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Drinking Games for 4 People

drinking games for 4 people – Two is company and three is happening, that’s the new way to party with the gang of friends. And if the party has drinks with 4 person drinking games then the fun becomes more memorable. Drinking games are a perfect booster to the party and drink thirsty souls. So, no wait. Here, we have brought some funniest and interesting drinking games for 4 people to make your friend’s party more happening.

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1. Drunk Jenga Drinking Games for 4 People


First on the list of drinking games is Drunk Jenga. This game is full fun and challenges that you will love to accept. It involves 54 Jenga blocks with challenges written on it. Out of the pile of blocks, the player has to select one block using only one hand and place it on the top of the stack. If it falls, a player loses and drinks the cup of alcohol. Furthermore, the loser has to choose two blocks from the fallen and complete the challenge written on them.

2. Straight Face

This drinking game for the list is funniest as the drinks get you crazy as the game reaches to higher levels. The game is quite simple. You just need small pieces of chits or paper and drinks of your choice. Now the twist, you have to write funniest and witty sentences which are tougher to read.

Every player is then asked to pick chits and read the sentences with straight faces. The one who reacts or makes face will get a punishment of joy, drinks. The game becomes funnier as the drinks increases as no one can keep straight faces after few drinks.

3. Most Likely

This is absolutely a drinking game for 4 or more people. The game reveals secrets with drinks on the fun part. In this, the players have to sit in a circle and ask “most likely” questions. For instance, “who is most likely to sing in a bathroom?” everyone in the circle has to point out the person who they think to do it most likely. A person with maximum pointed fingers has to drink. You can increase the fun by increasing the number of drinks with every turn.

4. True American


This 4 person drinking game has got popularity with the New Girl season. In this soap, the game was described as 75% drinking and 20% candy land with a molten lava floor. For this, a table is placed in center and castle of beers is made with the bottle of beer at center. Limited spaces with blocked areas (lava) are arranged to reach the castle. With count, players will move towards the castle, they have to remove a beer can and drink it.

This movement will be through trails of chairs, tables, cushions etc. without stepping on the floor (lava).The one who reaches first will get the bottle and is declared the winner. The one who got blocked or has less than three beers gets punishment decided by opponents.

5. The Name Game

The game is about the quick and smart approach. This is a drinking game for 5 and more people. One player has to say the name of a famous person and the next turn person has to say another name starting with the first letter of the last word of previously called one. For instance, if one player has said “Angelina Jolie”, the next one has to say “Jennifer Lopez” as the first letter of the last word was “J”.

If the player fumble and doesn’t respond with the word game within few seconds, it’s called foul. Drinks are taken as more as the foul goes. This 4 person drinking game continues and gets tougher as soon as the drinks start showing its magic. That means more drinks, less memory and unlimited fun.

6. Flip Cup Drinking Game for 4 People

Another popular drinking game for 5 people is the flip cup. It just requires your favorite drink and lot of quickness to win it. In this game, players are divided into two teams. Every member of a team has to drink their cup and flip the empty one upwards down standing position. The team completing the task first will be the winner. And the loser team still had their win with no guesses, their own drinks.

7. Drown the Clown


Drown the clown is the most interesting drinking game for 4 people. One of the players of group distributes a card to each one. No one the group is allowed to look at the card. After counting till three, everyone turns over their card. If your card is same as the other one, you have to point to that person quickly with shout “clown”.

The one who fails to do so will lose and has to drink as per the value of the card. If the player points on the wrong match, two drinks have to be taken. This drinking card game for 4 can be played with only even numbered players only.

8. High or Low

Another drinking card game for 4 people is High or Low. In this game, a player shuffles the card and face down the card. The player having turn will have to guess the card whether it “high” or “low”. If the guess is right, the player will continue playing or can pass. If guess proves wrong, the player has to drink according to the value of the card.

9. Beer Snap


Beer snap is a card drinking game for 5 or more people. You just need the deck of cards and deal them among the players with its face down. Each person has to flip their card and add it to the pile. Then next round of flipping is done. If the player has the same card as the previous one then they need to say “snap”. The one with last say “snap” will take drinks. The game continues until the entire card is flipped.

10. Bite the Bag

The most interesting one in the row of drinking games is Bite the Bag. The game is as simple as the name. In this, a bag is placed on the ground and the player has to pick the bag with the mouth. No hands, no legs or no mediums are allowed to pick the bag.

With each successful attempt, the size of the bag is reduced. If the player is failed to pick the bag or make a foul by using anything else other than the mouth, then drinks are taken. Games can be made more interesting by adding twists of your imagination.

Isn’t these 4 person drinking games on the list are the best play to your group party? So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead. Party hard and enjoy harder. Plus, we all know the how creative after a drink you actually are, so if you invented any amazing drinking games for 4 people then comment in comment box.


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