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Cross tattoos on wrist

Cross tattoos on wrist – In the series of tattoos after side wrist tattoos, now we are making our next step with Cross tattoos on wrist. The sign of almighty and peace which is everyone has in their houses, so why not carry your God symbol with you always. If you are looking to get a tattoo on your wrist and you want to make it a little bit spiritual then try these amazing wrist cross tattoos which are really awesome, read the description first because every tattoo has its own story.

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1. Cute Cross Tattoo on Wrist


The spiritual feeling is always connected to your mind and heart. This amazing thing about this tattoo is, it explains its own worth, the people who believe in God and their stories which are mostly famous is Europe and America they can try this really cute cross tattoo on the side of your wrist.

Pro Tip: If you have a fair skin tone then you should try this really amazing tattoo of Cross on your side wrist.

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2. Faith Wrist Cross Tattoo


See the picture deeply there are four tattoos inside this, Infinity wrist tattoo, a heart wrist tattoo and faith written tattoo and Cross wrist tattoo itself. This tattoo has amazing message which is “the heart have infinite faith in God”, which is making this tattoo outstanding. You can replace the heart with a rose tattoo on wrist too.

Pro Tip: Do not color any part of this tattoo, which will make it appearance bad.

3. Designer Cross Tattoo on Wrist


Many people to fashion especially, this smartphone generation love it badly. People who love tattoos and they are fashion freak then this designer Cross tattoo on wrist then this is a great option you can go with.

Pro Tip: The curves of the tattoo are making this tattoo a cool wrist tattoo, so try to make them simple and fine, we suggest you should get an expert tattoo artist.

4. Flower & Infinity Cross Wrist Tattoo


If you are looking a Cross tattoo on wrist for female then this is an amazing option you can’t miss out. Plus the rich contrast of flower is making this tattoo for bright. You can try these flower wrist tattoos also for female hands.

Pro Tip: Do not match the ending nodes and avoid colors too.

5. Tribal Cross Wrist Tattoo


Just opposite now if you are searching a Cross wrist tattoo for men then you can try this one. It seems like a tribal wrist tattoo which is mostly loved by the people with anger nature and they love to do what they want to, somehow they are travel freak persons.

Pro Tip: The font of the tattoo is really amazing so you should take care of it and make it bold, solid and awesome.

6. The Crucifixion of Jesus


You can get this tattoo to show your love to God. Actually, this is a chain of the neck and it drew on your wrist.

Pro Tip: You can remove the chain if you feel this is getting weird.

7. Edged Cross Tattoos on Wrist


This cross tattoo on wrist should get listed to the cute wrist tattoos also. There are many different designs available in the market of the tattoos, however, these edges are making its look more delicious.

Pro Tip: Color can make an additional impact if you color its edges it will look more cool.

8. Cool Cross Wrist Tattoo


On a hand of a teenage guy this tattoo will bring the spring back. This is looking cool and something different, so if you want to make your audience more stunning.

Pro Tip: Look at the gap or the empty space which is making this tattoo more cool and amazing.

9. Faith Plus Cross


“What you believe is matter, no matter what the results are”, If you have some faith in God or someone special you should get this tattoo on your wrist which shows your nature of calmness.

Pro Tip: Font style should be unique and readable so it will look more bright.

10. Couple Cross Tattoos on Wrist


The people who truly love each other can get such couple cross wrist tattoos which are really made for each other. One is for men and another one is for female. You can get it to make your love statement more bold and strong.

Pro Tip: Color should be same of both Cross wrist tattoos.

11. Anchor, Heart and Cross


The tattoo have a message inside it, which is the solid and strong love and believe. If you want to explain how much you love your partner you can get this tattoo which is the really awesome idea of Cross tattoos on wrist.

Pro Tip: Don’t plan any colors, keep it simple and black.

12. Infinity Cross Tattoos for Female Wrist

Getting a tattoo is a good idea, however, it will be amazing if your tattoo will inspire you every time. This is one of the most beautiful Cross tattoos on wrist, which shows your belief in God or your spiritual feeling.

Pro Tip: No matter you are a male or female you can get this tattoo if you love to.

