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Cutest Animals in the World – Just think about the cutest animals, what come first in your mind? Puppies or Kittens, however, there are many other animals and birds still flying with their cuteness on this planet like hummingbirds and wombats. People love pets and as their pet love them too.

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So, after publishing the dangerous animals of the world, now it’s time to show you, what are the cutest animals on this planet? No matter where you are if you found any of the cutest animals anywhere nearby you surely gonna click them to add in your memories.

Here are the world top 20 cutest animal which will make you fall in love with them.

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1. Quokkas


This small and cute animal belongs to the family of marsupial macropod, with a range of 5 to 11-pound weight found in Western Australia. Quokkas are mostly loved by wild photographers. It has rough fur with light brown color, with a few lighter color. Whenever you gonna search over the internet about the cutest animals you get many lists, however, no worries you definitely found Quokkas in that list of cutest animals.

2. Arctic Foxes


As the name the found in the Arctic Circle. Can you imagine they can survive in -60°F. This Cutest Animals in the World also known as the white fox and snow fox. The sharp white color of hairs and the eyes with solid black is the deadly combination which is this Fox listed in the cutest animals of the World.

3. Sea Otters


These small and cute animals of sea live in the kelp forest, on the beaches of Northern Pacific Ocean. This cutest animal of sea floats on its back, which is really rare to see. Technically this animal is also known with Enhydra lutris.

4. Pygmy Hippopotamuses


They are native to forests or lowlands of West Africa, this cutest animal has around 6 ton of weight. Pygmy hippopotamuses mostly time found underwater. The World Conservation Union estimates that there are only 3,000 pygmy hippopotamus left in the World. That’s why this animal listed to endangered animals.

5. Hummingbirds


The small bird has everything which will get it to the list of World’s cutest animals. Hummingbird is just 4-5 inches long and as the weight too. This small cute bird found in America. The hummingbirds can flip its wings 60-210 in a second and they can fly very fast with the speed around 35 miles per hours. However, there are a few deadliest birds also in the world, you should stay away from them.

6. Sea Turtles


They are big in size and lifespan too but they World’s cutest animal ever found on this planet, especially underwater. With a great gift of god Sea Turtles can live up to 150 years, and in weight, they have around 400 pounds. They are also known as the marine turtles. They surely deserve a place in this sheet of cutest animals on earth.

7. Black-Footed Cats


For some people this cute animal is listed to the weirdest animals of the planet, however, this smallest species of wild cat with a small weight of 3-5 pounds is listed to the cutest animal of the globe. The Black-footed cats are found in Southern Africa, and can kill more than 15 animals in a single night, now its sounds like creepy and weird.

8. Mandarin Duck


The beautiful and as much colorful mandarin ducklings are live in Southeast Asia, plus it has been seen in a few parts of North America. Mandarin ducklings are almost alike in appearance to wood ducklings and very comparable to mallard ducklings. However, form the duck world this is selected to be the cutest animals in the world ever.

9. Bearded Tamarin Monkeys


These are located in Southern Amazon Basin and they always live in large group, however, you can find them alone too. These monkeys are very social and cute. The beard is the key part which makes this cute animal to get in this sheet.

10. Gold Dust Day Geckos


It lives in northern Madagascar, and on the Comoros, it has been also found in Hawaii and other Pacific islands. It typically occupies several kinds of trees and houses. The average length of the animal is around 7 inches with a plate structure that make them comfortable to walk on climb trees.

11. Red Pandas


This cute animal found in India, China, Bhutan and other countries of South Asia. The combination of red and white fur plus their shy nature makes them be listed on this sheet. They are also known as the lesser panda and the red bear cat and there are various names also. No matter what you call Red Panda, it will always here on the list of cutest animals in the world.

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12. American Mink


With the lightning fast speed, the American Mink can swim and climb trees. The most beautiful feature of the cute animal of this planet is its fur, which makes this one world’s fastest farmed animal exceeding others.

13. Fennec Foxes


The most beautiful creature of the world, Fennec foxes are so much social and found in Sahara and North Africa. They are almost same as other foxes with same body structure and measurements. The 6 Inches long ears make them to here on the list of cutest animals in this world.

14. Bottlenose Dolphins


Bottlenose dolphins are famous for their ultimate loyalty, and they are highly intelligent. If you are walking nearby a bottlenose dolphin then whistles once they will come to you. The beautiful reason to love this really cute animal is they live in a large group and they all are pretty and amazingly cute sea animals. Plus, some the same species of whales are world’s longest living animals.

15. Pygmy Owls


Native to North and Central America, the pygmy owl is only 2 inches when it hatch, and they grow up to 6-7 inches only. As they are really small in size it’s really a tough job to found them in wild, plus their color also features the jungle. However, the small size is enough to make this name to the cutest animals in the world.

16. Gray Wolves


Also known as the Grey Wolves or Timber or Western Wolf, always live in packs and they are native to North America and Asia. The Gray Wolf is an ancestor of today’s dog and cats. However, it was a really tough task to put its name in cutest animals in the world, but for its attractive look, this is here.

17. Wombats


Wombat is a pudgy and a solitary cute animal of the world. It loves to visit in darkness. This cutest animal is native to Australia’s grassland. Generally, this animal found in tunnels, where it can dig with its nails.

18. Little Blue Penguin (Cutest Animals in the World)


This really cute and amazing cute animal is native to New Zealand, southern Australia and the Chatham Islands; they are mere 1 foot tall, and thus it is confirmed that Blue Penguin is the smallest species of penguin in the World.

19. Balloonfish


In tropical waters, you can anywhere found this cute animal around the World. The amazing and interesting thing about Balloonfish when it intakes air to breathe, it can increase its body size three times. Its eyes are really beautiful.

20. Sea Lions


Wow! This cute animal is full of cuteness and active mind. Sea lions are extremely trainable and even taught by U.S. Navy to detect scuba divers and other sea divers. You can easily found this amazing sea mammal near subarctic to tropical waters.

People love animals but these animals will take your heart away from you just because of their cuteness. If you want to add any other animal in this sheet of cutest animal then write your precious words in the comment, we love to answer you.


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