaves are withered and then rolled to ensure that the juices of the tea get retained in the leaves during oxidation. Now, the leaves are oxidized and then dried after which it is packaged.

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Is black tea for constipation good?

Black tea has many health benefits and one of this is that it helps in relieving an upset stomach. The reason behind this is that black tea contains tannins, which causes an astringent effect in the linings of the intestines. The inflamed linings become normal with the help of black tea.

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There is no doubt that black tea has laxative properties that can help in resolving the constipation problem. However, in comparison to herbal teas, such as Senna tea, Cascara tea, etc. black tea is less. One of the most prominent reasons behind this is that it contains caffeine. The caffeine is not really helpful in the constipation problem. So, if you take decaffeinated or low caffeine black tea with honey or molasses then you can experience a better laxative effect.

What are the reasons that cause constipation?

The low intake of water and more sedentary work has made constipation a more common problem nowadays. Other than this, low fiber diet and dehydration are other reasons that are instrumental in causing the constipation trouble in your body.

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How to get rid of constipation?

The situation becomes worse when this problem becomes chronic. That is why before your constipation trouble turns worse, you must start doing the following things:

  • Start drinking ample water and always keep yourself hydrated
  • Try to avoid taking tea or coffee empty stomach
  • Enhance the intake of roughage and other high fiber food, such as salad, fruits, etc.
  • Include exercise and yoga in your daily routine
  • Start taking black tea for constipation

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If you are someone who faces occasional constipation problem, then you must try to follow the aforementioned points. The intake of black tea can have a laxative effect that can help in resolving mild constipation. Nevertheless, you must not try to take a lot of black tea as it contains a high level of caffeine and can cause you other issues, such as insomnia, dehydration, high blood pressure, etc. So, just take a cup of black tea for constipation and it will keep you healthy.


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