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Controversial Photographers – Everyone wants to do its best for any work, and if we are talking about the art lover they will defiantly do their 100% for their work. Photography is an amazing art. Here are the most controversial photographers who are always in trend.

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1. Ron Galella (Obsessed With Jackie Onassis)


One of the most popular paparazzi Ron Galella has stated his career as a photographer in Air Force in the 1950s. When Ron started picturing the celebrities, he became obsessed. Jackie Onassis was his ‘muse’ and the longest fixation. Due to his nonstop pursuit of the former first lady in NYC, at the end he was ordered to manage the 25 feet distance at all time. However, his many shots are acknowledged as the masterpieces.

2. Terry Richardson (Book of Dick Pics)


Form former President Obama to Miley Cyrus Terry Richardson has photographed everyone famous on this planet. But this is not yet, the most extreme artwork done by him, is the photo shot of his own penis. And he published a book on these photographs, called as Kibosh. The book contains 358 photographs and most of them are elaborated him getting a blowjob on a woman’s face.

This book got a lot of controversial reports, but Terry called it “the summery of my career”. The issue was getting big so the withdrew everything for fashion and now this one of the most controversial photographer clicking the pictures of the abandoned buildings.

3. Garry Gross (Brook Shields Case: 10 Year Old Naked Girl Photography)


“The photo has been infamous from the day I took it and I intended it to be,” Gross said.

In 1970s when the pedophilia was quite normal. Considering: Brook Shields. She was just 10 years of her age and became the sex symbol for both children and adults. Brooks was even permitted by her mother and paid $450 to get completely naked and get oil on her body.

She tried to prevent these photographs and requested not to publish publicly. But due to court rules a judge ruled that there photographs are not breaking the pornography laws. And plus she was bounced by her mother’s signed contract.

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4. Andres Serrano (Piss Christ)


Andres Serrano could be a big apple town artist whose subject material is intentionally off-putting; several of them involve objects submerged in bodily fluids. One among the foremost infamous was a photograph entitled Piss Christ. That shows a crucifix during a yellow liquid same to be the artist’s pee.

It had been partly funded by the National Endowment for the humanities, inflicting outrage amongst conservatives, as well as legislator Jesse Helms. Piss Christ sold in 1999 for $277,000 and a print was vandalized in 2011 whereas on show in France.

5. Jill Greenberg (Made Children Cry Just To Click Them)


Jill Greenberg who is a famous commercial and controversial photographers, who generally take pictures of animals and people in special photo-shopped style. In 2000 she published a book ‘End Time’ which portray close up pictures of a crying child just to see her own anger feelings. To make that child baby cry, Greenberg give them toys to play or a candy and then took away.

6. Steven Meisel (Making Iraq War More Sexy)


Steven Meisel who is a fashion photographer often ounces outrage – he took the pictures for Madonna’s Sex book. But when he put super models in a war zone, this small spark became a blast. The span was called “Make Love Not War” and published in Italian fashion. It shows barely dressed women posing men who dressed in military uniforms to make the background feel like it shot in Iraq. He was charged for that and makes him the controversial photographers.

7. Joel-Peter Witkin (Feast of Fools)


The most shocking and eye-opening pictures, which gets a lots of audience. In the list of the most controversial images and the most controversial photographers Joel-Peter Witkin must name. He uglify his photographs just to make this picture most unique.

He is obsessed with dead body photography too. The most unexceptionable picture clicked by him comes from a local hospital of Mexico City. He just opened a box to find a dead baby. And scraped body parts plus organize these body parts with fruits; He called this most controversial image “Feast of Fools”.

8. Irina Ionesco (Picturing Her Own Child Naked When Eva Was Just 5)


She gets more attracted with the controversial pictures of her own child. She turn her five year old girl child into her ideal model and spent many years picturing her daughter and teaching Eva more nude poses. May be the photography are stylish but they are seriously creepy. Eva claimed her mother three times for this emotional stress.

9. Jan Suedec (Sex Lots of Sex)


Early on his career Jan Suedec who is a Czech art photographer worked out of cellar. He was hiding from the collectivist secret police. He was still looking to set up his unbelievable art work studio. The pictures which he takes are nude and involved sex, even lots of sex. Sometimes Jan plays a little role of himself.

When I saw these unbelievable photographs and detailed about then I was shocked. What is your expression share with us after reading about these controversial photographers.

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