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heart wrist tattoos

Heart Wrist Tattoos – The heart is the actual symbol of the organ which now famous across the world as the love icon. People nowadays, growing them with the stylish living, if you are thinking to get a tattoo then you should start with a small tattoo and we suggest you choose with these heart wrist tattoos. These are mind-blowingly amazing, attractive and have a great power to make their own audience. Plus you can also try cross tattoos on wrist if you love to.

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Unseen Spine Tattoos.

1. Four Heart Wrist Tattoos


This is the height of the cuteness. The hearts are looking amazing and awesome. These hearts making the statement, which is showing, how much you are really in love with someone? Whenever you decide to have a tattoo you should make it clear about the position, these are a little lifted upper side on inner wrist. This side wrist tattoo will grab the millions heart.

Exclusive Tip: We suggest you “Leave them empty”, don’t fill them with colors. The outlines making a solid presence of this heart wrist tattoo.

2. The Black Heart Queen


If you are looking for a heart wrist tattoo for a girl then this is the best and the ever cutest option to get. The black queen of spades shows the attitude and the most important thing is the shape of the spades which is a black heart. Plus if you searching something unique tattoos then you can try this one.

Exclusive Tip: Making a sign of the real queen from the world of playing cards is making the appearance more attractive.

3. Sisters Heart Wrist Tattoos



People of the fast generation generally love to have anything with a reason behind it. The sister tattoo shows the love to each other. This is an outstanding wrist tattoo idea for the people who are actually bonded with someone with a special reason. Plus if they are looking for the heart wrist tattoos then this is the coolest wrist tattoo option they ever can get.

Exclusive Tip: As you are using this tattoo idea for bond then you must make it confirm that both of hearts should cross each other.

4. Sweet Heart Wrist Tattoo


You can’t stop liking such sweet little heart wrist tattoos. The design of this heart wrist tattoo is quite simple and straight. A little-molded twist is making the presence more solid and beautiful.

Exclusive Tip: Look at the edges of the tattoo, somehow it’s wide and somehow very thin, which is the key factor of the tattoo.

5. Arrow Heart


Get to the arrow and mold them into a little-rounded shape of digit 7. This is another great example of amazing heart wrist tattoos. When you have decided, to make it on your wrist, try to put it in the just center side of the inner wrist.

Exclusive Tip: Look at the end of the tattoo there are 2 dots, which is helping to make this tattoo more royal.

6. Cross With Heart


The combination of cross and heart sound like creepy, everyone will get confused what is the meaning behind this? People who have faith in love and want to show their spirit to the world: you should try this awesome heart wrist tattoo. It looks like a tribal love tattoo on wrist.

Exclusive Tip: The color combination of this tattoo is the only pro feature, you can try your own loved colors, however, these are the ultimate ones the black with solid red.

7. Cutest Heart Wrist Tattoo


Heart shaped tattoos are generally loved by girls, here is the another one for you, cuties. The small size of this really cute one is taking the cuteness on really great heights.

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Exclusive Tip: Don’t try to make it more larger than the figure shows either the look went bizarre.

8. Heart Plus Heart


Imagination is the only thing which can make anything great. This creative heart wrist tattoo is one of the great examples of the heart wrist tattoos. Such self-inspiring tattoos are the tattoos which create the history.

Exclusive Tip: We suggest you don’t fill the both tattoos, and if you love to make it more interesting fill the small one with red.

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9. Layered Heart Wrist Tattoo


There are the most beautiful and amazing heart wrist tattoos, but this is one of the best. Tattoos have lots of styles and fonts to adjust the shape and the size of the drawing thing. Try these simple lines and make the audience more stun.

Exclusive Tip: If you love to fill the second layer with any color then fill it, you just added one more like.

10. Love Plus Heart


The combination of heart and text “love” is always beautiful, cool and lovely. This heart wrist tattoo is really rare to see, if you are looking for heart wrist tattoos and trying to find something different then this heart wrist tattoo is a great option for you.

