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Employee Relationship Management

Employee Relationship Management – In this world wherever we go we build relations. Only some relations in our life are given by GOD, but the rest we all have to build our own. As a teacher-student, a doctor-patient, a friend, a partner, a human relation, a boss-employee or even co-workers. We have to maintain every single relationship in our life.

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The place where we work is very crucial for us. Home is the most comfortable place for everyone. We feel very relaxed and happy at our home around our family. We have to apply this to our working place too. The place where we work should be so comfortable for us that we can feel like we are working with our family and that’s how we will be able to build up a strong company.

The connection or the relationship within the employees and between their boss/manager should be friendly by maintaining the decorum of the company. Certain points to be kept in mind for building strong relations with the employees are:-

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Employee Relationship Management Tips

  1. Working together– Every member of the company whether an employee, boss or manager should work together. A company where you work should be like your family and each member of the family should work together to get the best results for the company.
  2. Respecting each other– whether an employee, boss, manager or even co-worker, irrespective of their position they hold everyone in the company should respect each other. This tip is also listed in employee engagement ideas.
  3. Communicating– Communication solves many of the problems in this world. When it comes to the relationship, we should always try to communicate as much as possible. Sometimes, people avoid communication because of hesitation, and that’s when misunderstandings take place. So, employees should always try to communicate openly to their co-workers, boss or managers as much as possible to avoid assumptions and misunderstandings.
  4. Helping each other– In co-operate sector, people usually don’t move forward for helping others for the sake of the competition. Competing is a different thing but, if you are good at something you should carry that your plus point and help others. This way of sharing knowledge can help you to be more confident about yourself and will be beneficial for your own company.
  5. Equal treatment– Managers/boss should always treat their all the employees equally. If an employee is doing a great work, undoubtedly he/she should be appreciated but discriminating between the employees can cause the feeling of hatred among the employees which will badly affect the company’s work.
  6. Guidance– A person at the higher position than us consider our elder not because of his/her age but because of his/her experience. So, every boss or manager in every company should guide their employees how to manage time and do productive work in a team. Guiding the employees regularly will help to do better quality work and will make a strong bond between the members of the company.
  7. Respecting ideas of everyone– Every single person on this earth has a different mindset and according to that everyone works. Employees should always respect the ideas of their co-workers even if they are not considering it. Disrespecting the thoughts and ideas of an employee can cause demotivation and this may affect his/her work by making them stressful.
  8. Giving feedback– Giving feedback is a way for self-improvement and helps in analyzing oneself. Other than the manager and boss of the company even employees should give feedback to each other. This will help each employee working on those areas where they are lacking and making those areas strong where they are already good. By this way, everyone will learn all the aspects needed to work for their company and automatically will be beneficial for them.
  9. Giving chance– On the list of Employee Relationship Management, this topic to give a chance is necessary. Every employee should get a chance for presenting himself/herself. For this maintaining a friendly environment within the company is very important so that there should be no dispute feeling inside any employee for his/her co-worker if he/she is doing a good job.

However, there are so many experiences you might get in the market on Employee Relationship Management, but these simple and easy tips are really working. It’s important for every company to fetch the best employees without getting emotional or without discriminating between the employees. So, that every member of the company should be self-motivated to work hard and to do his/her best.

This will bring up the hidden talent which will be good for the company. That is why maintaining the good relationship with everyone in the company is very important. Following the above-mentioned points, one can maintain proper relation at his/her workplace.

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Working in the same company there should be no dispute among the employees because everyone’s target or goal is ultimately the same. So managers and the boss of the company should also try to share the vision of their company with the employees on a regular basis and to maintain a place where people work together happily without any stress. After all, a company that works together gets the best together.


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