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Domestic Animals

Domestic Animals: Domesticated animals are widely spread across the world. If you want to know the basic details about such mammals, then read this article carefully. Here, we will provide you a list of domestic animals.

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Cat Domestic Animals:

Cat Domestic Animals

The domestic cat is also termed as “House Cat” or “Felis Catus”. These creatures are the domesticated member of Felidae family. It is the smallest member of the Carnivorous family. The cats are considered as flexible, low-slung bodies, molded heads, long tails, teeth, and claws. They have long tails that help to balance and claws are utilized to grab the hunt’s life.

They possess several other features of wild ones in carnivorous such as agile, powerful and great movement coordination. They were formed in earlier times during the evolution of modern mammals. The first time they recognized around 3.6 million years ago “Pliocene Epoch”. After that, continuously they incredibly change their appearance in modern times.

Domestic Animals: Dog

Dog Domestic Animals

The dog is also termed as “Canis Lupus Familiaris” and domestic member of the Canidae family. It is one of the world’s domestic animals. They are the subspecies of “gray wolf” and similar to the jackals and foxes via its appearance. We can say that dogs are the ubiquitous and famous domestic animals of the world.

Around more than 11,000 years, they lived with the humans just like a hunting friend, life protector, and companion. The domestic dogs changed from the gray wolf into various breeds. A recent statistics state that humans have an important role in the creation of dogs that can fulfill the social needs.

As per the elementary form of genetic engineering, these dogs were raised to emphasize the characters. Hence, the domestic animals’ information – the dogs’ evolution is indefinite. They are the first hunters that have sharp senses of sight and smell. In fact, humans created different characters and formed new breeds as per the need arises.

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Domestic Animals: Cattle

Cattle Domestic Animals

The cattle are the bovine farm animals in terms of domestication. It is majorly raised for meat, milk and draft purposes. Frequently, these come under the Western, Indian and African domesticated cattle that are utilized as pets.

There are other creatures of the world that are sometimes considered to be cattle whether it is domesticated or semi-domesticated. Such as Asian Water Buffalo, The Gayal, Tibetan Yak, Banteng (South East Asia) and much more.

Domestic Animals: Horse

Horse Domestic Animals

The Horse is a herbivorous mammal of Equidae family and a hoofed. It categorizes a sole species which are known as “Equus Caballus”. These have lots of distinct varieties and named as breeds. Before the invention of mechanized vehicles, the horse was utilized as a draft animal. The riding of the horse is the most popular and cheapest way of transportation.

Do you want to know about the common features of this domestic animal? In earlier times, the wild horses were utilized to hunt the food. The research of scientists reveals that the domestication was started around 6000 years ago. Firstly, they used as an Indo-European tribe that stays in the north by mountains. These habitats are adjacent to the Caspian and Black seas.

The domestic horse is influenced by the food, weather, and humans to get its current form. The relationship between the horse and humans are fantastic and unique as well. They are the companion and partner of humans.
They offer recreation of battles, tournaments, sports, riding, and carousels. The inspiration of horse is expressed in the English language and known as Chivalry and Cavalier. It means respect, honor, good manners, honesty and much more.

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Domestic Animals: Chicken

Chicken Domestic Animals

These are the species of “Gallus Gallus” and more than 60 breeds of medium size mammals in poultry. Chicken is originally inclined from the fowl that is the wild red jungle. It is a member of Phasianidae family and orderly “Galliformes” of India. The main goal of chicken is raised for meat and eggs that are widely utilized in the world. This is one of the popular domestic animals.

There is a relationship between the chicken and red jungle fowl and even gray jungle fowl too. The rest of the different species of jungle fowls are evenly contributed to the sanctuary of birds in southern India. Still, most of the professionals discussed on the scientific name of Chicken. According to different experts such as Ornithologists and Taxonomists, these are the domesticated form of red jungle fowl. Few are categorized the chicken as subspecies of red jungle fowl.

West Highland White Terrier Domestic Animals:

West Highland White Terrier Domestic Animals

These are the breed of Terrier that is usually originated at Poltalloch, formerly Argyll county of Scotland. The West Highland White Terrier is a member of the Malcolm family for many years. These are the breed of dogs which appears to be noticeable at the time of King James, England.

The white terrier has short legs around 10-11 inches long which is about 28 cm. The weight of this species is 13-19 pounds/ 8.5 kg. The skin is pure white and has a soft and furry basket and a harder cover of the outer area. It is supposed to be the breed is inclined and similar as the family stock like Scottish Terriers.

Sheep Domestic Animals:

Sheep Domestic Animals

The Sheep is a cud-chewing and ancestral family of Ovis. Typically, these are sturdier as compared to other species of sheep. The horns are more different than earlier times just like its scent glands, face, and feet. These species generally have short tails. Whereas, the wild sheep has covered from hair in the outer area.

Under the outer hair, there is a short undercoat of wool, which is developed into the fleece of domesticated sheep.
The female sheep are known as Ewes, males are the Rams and immature ones are termed as Lambs. The Mature sheep weighs around 80-400 pounds/ 35-180 kg.

Domestic Animals: Goat

Goat Domestic Animals

Goats are the thoughtful and hollow-horned creature which belongs to the family of Capra. These are similar to the sheep and lighter in weight. The horns are arch backward, short tail and straight hair look different. The males are known as Bucks or Billys and have beards.

On the other hand, females are termed as Nannys or Does. The immature or we can say small goats are called kids. Those goats are wild named as Ibex and Markhor.

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Mule Domestic Animals:

Mule Domestic Animals

These are the hybrid offspring of Male Ass. We can say Jackass/ Jack and a female horse. There is a slight difference between the male horse and female ass. It is also termed as Hinny, smaller than the Mule. The Mules were a burden of Asia around 3000 years ago. These are still utilized in various sections of the planet.

The reason behind that, they are able to work hard under severe conditions. As well as, capable to draft and pack animals, usually, these are sterile. The height, consistency, neck shape of mules is similar to the horse. Additionally, it also resembles the ass via its small, thick head, thin limbs, long ears, short mane, etc. The color of mules is generally bay or brown. It has around 275 to 700 kg in weight and 50-70 inches long in height.

Domestic Animals: Pomeranian

Pomeranian Domestic Animals

The Pomeranian is a breed of dog which looks like a toy. It can easily be tracked back similar to the Samoyed, Keeshond. These are the earlier family of sled-dogs. In the 19th century, this breed is known as the Duchy of Pomerania and has 30-pound weight (around 14 kg).

Generally, the Pomeranian dogs are brave, but quiet in nature. The head is just like Fox and small, ears are straight. It has a long coat on the chest and neck of different colors – Brown, black, white, and reddish brown.
The height of the modern times Pomeranian is 6 to 7 inches and weight around three to seven pounds (1-3 kg).

These are 10 domestic animals of the world that are widely utilized for various purposes. Here, we tried to provide you desire information related to the domestic animals’ information. I hope you will get the details as per the need.


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