13. Bold Cross Wrist Tattoos


The tattoo is almost same as our first explained tattoo. The different is the boldness of this tattoo is making it more cute and strong. You friends and family gonna love you for that.

Pro Tip: If you love to wear bracelet then you should wear it.

14. Bracelet Cross Tattoos on Wrist


As you know why you can get a cross tattoo on wrist, so id you love this really cool cross tattoo on your wrist then you can try this one too. Look at the thin border of the cross, this is the key feature of this tattoo.

Pro Tip: You can try star tattoo on wrist as the replacement of these circles of the wrist tattoo.

15. Another Bracelet Cross Tattoo on Wrist


This is really cool to have an amazing bracelet on wrist, if you are looking for wrist tattoos and wishing it to be a Cross, plus you are a male person, then this is the most amazing and greatest of Cross wrist tattoos you should try.

Pro Tip: The sidelines are making this tattoo more precious so you should draw them too.

16. Cross Tattoos on Wrist for Woman

cross tatoos on wrist

Getting a tattoo design which looks really cool is a good idea to make your wrist more beautiful. If you are looking for a cross wrist tattoo for female or woman then this is one of the best ideas to draw.

Pro Tip: You can change the blue color with your choice.

17. Super Cool Cross Wrist Tattoos

cross tattos on wrist

Just making something simple always looks cool. You can try any of these listed cross wrist ideas but, this one is looking more beautiful.

Pro Tip: Line must be simple and as straight.

18. Forgiven Cross Wrist Tattoo

cross tattoos on right wrist

Written forgiven in the shape of the cross, making its look amazing. On a hand of teenage guy, this cross wrist tattoo gonna look super amazing.

Pro Tip: Font of the Cross wrist tattoo should be amazing.

19. Cross, Love & Anchor

cross tattoo on left wrist

Just drawing the outline of any tattoo is a brilliant idea. If you want to make your appearance more solid then you should try any of cross wrist tattoos, however, this one is really looking amazing.

Pro Tip: Avoid Colors.

20. Colorful Cross Tattoos on Wrist

coloful cross wrist tattoo

Colors always make difference in the world of designing. So, if you actually looking for cross tattoos on wrist and want to add some colors then you need to go with something delicious and amazing, So, why not you are trying this one.

Pro Tip: Try colors which you love the most.

21. Infinity Believe Cross Tatoo on Wrist

believe cross wrist tattoosThe pure meaning of this amazing tattoo is “you have infinite believe in your God”. People who love to make some spiritual tattoo and want to make it beautiful, then they should try this cool one.

Pro Tip: Please don’t fill with any color.

22. Solid Cross Wrist Tatoo

cool cross wrist tatoos

Cross Tattoo on wrist is getting its heights every day. So, if you want to make something more amazing you should go with a solid cross tattoo for wrist which is really looking cool.

Pro Tip: If you  want to change the color only try red.

23. Designer Full Wrist Cross Tatoo

wrist tattoo as cross

It looks like a tribal tattoo, however, it is a cross tatoo on wrist. If you really want to take your appearance on its heights then you should try this tribal looking cross tatoo on wrist.

Pro Tip: No colors please.

24. Another Faith Cross Wrist Tatoo

faith cross tatoo on wrist

It shows your spiritual nature. Cross wrist tattoo as you all know always in trend. If you are looking to get a cross tattoo for wrist then you can also try this one.

Pro Tip: Try any of cursive and amazing font.

25. Brush Strike Style

cross wrist tatoos

The Cross tatoos on wrist with the brush strike font style will make it more amazing. However, if you want to get this tattoo on your wrist then you should try the infinity tattoo on another wrist also, which makes the appearance more beautiful.

Pro Tip: Right wrist should go with cross and another one with infinity.

26. Stylish Cross Wrist Tatoo

cross wrist tattoosThe corners of this amazing tattoo, making it more beautiful. If you are a teenage girl then you can try this cross tattoo on wrist which is really looking cool.

Pro Tip: Color is not a good option for this cross wrist tatoo.


cross tattoos on wrist

Just making the outlines of any tattoo is a nice idea to make it cool, amazing and outstanding. So, if you want to get something different then you can try this cross tattoo on wrist which is really looking nicer and great.