Exclusive Tip: The font style of text “love” should be cool, you should try as the figure shows.

11. Heartbeat


Every person loves his or her life if you are a person who really enjoys the life and wants to do it more plus looking for something remembering then this heart shaped wrist tattoo will make your wish complete.

Exclusive Tip: This is the best color option in the world of tattoo, keep it simply red and black.

12. Simple Heart Wrist Tattoo


If you want a tattoo of the heart on your wrist and want to keep it simple then you should try this one. As we already explained that heart tattoo looks cool on girls, this is another example. You can also try star wrist tattoos is you love stars.

Exclusive Tip: Don’t make the curve in the dead center and keep a small gap between starting and ending nodes.

13. Simple Dark Heart Wrist Tattoo


The tattoo is looking absolute cool, if you are looking for a heart tattoo for wrist and looking for a boy then you should try this out.

Exclusive Tip: Don’t make the curve in the dead center and keep a small gap between starting and ending nodes. Plus fill the shape with your loved color.

14. Cute Red Heart


“I finally found you…” after getting in touch with this lovely tattoo, you are going to sing Enrique’s I finally found you. The red plus the black border making the presence more pretty, if you are looking for cutest red heart tattoo on the wrist then try it. In red color we suggest you to take a look at rose tattoos on wrist, which can’t scent, but, make your wrist beautiful.

Exclusive Tip: We requests you don’t change the color combination because “This Is Awesome”.

15. Stay Strong


The wrist is the only place where you can tattoo whatever you love and it will in front of you every time. The combination is super of heart, infinity, and strongness. This tattoo gives you lots of positive power to stay strong always. If you are looking wrist tattoos for women then you can try this. You can also try these infinity tattoos for your wrist.

Exclusive Tip: You can play with colors, however, simplicity is the best way to explain anything.

16. Family Heart Tattoos On Wrist


Heart tattoos on wrist generally look cool on wrist. But this tattoo contains the  text of ‘family’ in the heart giving a great message that my family is my heart. This is one of the most loved heart wrist tattoos for all the person who love their family very much.

Exclusive Tip: Inclution of the font ‘f’ within the shape of heart is the beauty of this tattoo. Try to maintain this.

17. Animals Tattoos


‘Love the animals’ is the message of this love heart wrist tattoo, and isn’t it looking gorgeous! A small paw of a animal in the heart shape with text ‘love’ clearly shows the feelings. Wonderful heart tattoos on wrist are the ones which have pure feelings, and my god this is surely one of them. Amazing wrist tattoos for the animal lovers.

Exclusive Tip: Carefully print the paw & the shape of heart.

18. Believe Heart Wrist Tattoo


Simple tattoo with clear feelings is the USP of this heart tattoo on wrist. This tattoo is for the person who believes in himself. A beautiful font style with heart shape font ‘B’ makes this tattoo cool & stylish. This tattoo is also famous among love heart wrist tattoos.

Exclusive Tip: You can easily try different font styles in this tattoo.

19. Fruit Shape Heart Tattoos On Wrist

Fruit-shape-heart-wrist-tattooThis tattoo is for fruit lovers. All the people who love fruits, here is one of the coolest wrist tattoos of heart for you guys. The heart is shaped such as it is looking like an apple with a leaf in this tattoo. It’s a nice creativity.

Exclusive Tip: This tatto is all depends upon the shape of the heart. So be careful in drawing the shape.

20. Insect Heart Tattoo On Wrist


A really beautiful insect on the wrist of a girl. Yeah, this is one of the most beautiful insect heart tattoos on wrist. Heart shaped body of insect filled with beautiful & natural color making this tattoo more real & amazing.

Exclusive Tip: The color of insect should be original for a natural look.

So, what next you are planning? Is there any tattoo you are going to try on your wrist? If you really loved these tattoos and trying to have any of these heart wrist tattoos then don’t forget to comment in below.

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