The Importance of a Logo for Your Pet Shop. Why Do You Need?4 min read


What is a logo? Why it is so much important? These are few queries which make us think twice when we start any business. Basically, the logo is an identity of your organization. A logo has the self-speaking capability to explain your business. It may be a text or a complicated structure. However, somehow you should make the logo related to your business. For instance, if you are searching for the sample of animal logos. You will find so many logos which are designed with the animal picture inserted. And the reason behind it to lead the customer to a right direction.
Why should you have a logo?

To build the trust, to get an identity, to explain your business to each of your customers. A well-designed logo can convert your traffic to the business. Let consider 2 examples of animal logos and explain to you why they are one of the leading pet shops in the world just because of their logos and pets.

A) Bow Wow London: Bow Wow, is one of the leading companies in accessories selling in London. There are numerous things you can find while understanding the logo of the organization. A cute face of a dog and the name(text) both are designed well. The theme indicates that the company belongs to an animal shop or an animal blog. And once you arrived at the website, you are getting same things which you thought. This is what logo all about.

B) Another one from one of the best pet selling the online store. When you look at the brand name and the combination with animal footprint it explains you everything about the company.

Themes something like these explained animals logo can allure your audience to be converted into business.

If you have a pet shop and what to make an enticing logo which can attract your audience here are few tips you must read once before creating a logo.

  • Color Theme: This is one of the most important things when anyone wants to get a logo for his/her brand. Color is most alluring ingredient when planning a logo, especially for an animal pet shop. When you have decided the color now, you need to find an inverse color which can also be used in logo making. Plus, you can take a look over sample of animal logos as well.
  • Shape & Size: When you look back in the past you will find that logos in round shape. As the world has changed the needs are also updated. The most of latest and trendy logos are a rectangle in shape & size. If you visited both of the examples listed in this article as BowWow & PetShop both have a rectangle logo. So, choose wisely.
  • Pattern: When we are talking about the animal logos it will be much better if we can fix an animal related symbol within the logo as both examples have. It indicates your business, and you can use it as a favicon as well.

Tips for choosing a right designer for best results

This is your brand identity; this is your business profile picture, this all about your store and your appearance, this is a LOGO. It really has lots of things to cover while crafting it. If you hired someone to make your animal logo, then you need to take care of so many things before hiring anyone. Here are they;

  1. Don’t forget to ask him/her to show his previous work. It will help you to identify the company or the individual freelance about its work.
  2. Ask him/her to explain the way s/he design a logo. How will it start sketching the drafting?
    The designer should have an in-depth knowledge of color combinations and color theory. Take his/her advice to make the logo more eye catchy and enticing.
  3. Don’t forget to ask about the work experience it means a lot.
  4. Follow the portfolio and try to find anything repeated pattern you are getting, if yes then you should try another one.

So, finally we hope this guide will help you to know about how to choose a logo for your pet shop or what are the key things you must take care when you are planning a logo for pet shop.