How to prepare green tea for weight loss?6 min read

Green Tea Benefits and How to Prepare the Perfect Cup

How to prepare green tea for weight loss

Tea is the second most consumed beverage all across the world. Its taste is unique and so are its properties. However, not all teas are equally healthy and when it comes to health there is no match of green tea. Perhaps that is why today people all around the world, whether they like the grassy flavor of green tea or not, opt for it.
It offers many health benefits and one of this is that it helps in losing weight. Having said that, you must try to learn how to prepare green tea for weight loss the way you make it and the time you take it affects its efficiency in making you lose weight.

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Before you learn how to prepare green tea to lose weight, you must try to understand how it helps in losing weight.

How to prepare green tea for weight loss

Is green tea helpful in losing weight?

It is not a mystery that green tea has many health benefits. In fact, this has been proven by many research studies that green tea, which is produced by processing the leaves of Camellia sinensis plant, can give you relief from many ailments, such as cancer, heart problem, diabetes type 2, liver disease, etc.

Apart from these benefits, green tea is also capable of helping you reduce your weight. The presence of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is a catechin, in green tea helps your body to lose weight significantly. It burns fat in your body and enhances the insulin sensitivity. In addition to this, the caffeine and flavonoids present in green tea help in elevating the metabolic rate of your body and also improves the fat oxidation a lot. Furthermore, when you take green tea, then your potential to do exercises also get increased. This way you are able to lose weight without damaging your body.

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Now, let’s take a look at the ways making green tea for weight loss.

How to make green tea for weight loss?

Usually, you will find three types of green tea – powdered green tea, a green tea bag, and loose green tea leaves. Here you can learn the ways to prepare green tea to lose weight.

How to prepare tea with loose green tea leaves?

In order to prepare a cup of tea from loose green tea leaves, you need I teaspoon of green tea leaves, 220 ml of water, tea infuser, strainer, and saucepan. Now, first put the water in the saucepan and boil it to 80° C. This means that you do not have to boil the water completely. After this, put the water into the teapot or tea infuser and then add the 1 teaspoon green tea loose leaves. You must let the tea steep 3 to 5 minutes and then strain the tea.

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For better results, you must take this tea before you go on a walk or starting to do the exercise. However, make sure you do not take it empty stomach as it will stimulate gastric acid and can also lead to stomach ulcers.

How to prepare tea with a green tea bag?

Preparing tea with tea bag is also very simple and the procedure is quite similar to the loose green tea leaves. In preparing this type of green tea, you do not need a strainer and even three minutes of steeping could give you the desired result. You just need a saucepan to boil 220 ml of water just to the boil and the moment you see the water starts boiling remove the pan from the flame. You can then put the water in the teapot and place the tea bag inside it or you can even take directly the cup and put the tea bag in it.

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Nevertheless, make sure that you cover your cup for better flavor and after three minutes remove the tea bag. Now, your cup of green tea is ready. It is also important to understand that green tea contains caffeine and so you must not take it while going to bed. Take it at least two hours in advance and do not eat anything afterward. When you go to sleep like this then the green tea helps in burning fat, thereby helping you lose weight.

How to make green tea with instant Green Tea powder?

You can also find instant Green tea powder to prepare green tea. It is important to understand that not all powdered green tea is Matcha, but this type of tea is always found in the powdered form. There are two types of powdered green tea, one which is water soluble and is made by dehydrating concentrated tea liquor, whereas the other one is ground leaves.

In case you are using ground leaves then you need to boil the water in the saucepan to 80° C and then put it in the teapot. Now, add the ground leaves and whisk it with a stick (traditionally bamboo stick is used). You need to strain the green tea into the cup and your cup of tea is ready. Making green tea with water-soluble powdered tea is easier than this as in this you do not need to strain the tea.

What to add more in green tea to reduce weight?

Any type of Green tea make you lose belly fat only if you prepare it properly. You can add the following things in the tea to help you lose more weight:

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Lemon has many benefits of its own and is great when it comes to reducing fat in your body. You can squeeze lemon in your daily cup of green tea and it will promote fat loss.

Grated Ginger

In winter you can add ginger to your green teacup and can burn more calories. You may even try putting lemon and grated ginger together in your cup of green tea to enhance the health benefits of green tea.

However, you must avoid adding any sweetening in the green tea, such as honey or sugar if you want to lose weight.

By now, you must have got a fair idea of how to prepare green tea for weight loss. Further, you must also try to take at least two to three cups of tea per day for better results. Having said that, you must ask your dietician how many cups of green tea per day will be good for you if you have any type of health issue, such as anemia, as caffeine can lead to low absorption of iron in the body.


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