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most beautiful flowers in the world

Most Beautiful Flowers in the World – Beauty and Aroma is the feeling that can only be shared but cannot be created. The only thing that has the power to make it happen is flowers. Flowers are used throughout the generations to convey love, feelings regard affection, despair, and feelings that left unspoken. It is the best gift that nature has bestowed from its great riches.

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[highlight]From Valentine’s Day to Permanent wed-locks, we can find a number of beautiful flowers, out of which we know only a few ones.[/highlight] But the number is huge that we cannot figure out, How many different kinds of beautiful flowers are there in the world? Today we have got you list of the Top 10 most beautiful flowers in the world that you can try on to impress your special someone. The top 10 beautiful flowers name and pictures are here:

1. Cherry Blossom


The Queen of spring and beauty of nature can be admired in its full form when cherry blossom flourish. The beautiful member of Prunus family is the part of rich Japanese culture. In Japanese culture, Cherry Blossom represents the arrival of spring with new life and beginning. These flowers spread their beauty in the month of March and April. Every year, Japan and US witness cherry blossom festival where the variety of cherry trees are showcased in more than 3000 varieties. It’s white and pink color variations make it most beautiful flower in the world.

2. Dahlia


With more than 42 different species, Dahlia is one of the most popular flowers in the world. The beautiful flowers of Dahlia are generally found in the areas of Colombia, Central America and Mexico. The national flower of Mexico is famous for its perennial beauty, various colors and textures. Its size ranges from 2 inches to 20 inches diameter and blooms between Mid-summer and first frost. The plant got its name over the famous botanist Ander Dahl.

3. Bleeding Heart


Sounding as the title of love poem, the flower is as beautiful as its name. Its heart-shaped Pink-white colored flowers on single stems arching as beautiful bells can make anyone heart bleed for them. On a stem, maximum 20 heart- shaped flowers may flourish at a time. Popular with the names of “Iyre flower” and “lady-in-a-bath”, the beautiful flower belongs to the Poppy family “Papaveracea”. The beauty of Bleeding heart blooms at its high in moist and cool climate (April-June). The main cultivation areas of these vividly flowers are China, Korea, Japan and Siberia.

4. Gazania


Resembling daisy-like flower heads with beautiful shades of yellow, the member of family Asteraceae, Gazania holds the position of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Ravishing beauty of its pretty flowers has gained its name of “Treasure Flower”. Along With the beauty, these plants are often planted as groundcover for drought plantation. These flowers are now cultured everywhere but are mainly found in the sunny areas of South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Mozambique and Angola. Summer season is the most appropriate season for its plantation.

5. Tulips


Tulip is one of the most popular flowers in the world with 3000 varieties from 150 different species all over the world. Mountain areas with temperate climates are the best area for its cultivation. Known as the national flower and beauty of Netherland gardens these flowers have its origin in Iran. Since then, it is cultivated all over the world from Asia to Africa to South Europe. These spring flowers are the highest cultivated flowers in the world. Tulips are the member of Lily family but sadly have the small lifespan of 5-7 days, unlike other member species.

6. Lotus


The name that clicks with the word sacred and purity is Lotus. Considered as the epitome of beauty, Lotus is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Its multilayered petals with a central head can be large as 20 m in diameter with leaf size up to 60 cm. It is an aquatic flower with morning sensitivity. It opens in the morning time and closes as soon as the night falls. The most beautiful flower of water is native to Tropical Asia, Queensland, and Australia. With India, it is also the national flower of Vietnam.

7. Orchid


The uniqueness of beauty takes Orchid in the list of one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. The member of Orchidaceae family has more than 25000 known species making it as the largest flowering plant family in the world. Due to the exact resemblance of various species of orchid flowers as animals or plants, these beautiful species are termed as “Mimicry of Nature”. Orchids are found all over the world in every shade of color that a human mind can imagine.

8. Water Lily


Water Lily is another aquatic flower that is known for its beauty in the world. There are around 70 different species of water lily in the world. Its beauty is not only eye catching but, aid to nature too. The growth of water lily helps the aquatic ecosystem by balancing the temperature of water and providing appropriate conditions for the fish growth. Water Lily is likely to grow only in the water bodies which are shallow and fresh. The member of Nymphaeaceae family is native to the tropical and temperate parts of the world.

9. Bird of Paradise


The ornamental flower from the family of Strelitziaceae is also known as “crane flower”. They grow from underground stems up to a height of 1 to 1.5 meter (3-5 in.). Its leaves are bluish green with a red midrib that gives it the resemblance of the most colorful bird, “bird of paradise” in flight. That’s the reason it was named as Bird of Paradise. This South African native prefers to grow in the outskirts with adequate sunshine. Blooming period of the beautiful flowers is from May to September.

10. Rose


The most popular flower in the world without which the list of top 10 beautiful flowers incomplete is Rose. It’s pretty petals, delightful smell, and vibrant colour has made it the most beautiful flower in the world. Though roses are the natives of Asia, with some number belongs to North America, Europe and Northwest Africa, these lovely species are cultivated all over the world. The size of the plant varies from 1.25cm to 1.75cm (0.5-7 in.). With the beauty of more than 100 varieties of species, rose serves medicinal as well as ornamental value.

This list of most beautiful flowers in the world can make anyone gaga about the richness of mother earth. It reminds us how beautiful our earth is and how beautiful things it has in its embrace. So, save this beauty of nature and try to show the love to flowers that share your message of love to your loved ones. For more such beautiful out of the world, keep reading more of us.

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