Pro Tip: You can try different color to make it more amazing.

28. Straight Lines Cross Wrist Tattoos

tattoo of cross on wrist

Yes! It’s making the real difference, on the side of wrist, this tattoo is looking gorgeous. Simple things are always beautiful and cute. Just try this simple cross wrist tatoo and you will yourself on top.

Pro Tip: No Color Please.

29. Colorful and Bold Cross Tatoo on Wrist

beautiful cross wrist tatoos

If you want to go bold and stronger than you should try this colorful and solid cross wrist tatoo on wrist. However, if you are looking for a female wrist then please avoid it.

Pro Tip: Should be bold.

30. Apology Cross Wrist Tattoo

cross tattoos on wrist

If you want to make the apology to any of your loved ones then you should try this idea with his/her name. Plus to make your statement more strong you should try the cross sign tattoo also.

Pro Tip: Try more visible font.

31. Arrow Shape Cross Tattoo On Wrist

cross tattoos on wrist

This cross wrist tattoo in a shape of an arrow is looking awesome. The thickness of this arrow shape cross wrist tattoo is very less. So It’s looking simple plus beautiful.

Pro Tip: The lines of this cross tattoo should be thick.

32. Rusty Cross Tattoo on wrist


The quality of this cross wrist tattoo is its rustiness. Cross design of this tattoo is very rusty, with no design & color. These type of cross tattoos on wrist of men, look really different and good.

Pro Tip: Do not fill any specific color in this cross wrist tattoo, just keep it simple and black.

33. Flower Cross Tattoo On Wrist

cross tattoos on wrist

The different thing about this cross wrist tattoo is that it is formed by flower and it’s leaves. This is one of the most fantastic design cross tattoos on wrist. And it will definitely look amazing on the wrist of a girl.

Pro Tip: You can add any flower to this cross tattoo on wrist.

34. Designer Cross Tattoo On Wrist

colorful cross wrist tattoos on wrist

This is the kind of cross wrist tattoo, most of the girls look for. Beautifully designed, looking like an embroidery work, very nice color selection are the quality of this tattoo.

Pro Tip: Now you can pick your loved color to make it more beautiful.

35. More Style In Faith Plus Cross

cool cross wrist tattoo

This is one more different style in faith cross wrist tattoos. The letter ‘T’ is in the shape of cross this time. Also the font design is selected especially for the girls. This is certainly one of the cool looking cross tattoos on wrist.

Pro Tip: The font family of faith should be readable.

36. Simple Cross Wrist Tattoo


This is a rare different designed cross tattoo on wrist. Cross is filled with lines and a blank heart is formed in the centre. It is Very simple and nice cross wrist tattoo.

Pro Tip: You can try any shape besides of heart.

37. More Flower With Cross


This is again flower cross wrist tattoo. But the difference is that in this tattoo, flowers are around the cross. It’s looking like flowers are growing around a pole. This is more good option for girls who are looking for flower cross tattoos on wrist.

Pro Tip: You can try to fill colors.

38. Names Cross Wrist Tattoo

cross wrist tattoos on

The couple who wants to tattoo their name on the wrist, this is a great idea for you guys. Names are written and placed such as they form a cross. It’s a really nice idea and an amazing cross tattoo on wrist of a couple.

Pro Tip: Try to keep the names in cursive font family.

39. More Heart Plus Cross

cross wrist tatoos

In this cross tattoo on wrist, you can see different verity design of cross and also the shape of heart. This black and red combination of heart and cross is looking really cool.

Pro Tip: You can also switch the colors.

40. More Designer Cross Wrist Tattoo

wrist tattoo of cross
A unique design is used to form this cross. And that is the USP of this cross wrist tattoo.Girls will definitely like this unique design, ever without any color.
Pro Tip- The design of cross is difficult so please be extra careful.

So, what next you are planning still stuck and confused then you can also go with bird wrist tattoos, butterfly wrist tattoos, and much more. However, if you loved any of these ultimate cross tattoos on wrist then you can get them and please don’t forget to let us know which one you loved the most.

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