Why do you need to Drink Green Tea before Bed?6 min read

Is drinking green tea before going to bed good for health?

Why do you need to Drink Green Tea before Bed?

Green Tea before Bed? – Once upon a time, there lived an emperor in China named Shen Nung and while sitting beneath a tree (Camellia sinensis), a few leaves fell from the tea into the drinking water which his servant was boiling. The emperor thought of trying this infusion and this led to the creation of tea.

Oh, come on – this is not the time to know about when and how tea became the world’s second most consumed drink. Everyone knows this and if you don’t, then now you know it.

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The only thing that matters is to understand why green tea is so good for you and how you can benefit from drinking green tea before bed.

What is green tea & Why take green tea before bed?

Camellia sinensis is a plant which is used to produce different types of tea, such as black tea, yellow tea, oolong tea, etc. Now, this same plant is also used to produce Green tea. Firstly, the leaves of this plant is harvested, then pan-fried or steamed to get rolled and dried to produce green tea.

During this whole process, the leaves get slightly oxidized and the juices of the leaves are retained during the rolling of leaves. All these steps ensure that you get the high-quality green tea which can offer you amazing health benefits.

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Nutrients in Green tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants, catechins, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, folic acid, and caffeine. The most popular catechin present in green tea is Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). It has many health benefits, such as it lowers the blood sugar level, reduces fat, fights free radicals, prevents tooth decay, makes the bone stronger, minimizes the risk of getting cancer, etc.

Another important thing present in green tea is L-Theanine, which is an amino acid and offers you a calming effect that keeps your mind and body relaxed, thereby helping in reducing your blood pressure.

Green tea before bed

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Interestingly, green tea contains caffeine but the concentration is not very high. When you consume 236 ml of green tea then it releases 25 to 45 mg of caffeine. This is quite low in comparison to other beverages, such as coffee or back tea. This is indeed good as this way your body receives a proper amount of caffeine and you remain free from the side effects of this stimulant, such as insomnia, heartburn, indigestion, high blood pressure, etc.

Now, the question is that what is the best time to consume green tea and is it good to drink Green Tea before bed.

Consuming green tea is healthy, but to get its maximum benefit, you need to drink it in an appropriate amount and in proper time. Having two to three cups of green tea per day will give you the desired result. However, in case you have any health issues, such as iron deficiency, then you must try to avoid taking green tea or any other caffeine based beverage, as it inhibits the absorption of iron in your body.

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Furthermore, you must never take green tea in an empty stomach as it can stimulate gastric acid and can lead to ulcers. Even drinking with meals is not considered prudent as this is not the best time to drink green tea. However, you can take green tea half 30 to 45 minutes before or after meals.

You may take green tea before going to bed as it is the best time to take it. This will not only help you in reducing weight but will also help you to enjoy the maximum health benefits offered by different nutrients of green tea.

Here some of the reasons that will make you learn why drinking green tea before bed is good.

Consuming green tea before bed

Before you get to know the reasons behind this it is important to understand that by drinking green tea before bed. it doesn’t mean drinking immediately before sleep. It means having a cup of green tea at least two hours before sleep and not taking any other beverage or food after that. In fact, you must know that to have a sound sleep you must never drink or eat anything immediately before going to bed.

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Now, coming back to the reasons – why take green tea before bed?

It helps you get sound sleep

As aforementioned the amino acid L-Theanine present in green tea offers you a calming effect. Which means that your body and mind take more rest after you take green tea. In fact, it helps in getting you sound and long sleep, thereby giving ample time to your body to rejuvenate your skin and let your body save energy for the next day.

Furthermore, the presence of caffeine in green tea is quite less. This way if you take green tea two hours before bed, then this stimulant doesn’t affect your sleep.

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It promotes fat burning

You will be amused to learn that drinking green tea before bed for weight loss is best. Many studies have also proven this, such as the study published by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Which highlights that green tea enhances the fat-burning metabolism by up to 4%. Also, it has been found that green tea helps in losing appetite by regulating your blood sugar. Increasing the hormone that helps in burning fat and keeping a check on your hunger-hormones.

It keeps you bowel movement good in the morning

When you drink green tea before bed weight loss is just one benefit and another is that your digestion improves. The body gets time at night to remove all your digestive difficulty and in the morning you do not get to struggle with constipation, thereby keeping your gut stay healthy.

It improves your immune system

The presence of antioxidants in green tea is of great help as the Polyphenols. Which is one of the antioxidant presents in green tea helps in offering your body an anti-inflammatory effect. Which helps in promoting your immune system. Furthermore, the catechin EGCG protects your body against colds and flu, thereby helping you fight with viral and bacterial infections.

As of now, you must have understood that why you must drink green tea before bed. However, it is necessary to understand that excessive intake of anything is bad. So, you must not take green tea in excess. You must fix a time and stick to it.

So, start taking green tea before bed for weight loss and other health benefits.



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