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Desert Animals: As we know, Deserts are dry and extreme. Original zones of desert get less than 6 inches of rain during the entire year. You can also see semi-deserts, which look like actual deserts, here rain is up to 16 inches per year. When you search about true deserts, it has fewer numbers of plants.

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But, in the semi-deserted area, rainfall will help the plants and animal life to survive easily. It means both the leaves can able to survive with the assistance of rainwater. In fact, true deserts are not the easiest place for animals in terms of staying. It is quite difficult to live in such kind of places. Most of the individuals think, which animals live in the desert?

In this article, you will get the list of those creatures that are capable to stay in the desert. The most important fact about desert creatures, they have special and ultimate features which assist them to survive in desert areas. The professionals said that Earth’s deserts are really far from the wilds of the dead.

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In spite of harsh and dry conditions of weather, lots of deserts are the finest home to a variety of colorful animals and insects. How will they manage their surviving requirements in this challenging environment? Every creature has its own strategy and technique to survive whether it is a desert or any other place. They know how to thrive the desert area that will be beneficial to their lives.

1. The Thorny Devil, Desert Animals


This is a devil of the Australian desert, hardest place in terms of water. It means, the animals don’t able to get water in this desert. Hence, to deal with this trouble, the thorny devil has developed a different kind of skin that can absorb water.

Such kind of skin is termed as “Capillary Action”, looks like a blotting paper. According to the professionals, the technique of scaling the body is well-structured. First, this creature gathers the dew and channels. Then, it gets down to the mouth corners, where the lizards drink.

It is the actually interesting thing to see the dark skin of a lizard and its way of soaks up the liquid. These species are one of the hot desert animals in the list of uniqueness surviving.

2. The African Pyxie Frog, Desert Animals


As the scientist and professionals said, the African Pyxie Frog must be dying in summer season because of water. But, the actual fact is really interesting and gets attention. When the rainy season comes to an end in Africa, the world’s second largest frog tunnels few inches.

After tunneling around six to eight inches, they underground and seal themselves in a membrane. This lubricant membrane is extremely hard into a shell. This is the way of hibernating in the sac for seven years. These frogs wait for rain just hiding and when the rain comes, causes the lubricant to soften.

It is an alert for these creatures, wake up your wait is now finished. The lungfish of South Africa has benefits of same technique which is known as “hibernation”. These are the animals of desert that are incredible and attractive sometimes.

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3. Desert Animals Sidewinding


The Sidewinding is an unusual technique of motion which is utilized by two different species of venomous snake. The Mojave Desert Sidewinder habitat on the southwest side of the United States and Namib Desert viper in Africa. It helps the serpents which keep traction on shifting the sands.

Additionally, it also ensures that few points of animal’s bodies are touching the ground at a particular time. Desert animals are well-known creatures among the other animals due to its special qualities.

4. Desert Animals, The Chuckwalla


We know very well about the Puffer Fish. Now, we discuss over the Chuckwalla which is a kind of Desert’s Pufferfish. This predator is a large lizard that will rush under the gaps for rock. As well as, expand their loose skin folds along its body which will make difficult to pull from the hidden place.

This lizard is love in a perfect escape plan in such kind of desert that is full of rocks in the U.S. and Mexico. Usually, this is a home of Chuckwalla and famous for them.

5. Fennec Fox, Desert Animals


The Fennec fox is live in North Africa and popular from its large ears. They are dual purpose – great for listening to the bugs and eat them, which is moving here and there. But, they are filled with lots of blood vessels.

With these blood vessels, it permits the other animals to dissolve the excess heat of the body. His big ears of this fox are wonderful radiators in the summer season (hot days).

On the other hand, the thick fur coat of fox is working as an insulation in the winter season i.e. cold days of the desert. If you are searching for which animals live in the desert, then it must be available on the list.

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6. The Cape Ground Squirrel


There are lots of species in Squirrel which are spread across the entire planet. One of the desert animals also has “Cape Ground Squirrel” different from its appearance. The native place of this squirrel is in South Africa, driest place in the world.

This ultimate desert creature utilizes its long bushy tail as a kind of parasol. The parasol is a kind of function that greed all individuals as per the time.

7. The Camel, Desert Animals


Without mentioning the most fantastic animal of the desert, the list will never complete – Camel. As we know, hump stores fat and it is utilized as a water and food both for the animal.

When the time gets tougher, this feature is useful for them to store the things. Camels have thick hairs in their ears, which will help them to keep standing out and their eyelashes are also similar.

There is no model on the planet that has such kind of eyelashes, said by professionals. They also have closable nostrils with a sporting spirit, the nictitating membrane of the eye and large feet just similar to the snowshoes of sand.

8. The Gila Monster, Desert Animals


In Deserts, Camels are not the only creature that can store fat in tough times. There are also various animals that have capability and features to do this thing. The Gila Monster is one of the weird and unusual desert animals of the world. Lots of lizards in the world, this is one of the two that is popular as Venomous.

The reason behind that, they spend their most of the life underground and can store fat for a few months in its tail. This is a technique of survival in the dry days of Sonoran Desert animals.

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9. Desert Animals Peccary


The Peccary creature has a hard mouth and different digestive system which chomps down their foods. Their favorite food is cactus pads and they eat without feeling the effects of spines. As we know, the cactus has tiny spines that are harsh and sharp. We really can’t imagine that it is possible to bite the paddle of cactus. But, these creatures found the way to do this weird thing.

10. The Sand Grouse


The Sand Grouse is a desert bird which is found in Asia and North Africa. They have distinct features which look really marvelous on its belly. These are capable to soak up the water in small quantity. The male species of these birds will utilize the feathers like a sponge which carry water back to the nests.

After that, they will share the water with their female birds, Singing Birds, and offsprings. We hope this article will surely provide you information about the desert animals. If you want to read more details about the various creatures of the world, then read our articles and enhance your knowledge.


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