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walk more for burn calories

How to Burn Calories fast – The changing lifestyle has paved way for more calories in your life. Today, most of you do sedentary work that makes you gain weight faster. Further, your improper eating and drinking habits have worsened your situation. Nevertheless, there is still hope as there are many best ways to burn calories that can improve the fitness of your body. Let’s take a walk and unveil the easiest ways to burn the most calories without even realizing it.

Walk More

How to Burn Calories fast

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It might have come to your mind that why great grandfathers of yours were healthier than you. There are innumerable reasons behind this, such as clean air, unadulterated food, organic vegetables, etc. but one of the most prominent reasons is that they walked a lot. Walking was fun and they enjoyed taking a stroll in the park or a lawn. This is one thing that you do not do as required and that is why you end up being a couch potato.

In your leisure time you prefer sitting and watching television, playing games, chatting with your friends, using social networking sites and reading new blogs on the smartphone, but you never take the pain to walk in the park. If you want to know how to burn calories fast, then start sparing one hour daily in the morning or at night and walk without taking a break. No one is asking to do the brisk walk, just take a stroll but do it continuously for one hour. You will see the difference as your body will feel more relaxed and you will be burning calories without taking any extra effort.

Do the cleaning of your home

Yes another amazing to know how to burn calories fast is cleaning your home, dusting the furniture, scrubbing the utensils, and mopping the floor are somethings that burn your calories, keep your mind occupied and make you move around. That is why you are able to burn the calories easily and you do not even feel it. You take no extra time out for it and your body becomes fit. In addition to this, you may try doing some exercises while doing the household chores and these are:

  • You can do some calf raises while doing the dishes. This will tone the lower part of your legs.
  • Try doing the squats while placing the dishes on the rack.
  • You may wash the windows of your home and this will keep your arms and shoulders engaged.
  • Turn on some music while doing the chores and dance in between the tasks. This will not
  • only keep you engaged in the work but will also make your body toned.


One of the newest approach and the easiest way of burning calories, which has been the subject of controversy, is the “sexercise“. This means counting sex as an exercise as it also helps in burning 4.2 calories per minute in men and 3.1 calories per minute in women. This way you will enjoy your life to the fullest and still remain fit.

Take out time for cycling

Cycling is also a very good answer to the question ‘how to burn calories fast’. You must opt for riding a cycle as this will burn a lot of calories from your body and will keep your body tomes. However, this might not be possible for many of you as you might not have so much space around your home to ride around. You may try using your cycle for going to a nearby shop or you may keep pedalling while seated. This way you will not only keep your body fit, but also enjoy your leisure time. According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), you burn 10.3 calories a minute if you keep pedalling while seated and burn 309-calorie in a 30-minute session.

Choose stairs instead of lift or escalators

Most of you do not understand the value of climbing stairs and that is why you prefer escalator or lift even if your office is on the third floor. You must never do this as according to the research carried out by the University of New Mexico‘s Health Sciences Centre, you burn around 15 calories for 3 flights of stairs. This means you can burn calories by just choosing stairs over lifts or escalators and can have a healthy body. Perhaps that is why this is considered as one of the best ways to burn calories without taking any extra effort.

Wash your car on your own

There are many of you who prefer a car spa instead of washing a car on your own. This is where you go wrong, as according to a research if you wash your car for 30 minutes and your body weight is 150 pounds then you burn 150 calories and within five minutes you will be able to burn 26 calories. You just need to watch a video of car washing and you will be able to do it easily. So, this Sunday take out time and do wash your car to burn your calories and extra fat.

Start cooking food

You might be a person who prefers packaged food and does not cook food at home. Now, you might think twice before choosing outdoor or packaged food because when you cook food, then your body makes a lot of movement, such as moving your arms, standing continuously for half an hour, etc. gets your body toned and within 30 minutes you are able to burn 100 calories. However, it is highly recommended to avoid cooking food in fats and oils. According to the Mayo Clinic, baking, grilling, roasting, braising, and even steaming food are healthy ways of cooking as it doesn’t add calories to your food.

Enhance the intake of water

Another thing which takes no extra effort is to increase the intake of water and avoid using carbonated drinks. According to a study “The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism”, which was published in 2003 found that drinking around 8-ounce glass of water, you are able to burn about 12 calories. In fact, it has also been found that if you drink water before your meal, you can reduce your appetite.

How to Burn Calories fast: Conclusion

If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy a gym and look for easy ways to burn calories, then the aforementioned best ways to burn calories will definitely help you a lot. You just need to remember that burning calories, losing extra fat and remaining healthy doesn’t mean taking the stress of doing workouts. It just means you need to change your lifestyle and start eating healthy food. You may go try junk foods once a while but having a disciplined life will not only make your body fit but also bring positivity in your personality. We hope, now you know some good tips on how to burn calories fast. Comment below if you have some more ideas or daily routine  exercises.


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