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Amazing Beverage with Umpteen Health Benefits.

Green tea for constipation

Green tea for constipation – Green tea is an amazing beverage that has umpteen health benefits. You can take it regularly and it will keep you healthy. You can drink it or even apply it on your face, by making a face mask with help of it at home. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties ensure that your skin remains free from any type of problem. Apart from all these health benefits of Green tea, it is also said that green tea for constipation is a good option.

Having said that, you might have heard some of your friends telling you green tea causes constipation. Now, what the fact is and how far green tea helps in aiding your bowel movement are questions that need some explanation. So, scroll down to learn more about green tea, its benefits and how it can help you in constipation, but before that try to understand what constipation is.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

What is constipation?

You might be thinking what this question is and who doesn’t know constipation, but you are mistaken here. Constipation is not a simple problem as you imagine, but a serious medical problem. Just not having a bowel movement a day in months or having a difficult bowel one day is not constipation. When you talk about constipation, then this mainly means that you are facing a problem which is chronic or regular.

Having irregular bowel movements or unable to do stools for more than two to three days is considered as constipation.

Symptoms of constipation

There are many symptoms of constipation and these are:

  • Having extreme trouble in passing stools
  • Unable to do proper stools
  • Passing lumpy or hard stools
  • Feeling blockage in the rectum
  • Exerting pressure to have a proper bowel movement

Reasons behind constipation

Constipation problem could pop up due to innumerable reasons. For instance, you get into the habit of controlling your stool and not allowing the stool to pass when it is required. However, there are four most common reasons for constipation. These are:

  • A sedentary lifestyle
  • A low-fiber diet
  • Less intake of water
  • Stress and Anxiety

Green tea and constipation

Now, coming back to the main topic and which is green tea and constipation. Is really green tea helpful in resolving your constipation problem or it worsens it?

In order to get an answer to this question it will be good to throw some light on what Green tea is and what does it contain.

Green tea and its benefits for you

Benefits of green tea for skin

Green tea is produced by processing the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, which is used to produce other types of tea. It goes through four steps – harvesting, steaming or pan-fried, rolling and drying. Once the tea is ready it bursts with polyphenols, amino acids, caffeine, vitamins, minerals, etc. The presence of antioxidants, such as catechins in green tea is of great help to you. It fights free radicals and — a class of antioxidants that counteract cell damage done by free radicals and prevent you from having many dreadful diseases, like cancer, diabetes type 2, etc.

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Is Green Tea helpful in constipation problem?

Green tea for constipation is both useful and dangerous. It all depends on the amount of tea you are taking per day and at what time.

So, first let’s take a look at the way green tea can harm your bowel movement.

Enhances your frequency of urination

When you take green tea then the caffeine, which is diuretic creates a dehydrating effect. This way a lot of fluid is reduced from your body that leads to dehydration. This is not healthy for anyone, especially pregnant women. Now, as you have already read above that one of the common reasons of constipation is dehydration, so when you take an excessive amount of green tea then due to the presence of caffeine, your bowel movement gets poor and you get hard stools and land in the constipation problem. This way green tea causes constipation and that is why many people ask you not take green tea during pregnancy.
Now, how can green tea be helpful in resolving the problem of constipation?

Green Tea Offers you a Laxative Effect

In green tea, the concentration of caffeine is less than that of tea and coffee. Still, the presence of caffeine in green tea offers you a mild laxative effect. Technically, this effect promotes the movement of your bowels by making your colon contract, thereby pushing the stool forward. This whole process is also known as a gastrocolic reflex and in order to get this thing done properly, you are advised to take green tea. There are many places where you can find people suggesting you take green tea in an empty stomach to improve your bowel movement, but you must never do this. When you do this, then your gastric juice get stimulated and this can lead to stomach ulcers.

In a nutshell, one can say that green tea is not bad for constipation. The only thing that matters is at what time you take the green tea and how many cups.

Best time to consume green tea during constipation

In reality, the best time to take green tea is before going to bed. This means that at least two hours before you are planning to sleep, you must take green tea. After this, you must not take anything and this way when you sleep then your food gets digested in a better manner.

How many cups of green tea are good in constipation?

If you have a constipation problem and want to resolve it then you must take only one cup of green tea. You must drink it two hours in advance before going to bed. This way you do not consume a high level of caffeine. You get the right amount of caffeine this way and so you are able to fight the problem of constipation. You must remember that in 236 ml of green tea, there is 25 to 45 mg of caffeine.


So, you must consume green tea for constipation, as it helps in digesting the food properly. You must try to take only one cup of green tea if you have problems in bowel movement. However, in case the problem persists you must take professional help. Consult your doctor and get the proper suggestion on how much green tea to take and why.



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