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Drinking Games – Drinks and fun are two words that can fill colors to your party anywhere and anytime. Drinks are always partnered with salads, peanuts or others but more can be done beyond your thoughts. Games are new fun that can add more fun to your party. In this article, read the popular drinking games played around the world to make party more rocking. However, people love to play different drinking games, but these are the funniest drinking games for adults.

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Beer Pong (Drinking Games for 2)

What the fun when Ping Pong gets mixed with your favorite beer. Bing Pong is the most popular drinking game that comprises two or more players per side with 6-10 cups in a form of triangle, however, if you are looking for drinking games for 2 then is a great option you should try.

The gamer just has to shoot ping pong ball into the opponent’s cup. The cup with the ball is taken by the team and consumes the cup of beer. Undoubtedly, the first team to eliminate all the opponent’s cup is the winner.

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The winner gets the beer, not of their own but the good sip of opponents also. Moreover, if you are looking for drinking games for couples or drinking games for adults then you should try this amazing one.

How to Play Beer Pong (Video)

Never Have I Ever (Drinking Games for 3)

As the name, if you never had, then you can never have either. The game can be played by as many participants as anyone can drink. The verbal game starts with the players in the circle. In turns, questions are asked in the form of “Never Have I Ever” Anyone with answer “yes” drinks and the one who never ever had loses with no drinks. An additional rule that is kept with the game is that the one with the answer yes has to state the detailed reason to say yes. The game sees identical with “Truth and Dare” except the ride of drinks and fun. Plus this is a perfect drinking game for 3.

How to Play Never Have I Ever (Funny Video)

Kings (Drinking Games With Cards)

One of the most famous drinking games in the world is Kings. It is also famous with name “Circle of Death”. The Game with origin at Virginia Polytechnic Institute is basically based on playing cards and player’s action. Each action that gives the turn to drink is associated with the face- down cards each with interesting actions or questions.

The drinking game with cards ends if the Kings cup of drink is consumed or the last card has been pulled out. Like other drinking games, players can make the variation in rules and make it more interesting. People who love playing cards and looking for drinking games with cards they must try this drinking games once.

How to Play Drinking Game kings (Video)

Flip Cup (Drinking Games Without Cards and with Cups)

The team based game involves the flip method to drink and have fun. Every team can have more than 4 teammates standing opposite to each other, so this is one of the greatest drinking games for 4. Plastic cups filled with beer and as soon it is finished, the player has to flip it down from the edge with one hand only. Only after one successful flip, another teammate can attempt to play.

The team with flip and first closing of drink turns are declared the winner. The popularity of the interesting drinking game can be observed with the fact that many flip-cup tournaments have been organized in the United States for years. Plus if you want to play drinking games without cards then you should try this ultimate drinking game without cards and drinking games with cups.

How to Plat Flip Cup

Chandelier (Drinking Games with Dice)

Tabletop version of Beer Pong is perfect for the people living in small apartments. The player sits around the table with cups with a full cup beer placed at the center. Players try to bounce the ball into a cup and if it’s done perfectly, he wins a drink. If the ball bounces to the center one then all the players get the opportunity to drink. The classic game gives everyone bounce with drinks. The game is also known as drinking games with dice.

How to Play Chandelier (Video)


Just a glass and a quarter, the game lets you trip with fun and drinks. The games can be played with any number of persons. Each player sits around the table and places quarter on the edge of the table and the makes attempts to the flip the quarter in the glass. If anyone violates the rule, they become lucky losers. Lucky because here losers also get the opportunity to take drinks. So, who else don’t want to lose here?

How to Play Quarters (Video)

Civil War

Another most popular drinking game is Civil War. It is similar to Beer Pong and is famous as World’s Angriest Drinking Game. Civil War got its name by the nature of game that creates same effect as a civil war situation. The 3V3 format of the exam Involves shooting of ping pong balls into the opponent’s cups. Eliminated player remain out until the beer in cup finished. The team that eliminates all its opponents first wins. The interesting thing about the game rule is its puking rule. If any player pukes, they are termed as “taken Pickett’s Charge”.

How to Play Drinking Game Civil War (Video)

Power Hour

Power Hour is an interesting drinking game associated with the legal drinking age of a person (21years) in the U.S.A. In this game, the specified shot has been taken within an hour or 10 shots in one hour. A long playlist of songs are played and the participant has to take one shot in that one song. The game may cause high consumption of alcohol as each minute counts a shot.

How to Play Power Hour

Goon of Future

Goon of Future is the famous drinking game of Australia based on a popular game show “Wheel of Fortune”. The game can be played by one and more than one players within the range of cloth-line. The game rules look same as Truth and Dare game. In this game, the player spins a bottle and on the player whom the clothesline rests has to drink the cup. Drinking amount of beer is pre-decided before the spin. The rules vary as per the interests of the players. Expert players may take red and white wines.

Goon of Future: How to Play?

Fuzzy Duck

Fuzzy Duck is the popular drinking game among fresher as well as experts. The vocal game begins with word “fuzzy duck” to the person on the left side. This continues until someone says “does he” and direction of play changes. Drinks start as soon as the words flip and mess starts. The phrase “fuzzy duck” can be exchanged by the word “ducky fuzz”. The game can be played by as many players. On behalf of drinking games for 3, this is a cool idea about drinking games.

Fuzzy Duck: How to Play?

These above games are the perfect treat to the drink lovers and their appetite. These drinking games can add fun and joy to any of your parties. So, start playing, part harder but with little consciousness over your health and appetite. For more such interesting concepts for party keep on reading the new articles.

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