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hottest cheerleading squads

Hottest Cheerleading Squads – Why cheerleaders have a bad reputation? Why everyone looks at her with side eyes? Even they always try to do their best just to cheer up your athlete and the whole team. The cheerleaders are often explained negatively. However, doing this job is not simple because they got many physical challenges.

Cheerleaders have to maintain many things like [highlight]strength, athleticism, flexibility, dedication and coordination.[/highlight] The most important thing about the cheerleaders is they are stunning gorgeous and absolute beauty.

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Here we’d like to introduce you to the World’s hottest cheerleading squads of 2017. Just click your eyes and don’t forget to comment your favorite cheerleader’s squad.

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15. New Mexico State


This group of the cheerleaders is quite famous and we love the selfie picture of them. Selfie which is not just a picture this is more than we thought. A selfie shows the genuine personality of the object. This selfie picture of the New Mexico state show what actually they are. This cheerleaders group is listed to the list of the hottest cheerleading squads of the World.

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14. Oregon State


For a state that isn’t a big center of the drama, it sure does beat out some excellent cheer and dance squads. This cheerleaders group is actually looking hot as they are. The rest of the work will be done by the colors. They wear orange and black while cheering up the teams. The beautiful and hottest ladies of this group put their name on the list of the hottest cheerleaders of this planet.

13. Santa Clara University


If you really want to be the part of this amazing dancing cheerleaders group of the Santa Clara University (California) from outside of the state, then you have to spend around $200,000 to get enrolled in the university. This dance team is full of the hot and beautiful ladies. This amazing dance group of the cheerleading is got placed its name on the list of the hottest cheerleading squads of the World.

12. East Central Community College


ECCC, located in Decatur, Mississippi has a lot of delightful ladies in its dance team, the Centralettes, as this picture shows. This multifarious group, which also involves a color guard and drum team, is the biggest student activity at ECCC, with about 100 people playing in one form or another.

11. Oklahoma University Twirlers


Say hi to the Alabama Crimsonettes baton twirling team. Actually, this dance group is the part of a school band, but they switched to a dance group. And they get some amazing results, that’s why you can see them in the list of the hottest dancers squads of the World.

10. The Oklahoma Sooners


The Oklahoma Sooners cheerleading team hurts from an ailment that troubles most squads at the nation’s schools and colleges: They are not involved in the sports department of the school’s website. If you are looking for the hottest squads of cheerleaders then you can’t miss this.

9. Lawson State Community College


Lawson State Community College’s Golden Essence Dance Team is one of the wonderful dance team on this planet. The school is located in Birmingham, Alabama, and the cheerleading team probably proves that you don’t need to go to a big, expensive college to find a team of girls who are both gorgeous and talented.

8. Virginia Tech


In the team of the Virginia Tech dance team squad, there are only 3 members. They really stunning at their work, they are stunning, amazing and beautiful. However, this team is almost unidentified by the University. This is no acceptable, totally not acceptable. If you take a look at their Instagram pictures you will be shocked why they are still unidentified. They surely deserve to be placed on the list of the hottest cheerleading squads of the World.

7. The University of Miami


This is one of the hardest Universities to get into. With a huge no of the students (40,000) the school is quite big. The team members are really hard working; they really love what they do. However, they don’t get any scholarship ship for their work, but the University covers the cost of the equipment like uniforms and other stuff as well as travel. The team of this university is really stunning so they got a healthy space on the list of the hottest dancing squads of the World.

6. University of Tennessee


The web appearance of this school is horrible. They are really hot and beautiful. The team of this University is quite famous in their local zone. They always try to chill out. In the list of the hottest teams of cheerleaders, they deserve a place.

5. UNLV (University of Nevada at Las Vegas)


If you ask anyone about his dream location which you can’t consider as the peaceful country the name of Las Vegas will the first name. This city will ask you when you are 21 to join itself, but the best answer you will receive from the 28000 students of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. They are really hot and some of the members should deserve to be listed in the most beautiful women in the world.

4. Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)


With a large no of enrollment in 2015 (31,000), this University is located in Richmond. The University is not too much pricey only when you are a local guy, but if you are an outsider and want to get in you need to spend a large number of the amount ($30,000 per year) for education. Plus you will meet here the hottest staff of the cheerleaders who are really beautiful and hot.

3. The University of Arizona


The University of the Arizona always takes the dance teams really serious. That why the result is clear. The internet profile of this Universities dancing squad is amazing and super. They are hot so they are listed on the list of hottest dancing cheerleaders of the World.

2. University of Oregon


This is a factory of cheerleaders, which is consistently producing them years after years. And the reason behind this it’s really not a hard choice because the ladies of the Oregon’s are simply sexiest on this planet. This squad of the cheer leading is hotter than other schools. And get listed here.

1. Weber State University


No matter how they finished 2016 football season with 7-5 which is consider as a record. But the sexiness of the cheer leaders get the total amazing marks and that’s 10-0. After looking these amazingly sexy ladies you wish to party with them once in lifetime. They are sexy, hot, stunning, beautiful, pretty and awesome which put them to the top of the list of hottest cheer leading squads of the World.

Cheering up any one is not a simple task to do. You need to put your full attention while doing this. But if you are searching to know who are hottest cheerleading squads of  2017 then this list is enough. Find your most loved squad and let us know in comment box below.

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