Famous Clock Towers: Why And How Clock Towers Around The World Are Elegant?4 min read

Famous Clock Towers

Famous Clock Towers: We know very well that clock towers play a very significant role of telling the time to everyone. But, they have the capability to gather crows due to its elegance.

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Sometimes, a well-placed clock will help you to remember where you are going or remember some important things. To know about what is the biggest clock tower in the world, the below-mentioned list goes –

1. Famous Clock Towers: Big Ben

Famous Clock Towers Big Ben

It is the big clock tower in the world and known as Elizabeth Tower. Located in London, England. Big Ben is the epithet for the immense ringer of the timing tower at the Palace of Westminster.

Finished in 1858, the pinnacle holds the biggest four-confronted tolling check on the planet and is the third-tallest detached clock tower. It is by a long shot the most acclaimed point of interest in London and England, and a standout amongst the most celebrated landmarks in Europe.

2. Famous Clock Towers: Philadelphia City Hall

Famous Clock Towers Philadelphia City Hall

There are lots of Clock Towers around the World, and Philadelphia is one of them. It is situated in the United States and The Philadelphia City Hall held the title of tallest working on the planet from 1901 till 1908, with a tallness of 548 ft (167 m).

The celebrated pinnacle has four tickers – one on each of its sides. Each of the tickers is 8 meters (26 ft) in width.

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3. Famous Clock Towers: Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel

Famous Clock Towers Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel

This tower come under the list of world clock towers and located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. At a stature of 601 meters (1,972 ft), this administration claimed complex is one of the tallest structures on the planet.

It’s likewise the tallest check tower on the planet and the world’s biggest clock confronts. Each of the four timekeepers (on four sides) is 43 × 43 meters (141 ft × 141 ft).

4. Famous Clock Towers: The Prague Astronomical Clock

Famous Clock Towers: The Prague Astronomical Clock

The Prague, Czech Republic – The cosmic clock is the primary element of the well-known Old Town Square in Prague. Numerous visitors land on the square and hold up to around hour just to watch the popular moving figures of the delightful clock.

The medieval check was first introduced in the year 1410, making it one of the most established cosmic checks on the planet and the most established one still being used.

5. Famous Clock Towers: Rathaus-Glockenspiel

Famous Clock Towers Rathaus Glockenspiel

This well-known vacation spot was worked in 1908 as a feature of the New Town Hall. Located in Munich, Germany and really adorable. Consistently, at 11:00 sharp, and amid the late spring additionally at 12:00 and 17:00, it becomes animated and re-authorize two stories from the sixteenth century.

The region before the building will then be pressed with guests coming to appreciate the show. With 43 chimes and 32 life-sized figures, these 12-15 minutes indicate is a genuine scene.

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6. Famous Clock Towers: The Saviour Tower (Spasskaya Tower)

Famous Clock Towers The-Saviour Tower (Spasskaya Tower)

The Saviour Tower is placed in Moscow, Russia. As well as, situated in the well-known Red Square, near Saint Basil’s Cathedral and is a piece of the Kremlin dividers. The tremendous check tower was outlined in 1491 and first introduced in 1625.

Together with the Kremlin, the Red Square, and the renowned church building, this little region holds Moscow’s best attractions.

7. Famous Clock Towers: The Zytglogge Tower

Famous Clock Towers The Zytglogge Tower

This lovely medieval pinnacle was worked in the thirteenth century, and since filled in as a protect tower, a jail, a clock tower, and as a dedication. People usually visit Bern, Switzerland to see this ultimate beauty which is one of the largest clock towers in the world.

The clock we see today is a cosmic clock from the fifteenth century. This social UNESCO legacy site is maybe the most mainstream vacation destinations in Bern.

8. Famous Clock Towers: The Peace Tower

Famous Clock Towers The Peace Tower

The Peace Tower – Ottawa, Canada is formally known as The Tower of Victory and Peace, this great check tower remains amidst the Center Block.

The fundamental building structure of the Canadian parliamentary complex, in Ottawa. This 92.2 meters (302 ft) tower supplanted the 55 meters (180 ft) Victoria Tower which torched in 1916

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9. Famous Clock Towers: Old Joe

Famous Clock Towers Old Joe

The Old Joe is located at College of Birmingham, United Kingdom. It’s full name Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower, is the tallest unsupported choke tower on the planet, at 100 meters (328 ft).

It was worked to celebrate Joseph Chamberlain, the principal Chancellor of the University and its development was finished in 1908.

10. Famous Clock Towers: Rajabai Clock Tower

Famous Clock Towers Rajabai Clock Tower

The famous clock tower in India is in Mumbai. This 85 meters (280 ft) tall clock tower is situated inside the grounds of the University of Mumbai. It was composed by the English draftsman Sir George Gilbert Scott and finished in 1878.

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Our world is full of famous clock towers and its specific features. Read our provided information and enhance your knowledge of this topic.


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