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Dice Drinking Games: Playing games is always a fun, but it’s a double bonanza when you are exploring new dice drinking games. Strikingly, more than shot drinking games, easy dice drinking games are more popular and once you are into it there is no stopping.

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Here, the ten best dice drinking games are discussed and you may scroll through it, to try it in your next drinking bash.

Dice Drinking Games: The Inviter

You don’t need many dice; this game is about rolling one die. All of the persons present in the party will roll the die and the game will take the turn according to the number rolled out. There are some simple rules in this easy dice drinking game –

  • When 1 number is rolled out by the thrower, then it means that person is going to have a drink.
  • With a 2 or 5, the die is passed on to the next player.
  • In case of a 3, the player on the right of the thrower takes a drink.
  • For the number 4, the person in the left of the thrower takes the drink.
  • Lastly, for a 6 the thrower is allowed to invite anyone in the game to take a drink.

Dice Drinking Games: Sixes


It is a fun dice drinking games in which there are six beer glasses of same or different sizes with numbers on it. All the glasses are placed, and then the players are asked to roll the die. According to the number on the die, the player is asked to take the glass. If the glass is empty the player fills the glass and the die is passed on, otherwise, the player has to drink the beer in the glass.

Dice Drinking Games: Ace chase

Dice-Drinking-Games Ace-chase

This is a dice drinking game for 4 people and more people, where 2 cups and a die are needed. A die is placed in the cup and two persons are made to sit opposite the cup. Then the die is taken out of the cup and rolled out. If you get 1 then you need to pass it to your left, if you get 2 or a 3 then roll again and if it is 4, then the one sitting on the left of you will have the drink. In case of a 5, the person who is sitting on the right will have the drink. Lastly, if you roll out 6 you have to drink it yourself.

Split The Difference

This is more of a dice drinking games for 2 but can be played by many persons together. There will be two dice in this game and both the persons will roll the dice. If you are with a lower number, you are going to subtract your die amount with the other one and respectively. For instance, if you roll 6 and the friend of yours rolled a 3, then your friend is going to take 3 drinks. In case of doubles, both of you will drink the amount on the die.

Desperate To Drink

This is a dice drinking games for 3 in which one die is required and maximum six players can play. Each player will choose a number from 1 to 6 and a player will then roll the die. Until that person rolls his or her number, they can’t stop and once that number is out there, then that person will have to take a drink. This game moves quite fast and in the case when three people are playing you can choose two numbers each, where one number is considered as “automatically bad roll”.

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Tower of Sixes

In this one of the best dice drinking games, you have to make a tower of the drinks from bottom to top. Now you have place coasters in between of each drink and the glasses will be of different sizes. Then each of the players will roll the die taking turns and the first one to roll a 6 will be having the drink kept on the upper row. Similarly, the game goes on and interestingly, you can restart the game once you reach the end.

Catch The Pig

This is a drinking game that really depends on your luck. In this game, you need two dice and almost six to eight people. All of the players will be required to sit around a table and two people from the opposite side will be given a die.
When the game starts everyone shouts “catch the pig” and then the die is thrown in order to get “one”. Once you get one you will pass it to the neighbor to the right. The main point is to catch the next person sitting on your right who is still waiting for one. The game ends and starts again with everyone shouting catch the pig.

Twenty One

In this drinking game with dice, a die is thrown with all the players settled around the table. Each of the players throws the die and you have to keep a track of how many ones are rolled out. The one who throws the seventh time will choose a drink from the bar, likewise, the person who throws 21st one will have to take the drink.

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1-2-3: Dice Drinking Game

This is an easy dice drinking game with everyone rolling a dice and sitting around the table. If you are the first to get 6 then you name the drink and the one who gets the next six buys the drink and the third drinks. That is why it is called one two three.

7, 11, or Doubles: Dice Drinking Games

You may call it 7, 11 or doubles but it will remain a fun drinking dice game in all sense. To start this name you need only two dice a glass beer and your friends who are ready to enjoy. In this game, one member will fill the glass to taste and once that person touches the glass the other player starts rolling until a 7, 11 or doubles are thrown. In case the dice are touched first, the roller must drink the glass. This is an interesting game and you can change the rules according to your convenience.

Strikingly all these drinking dice games are entertaining and involving. Once you are into it there is no way of getting out. Just make sure you do not drive after playing this game at your friend’s place. All the fun in these best drinking games has vanished with one negligence.


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