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Drinking Games With Shot

Drinking Games With Shots: Playing and drinking, what an awesome combination, don’t you think so? Whether you have a gathering at home or you are alone with your partner, you can play these amazing Drinking Games With Shots and can have ultimate fun.

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Drive through this and learn some interesting shot glass drinking games. You would love it.

1. Truth or Dare or Drink

Truth or Dare or Drink

This is a classic enthralling party drinking games with shots. In this, you have to decide whether you will go with truth or dare. If you choose truth, then everyone will be asked a question on their turn and they have to answer it earnestly.

If someone refuses, then that person will be bound to take the drink. In case of dare, this one gets more of a fun shot drinking game as everyone will be asked to do some silly things and if they fail to do so, they take a drink.

2. Drinking Games With Shot Pass a Shot

Drinking Games With Shot Pass a Shot

This is a shot glass games drinking in which there are three shots for each player and a die. In case number one, two or a three is thrown then the player has to pass the die to the next participant.

When a four is rolled out, then the player needs to pass the shot to the person in front of him or her and that player drinks it. For a six, the player passes the shot to the left and for a five to the person sitting on the right.

3. Never have I ever Drinking Games With Shot

Never have I ever Drinking Games With Shot

In this game, every player tells on his turn starting a truthful “Never have I ever” done something. After this is done all those who have done this act will take a drink and after five or ten shots of drink, that player is out. This drinking game with shot glasses continues until all but one is out, and then you can play again.

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4. Drinking Games With Shot Bullshit

Drinking Games With Shot Bullshit

This is a party drinking games with shots where all the six participants sit in a circle. The dealer deals the deck of cards with all the players and the player who gets rid of all his cards is the winner of the game. The game starts with aces and the first participant lays down the aces.

You can bluff if you do not have the card to get away, but if you are caught, you will be drinking one drink on each card. If someone thinks you are lying, then that person shouts “bullshit”. This is one of the best shot drinking games with friends.

5. Two Truths And A Lie

Two Truths and a Lie

Unleash the thrill with this shot drinking games for two, as it is an excellent way to get to know each other. In this game, the first player will tell three things about himself or herself, and then the opponent has to decide that which one among the three statements was a lie.

If the guess is correct, then the first player drinks the shot, but if it is wrong, then that person will have to take the drink. You may add your own few points, as a rule, to make it more involving. This game goes on by switching the place.

6. Drinking Games With Shot: Glass Poker

Drinking Games With Shot Glass Poker

In this fun shot drinking game, the alcohol used in the shot needs to be beer as here the losing player has to drink the pot. This poker is played as it is done usually the only difference is that instead of ships the shots will be bet here.

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7. Caps Drinking Games With Shot

Caps Drinking Games With Shot

This shot drinking game for two can also be played with four players. In this game, each participant will sit facing each other at the opposite ends and beside each player shots are kept.

When the game starts each one of you must try to throw the cap of a bottle into the drink shots. The one who is able to make the throw possible then the opposite sitting payer will have to drink the beer.

8. Higher/Lower

In this fun Drinking Games With Shots you need a well-shuffled deck of cards or you can also play with a card deck app on your phone. It is easy to play, but very entertaining with the dealer turning over cards from the top of the deck.

The next player will then speculate that whether the next card will be of higher or lower than the turned one. If the dealer wins, then you have to drink and if you win dealer drinks a shot.

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9. Drinking Games With Shots: Battle Shots

Drinking Games With Shots Battle Shots

This Parker Bros classic shot glass drinking game is an official version of Battleship. If you haven’t bought one even then you can make up your own game board easily. You just need a pencil, paper, and 6 shots and it is played in the setup time.

Make 7 columns labeling alphabetically and 7 rows labeling numerically on a piece of paper. In this game, the three shots which is marked by X is for battleship, two for the destroyer and one for the submarine.You will win this game when you are able to sink all of your opponent’s battle shots.

The person who loses is going to drink the rest of the drink. You will win this game when you are able to sink all of your opponent’s battle shots. The person who loses is going to drink the rest of the drink.

10. “I’m going on a Picnic . . .”

I'm going on a Picnic

It is an interesting and simple game to fun shot drinking game in which the first player is going to start saying I’m going on a picnic and I am bringing apricot. The next person will say I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing apricot and bread.The next player will say I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing apricot,

The next player will say I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing apricot, bread, and cucumber. Now you see what is happening here. Each and every person is adding another thing starting with the new alphabet and this will go on. Those who forget anything will be penalized with a shot of drink.

All these games are entertaining just make sure you do not overdo the drinking part. If at any point of the game you feel that you have drunk more than enough, then quit the game immediately.


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