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Drinking Card Games – Drinks and games make the perfect pair. What will be more fun if the game gives you more chances to get tripped? Kings, poker, asshole are some of the games that you might have heard but there are many to learn. Here, we have listed some of the most interesting card drinking games for your party. Let’s check out the way to fun and booze with these drinking card games.

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1. Give and Take (Drinking Card Games for 2 or 3)

In the list of fun, comes first the very own card game- Give and Take. Unlike its name, it doesn’t take and gives anything except the pleasure of booze. The rules of give and take card drinking game are on such a simple note that you can play even after the larger number of shots. It’s just a truth and dare game in which the players have to choose truth or dare and if the player doesn’t wish to choose out of two then there comes the best part. No marks for guessing, that part is having the shot of your drink. This drinking card game can be played with three or more people.

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2. Black or Red

Another simple yet funny game in the list of card games for drinking, is “Black or Red?” To begin the game one has to be the “guesser”. Rules for the game are simple. Guesser has to make three successive guesses of color that which card is black and which one is red from the bunch of cards. If the guesser fails then the person has to drink the shot of alcohol equaling to the number of attempts of the guess. The black or red drinking game with card can be played with 3 players or more.

3. Indian Poker Drinking Game with Cards

The best ever drinking game even while you are already drunk is Indian Poker. Indian Poker requires little logic and big fun to go on with drinks. In this game, players are provided one card which they have to stick on their forehead without looking at the card. The person with turn will look at cards and decide whether to stay or fold hands. After that everyone looks at their card.

The player with the highest card wins and doesn’t drink. The one with the card lower than winner will drink according to the difference of the card value of their and winner card. The one who folded hands but had highest card value will drink according to the card value.

4. Asshole Drinking Card Games

Asshole is one of the most popular cards drinking game. The game is the little complex with some competition. Its rules are based on turns. At every turn, the player has to down a higher value card, if an equal card is put then the player with next turn has to skip the game. The game is to get rid of your cards first. Drinks are taken if anyone pass, skip or the higher value card player ask you to drink. The most interesting thing about it is that no player can quit the game unless they have the highest value card.

5. Fuck the dealer (Drinking Card Games for 3)

If drinking is fun then this game is for you. Fuck the dealer is one of the most famous cards drinking games for 3 and more players. The whole game is based on the guessing. If the player guesses right, then they drink their sip of beer and if wrong then the dealer or player has to drink as per the difference between the card value and what he guessed. The name is derived from the fact that after every three turns one of the dealer gets fucked as no right guesses can be made in a row.

6. Electricity

Another drinking card game for 3 or more players is electricity. In this game, the cards are faced down and the player has to guess the card. The player to their left flips the card and says the value of the card. This guessing continues until the same guess is made. Players drink till the chain of right guess continues. The interesting part of the game is its duration that lasts about 20 minutes. Electricity is all about the interaction and joyful drinking play.

7. Pyramid Drinking Card Game

You might have played the coin version of Pyramid but the card version of Pyramid is no less fun. The card game pyramid is all about memory. Player has to remember the cards and assign the drinks based on the card. Drinks are taken if they have the same assigned card as the flipped one. The interesting part is as you go drinking the screwing go more. This bluff and play of cards create more fun in the drinking party with passing time.

8. Bullshit

With the interesting name, the game has very interesting rules. In this game, the main aim is to get rid of the cards with each face down. If the discarded card does not match the called value, then it can be challenged. If the challenge is false, the one who challenged can take all the discarded cards. In case challenge holds true, the player has to take the pile of discarded cards. Bullshit is called as “Cheat” in Britain and many times with the name of “I Doubt It”.

9. Circle of Death

As the drinking card game kings, Circle of death is played on turns. At each turn, a card is faced up and the sip of beer is taken if the card matches on the next turn off player. The intakes of drinks are based on the card value. If the card value doesn’t match then the previous turn players have to drink according to the number on the card. As the game passes, the boozing goes more intense and serious as the circle of death.

10. Kings Drinking Game with Card

The most popular card drinking game is Kings. Drinks in Kings is based upon the face down card and random selection by the players. If an Ace comes then every player has to take their drinks and are not allowed to stop until the player before they do such. Same as Ace, another card value has different drinking actions. The game of drinks continues until all the cards are drawn.

Isn’t this list of drinking card games for 2 and more people interesting? So, take your party to new fun with these games but always remember to enjoy responsibly. For more fun games, you can have more of our fun filled articles. Plus if you are alone with your partner at then you can try drinking games for couples too.


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