Green Tea in Pregnancy: Find Benefits, Risk & More5 min read

Explore the benefits and risk of drinking Green tea in Pregnancy.

Green Tea in Pregnancy

Green Tea in Pregnancy – During your pregnancy, you need to be very cautious while taking any food or beverage. You need to ensure whether it is healthy for your child or not. That is why many pregnant women get in touch with a dietician during the pregnancy, in order to ensure that they take a balanced diet.

Interestingly, in general, doctors ask you to avoid the intake of beverages which have a high level of caffeine, such as black tea, coffee, etc. One of the major reasons behind this is that this can lead to more urination, as it is diuretic, which can cause dehydration. This will only enhance the complications and can be instrumental in premature labor. In addition to this, high caffeine drink can also lower the absorption of iron, thereby leading to deficiency of iron.

Now, all these things create a lot of confusion and many of you start thinking can I drink green tea during pregnancy.

Green tea and pregnancy

The answer to the above question is not really simple to answer, as there are many strings attached to it that you need to understand. Yes, there is no doubt that green tea is healthy and it is true for pregnant women too. However, just like it is said that excess of anything is bad, so taking green tea beyond a certain level could be dangerous as being a tea it also contains a small amount of caffeine. There is no denial in the fact that the percentage of this stimulant is considerably less in green tea when compared to other beverages, such as coffee, black tea, oolong tea.

Having said that, you need to understand even the low percentage of caffeine in green tea can affect the absorption of iron in the first trimester of a pregnant woman. In the first three months of pregnancy, your child needs folic acid and the intake of green tea can reduce the folate levels in your body. This means that at any cost you must avoid taking green tea in your first trimester.

Green tea during pregnancy could be taken in the second and the last trimester. However, you need to ensure that you do not take more than two cups of it. In fact, one cup of green tea would be more than enough and it will offer you all the health benefits that your body need at that point in time.

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Green Tea & Skin Relation 

What is the concentration of caffeine in green tea?

Another important question that must be coming to your mind is that how much caffeine is found in green tea. For this, you need to understand that the level of caffeine depend profusely on the quality and type of green tea you are buying. If the green tea is of the first flush and has been oxidized less then it will be containing less caffeine. Usually, 236 ml of green tea or 8-ounce of green tea contains approximately 25 to 45 milligrams (mg). This is quite less in comparison to coffee, which contains almost 95 to 200 mg of caffeine in 236 ml.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

The best way is to look for low-caffeine green tea or decaffeinated green tea available in the market and this will be quite effective. It is considered a good type of green tea when pregnant, as it contains 12 mg caffeine in 8-ounce of green tea.

Despite saying this, you will be amused to know that according to many research studies, it has been found that intake of caffeine up to 200 mg per day will not lead to any miscarriage or abortion in the pregnant women. Still, there are many other problems that caffeine can cause in a pregnant woman, such as acid reflux or heartburn, indigestion, improper sleeping pattern, frequent urination, etc.

So, are there benefits of green tea during pregnancy?

After reading so much about caffeine you must be thinking why to take a risk during pregnancy and why not just avoid green tea. Well, you can do this but this can keep you bereft of many benefits that green tea can offer you when you are pregnant.
Green tea in pregnancy can be of great help due to the presence of antioxidants in it.

Regulates blood pressure

Excessive intake of green tea is bad for a pregnant woman but if you take one or two cups per day, then it can help in regulating your blood pressure. You can find many women who in their pregnancy develop preeclampsia, which is the result of hypertension and has the potential to damage the vital organs of pregnant women, such as kidney, liver, etc.

Fights free radicals

The antioxidants present in Green tea fights free radicals and ensure that your vital cells do not get destroyed in your body. This way the problems like cancer, heart disease, and many others could be kept at the bay by taking green tea during pregnancy.

Improves Metabolism Rate

The mood-swing problem in pregnant women can be countered with the help of green tea. The antioxidants in it enhance the rate of metabolism in your body and improve the regulatory T Cells which helps in keeping your immune system strong. This way, even in your pregnancy you are able to fight with diseases and other illnesses.

Eases Digestion and makes your bone strong

Indigestion can be caused with the excess of caffeine but if you take a regulated amount of green tea then it can help you with the problems of stomach ailments instead of aggravating it during your pregnancy. Furthermore, it also reduces the chances of making your bone brittle, which are quite high in pregnant women as they may suffer from gingivitis. This is a problem caused by the fluctuation of hormone levels, which is high when you are pregnant.


So, now you might not be pondering on the question “Is it safe to drink green tea during pregnancy” because you know that it is not the green tea that creates the problem but the high intake of caffeine which is bad for your health. This means that you may take Green Tea in Pregnancy, but not in excess amount.



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