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drinking games for couples

Drinking Games for Couples – “Love is a game” you might have heard of, but the game gets lot fun when it’s with your loved one. To make your date a fun night, we have brought some of the couple drinking games that are best to play with your partner. And what’s best than having a night with drinks, games and naughtiness at its height.

Here are the top 10 naughty and fun drinking games for couples or drinking games for 2 people.

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1. Russian Roulette Drinking Game For Couples


The list starts with the very interesting drinking game for the couple, Russian Roulette. The couple drinking game involves just few shot glasses and two partners in love with each other. To start the game, fill all the shot glasses with water except one. Fill the one shot glass with vodka. Shuffle all the glasses and ask the partner to drink turn wise. The one who drinks vodka first has to choose a dare suggested by the partner. You can increase the number of glasses filled with vodka shots and also the beautiful dares to keep romancing.

2. Twisted UNO

This drinking card game for couples can be enjoyed with any age group of couples. The game is based on the color codes. You can decide the color you want and flip the card. If you get the right colored one, you take a shot of alcohol. In case you lose the card regular for four times, the love game can go twisted with striping of the one you hold.

3. “I Never” Couple Drinking Game

This is one of the most popular drinking games for couples. The game is quite naughty and fun with the large possibility of variations as the game reaches to high. The rules for this drinking game are so simple. One person has to ask a question with line “Have you done it before?” The other person has to answer with yes or I never. If the answer is “Yes”, drinks are taken and if “Never” the answer is then the partner has to done as ordered by their love.

4. Striptease Dice (Drinking Games for 2 People or more)


This hot shot game is just made for couples. For this, you just need a pair of dice, the number of glasses of alcohol and a daring partner. The game starts with turns to roll the dice. If an even number comes, you lose and drink the shot of alcohol. And, if you get the odd number, the time is to remove a piece of cloth. The game gets interesting as it goes.

5. Flip, Sip or Strip

As the name, the game is really for the fun loving couples with naughty imaginations. A coin, glasses of alcohol is all you need. To begin the deal of love, flip the coin and ask your partner to make a guess of which side it will fall. If your partner chooses “head” and gets lucky then they have to drink. In the case of the wrong guess for twice or thrice, the part of stripping a piece of clothes off begins.

To make it interesting you can increase the intake of alcohol or decrease the number of chances on wrong guess punishment. If you are looking for drinking games for 2 or drinking games for couples then you can try “Flip, Sip or Strip”, which will boost your party.

6. Spin the Bottle (Couples Drinking Games at Home)


This drinking game is a fun to the love twist. The game can have everything you love about in drinks and eatables. These drinks and eatables have to be placed in a circular order. Then spin the bottle keeping it in the mid of that circle. If the bottle points on any one of the couple then one has to kiss another. If the empty bottle on spinning points out on any items placed in the circle, then the last turn partner has to use that item in the naughtiest way. Any wild imaginations can make it more out of interesting.

7. Dare Beer Pong

The classic game of Beer Pong can do miracles of fun and excitement in drinking games for 2 people or drinking games for couples. In this game of two, you need the shots of alcohol placed in the triangle like shape. Dares of your choice can be written on chits and put beneath the cups. To play this game, one of the partners has to land the ball into opponent’s cup. If the ball lands, then the player are declared the winner and wins an alcohol shot. If the ball fails to land, then the player has to read the dare stick on the cup. The game can be made more exciting by adding naughty dares.

8. Body Shots

Another naughtiest drinking game for couples is Body shots. It requires a pair of dice, paper, dice, pen, and your favorite drink. On paper, write the names of body parts and number it. Roll the dice and choose the body part according to the number of the dice. That part of the body will be the place to take your favorite shot of alcohol. The number of the other dice will decide how that shot will be taken by the player. Twist to the game can be made by adding the naughtiest way to take the shot.

9. Go Fish

This easy to play the game is super fun and can be naughty at the same time. This can be played by the couples with just some cards, cups of alcohol and the must, love. One of the two players juggles the cards and distributes it equally. After this, one can ask for a specific card, if the opponent has the card, they win. No rewards for guessing, the winner will get the shot, but nobody fails in love too. In the case of losing, that player has to take off a piece of clothes.

10. Chutes and Ladders

You might have played this game in the childhood, but this romantic version will make it more memorable. It’s adult version has the same rules as the childhood game. The game has to be played with directions. If a player goes up with ladder, he or she drinks their shot. If they lose and go down a chute, it’s a go on to take off the piece of clothes. The game heats up as it reaches to the high level.

Hope! This list of drinking games for couples has already made you try this with your partner. For whatever you will be winner or loser, the only thing that will reign is Love. However, you we are 2 couples at a time on a same spot then you should try these amazing drinking games for 4 people to make your party more amazing.

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