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Drinking Board Games

Drinking Board Games: To break the monotony of life and refilling it with entertainment, you need fun and frolic more than anything else in the world. Sometimes it is about spending time in tranquility, taking a long drive but most of the times enjoyment is about doing something that rejuvenates your energy by mixing thrill in the life.

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Funny board games are one such a way that makes your nights interesting by transforming the simple process of sharing drinks into passionate drinking board games. Enhance the joy of your everyday life by exploring 10 different, but most entertaining life board drinking game.

1. Snakes and Ladder Drinking Board Games

Snakes and Ladder Drinking Board Games

You must be thinking that how snake and ladders could become one of the best board drinking games for you. For your information, it is not only entertaining but an involving game.

Just give it a try. In this when you climb a ladder, other players drink on the basis of the number of squares you have skipped while when you are down because of a snake, you will drink according to the blocks you fell down.

2. Drinking Board Games: Drink a Palooza

Drinking Board Games Drink a Palooza

This is one of the most famous board drinking games, where the main goal is to fill the empty six pack up and win Mini bottles. It is not precisely only a board game, but a combination of all types of drinking games from beer pong to quarters to kings to flip up and to spin the bottle. This game can be played with up to 12 players and is one of the best night drinking games.

3. Drinking Board Games: Settlers of Catan

Drinking Board Games Settlers of Catan

As you must be knowing that settlers of Catan is a trading game, where each player acts a trader and tries to acquire resources. Now, you must be pondering that how you will transform it into a drinking game board.

It is easy to do, just drink a finger after every resource you earn. In case a seven is thrown and the robber enters into a hex, then all the participants of this game will settle it with their drink.

4. Drinking Board Games: Chess

Drinking Board Games Chess

This old wine is always going to remain the best one forever. Grab some shot glasses pour a little for each and every piece on the board. You have to drink every time you lose one of your piece to the opponent. After checkmate, the user clears up all the shots of beer. This is a perfect drinking board game for two.

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5. Drinking Board Games: Cluedo

Drinking Board Games Cluedo

This drinking board game is a unique one as there is no fixed rules and you can alter it according to your wishes. Still, usually, this game is played in a manner, where you first make an accusation and drink one as a lucky charm and if your character is accused, then you have to drink two.

In the case where the reverend is accused, then before drinking, you have to make the sign of the cross and if the Colonel Mustard is accused then before drinking you have to salute. Moreover, both time you have to take two fingers to drink.

6. Ticket To Ride

Ticket to Ride

This is one of the best drinking board games in which you have to enter into the world of tracks. In this game you have to take a drink for every route point you earn and when you get carriage.You must try to lay the tracks all across the country in the starting of the game only.

7. Drinking Board Games: Articulate

Articulate Drinking Board Games

It’s interesting, twisting and frustrating all at once. Play this game and you will be bound to appreciate this drinking board game idea. You must select a long drink for this game as you need this in this game. Make the players of your opposite team drink a finger by making wrong guesses. After all this cruel act, you must make a toast with that long drink which you kept aside earlier.

8. Scrabble Drinking Board Games

Scrabble Drinking Board Games

This is one of the most interesting fun board games to play while drinking, as in this you have to make sure you show off your genius. The people who just add “s” or “ing” to create a word will have to take a drink. You may also try mixing this game with drinking card game and you may add a penalty in case of cheating i.e. when someone tries to refer to the dictionary.

9. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

This drinking board game is played in a way, where the participants have to plead their case and as a penalty for the poor game the person has to take a shot. In every round of this game, the judge other than picking up a winning card will also pick up the worst response. The players get a chance to defend themselves and the one condemned, at last, will have to take a drink.

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10. Jenga Drinking Board Games

Jenga Drinking Board Games

The more you have drinks, the more difficult it becomes for you to win. In this game when you remove a block successfully the person playing opposite to you will have the drink. If the tower falls then all of both the participants have to finish off their drink.

After reading about these games your mind would have been filled with the fervour of game. Don’t let this excitement to cool down, instead call your friends tonight it itself and start playing these best fun drinking board games. It is time to fill your glasses and start playing the game.


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