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Most Dangerous Cities in the World

Most Dangerous Cities in the World – It is now easier to roam around the world and it is quite interesting too. however, when we see this respective of the safety and security, it becomes the topic of discussion and information. In today’s generation, there are a lot of dangerous cities in the world which one must be careful about to visit. These dangerous places are full of crimes, wars, terrors and violations.

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The outrages of most dangerous cities in the world are quite threatening for all the people residing there. So, these places are avoided to visit. But still, if want to travel around those most dangerous places of the world, you need to know some of the precautions and sensible requirements. However, there are few peaceful countries are still in the world, yo would love to visit.

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Here we are presenting you the top 10 most dangerous cities in the world. Have a glance over this.

1. Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas holds the top position in the list of the most dangerous cities in the world. This city is the most violent and terrified zone in the world. The crimes rates are very high and mass looting occurs very often. Caracas is a significant route for drug trafficking and mass killings. Violent crimes are very frequent and if you are a foreigner then you are a prime target. The crime and violence have changed the architecture of this city of Venezuela making it at the top of the list.

2. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

The latest edition of the index of the most violent cities in the world has released. And this upraises San Pedro Sula in the list of the most dangerous city in the world after the Caracas. The city earned the regrettable position of No. 2 in this list of the most dangerous place in the world. Here crime has increased significantly since 1990’s. There is a widespread impunity. And drug war is the most common issue present here.

3. San Salvador, El Salvador

San Salvador, El Salvador has risen to the number third spot with 108.54 murders per 100,000. Some of the factors that lead this city to the third spot in the list of the most dangerous cities in the world include illegal drugs, extensive properties, gang wars and mass killings.

Gangs contribute generally to the high levels of social violence in this capital city of El Salvador. They engage in various serious criminal acts which terrorize and paralyze society. Homicides are the most common and publicized crimes there.

4. Acapulco, Mexico

Organized crime in Acapulco is a serious problem. The efforts required to deal with this very problem in the small city of Acapulco have been insufficient. And this made the city to the No. 4 of the table with the homicide rate of 104.54 per 100,000. This very the dangerous place of Mexico saw 1,170 killings in 2015. CIDA is considered as one of the three criminal groups operating in the city.

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5. Maturin, Venezuela

Crime in Maturin is widespread, with violent crimes such as murders, kidnappings, human trafficking and drug trades. With 86.45 murders per capita basis, this dangerous city of Venezuela comes 5th on the list. In this city, the life is dominated by criminal gang wars. In recent years, a frightening phenomenon called “express kidnapping” has emerged. Thus Maturin is a very hazardous place to visit. And one must be careful about while traveling this dangerous place of the world.

6. Distrito Central, Honduras

This city has recorded 1,218 homicides in 2012 at a rate of 3.3 murders in a day. It was followed by Acapulco, Mexico and Caracas. Piracy has also been known to be a problem there. There have been several incidents of passengers on boats off the coast of Honduras experiencing armed robberies. Thus, these all facts made this city in the list of the top dangerous cities of the world.

7. Valencia, Venezuela

This city has remained one of the deadliest cities of the world since a very long time. With 72.31 murders per 100,000 residents, the city of Valencia also comes under the list of the top most dangerous places of the world. Official crime figures are not released by the government, but the unofficial reports indicate that all crimes related statistics have greatly increased over 2014. The majority of the crimes and violence remains attributed to mobile street gangs and official crime troops. And this city is also prone to earthquakes and landslides causing a great threat to human life.

8. Palmira, Columbia

Crime in Columbia is at its epidemic levels. This city of 300,000 people suffers more of violence and gang wars every year. The troops are always engaged in kidnapping, murder, terrorism and drug trafficking. All these factors have led this city to one of the most dangerous capital of the country.

9. Cape Town, South Africa

With the murder rate of 65.53 per 100,000 residents, the Cape Town is in the list of the top dangerous places of the world. Though this city attracts a number of visitors every year, the city always remains in a great terror which usually harms the travelers. This city is statistically most violent city of South Africa and the murder rate are quite shocking. Much of the crime here are gang wars and drug trafficking.

10. Cali, Columbia

The city comes under the list of the most violent cities of Columbia with the murder rate of 64.27 per 100,000 residents. There are usual shootings in this city of an estimated 1,700 hit men and regular bomb attacks. The city crimes are regularly attributed to Mafia-wars. Street crimes such as muggings and thefts are also very common here.

50 Most Dangerous Cities in the World

Rank City Murder Rate (per 100,000)
1 Caracas, Venezuela 119.87
2 San Pedro Sula, Honduras 111.03
3 San Salvador, El Salvador 108.54
4 Acapulco, Mexico 104.73
5 Maturin, Venezuela 86.45
6 Distrito Central, Honduras 73.51
7 Valencia, Venezuela 72.31
8 Palmira, Colombia 70.88
9 Cape Town, South Africa 65.53
10 Cali, Colombia 64.27
11 Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela 62.33
12 Fortaleza, Brazil 60.77
13 Natal, Brazil 60.66
14 Salvador, Brazil 60.63
15 St. Louis, U.S.A. 59.23
16 Joao Pessoa, Brazil 58.4
17 Culiacan, Mexico 56.09
18 Maceio, Brazil 55.63
19 Baltimore, U.S.A. 54.98
20 Barquisimeto, Venezuela 54.96
21 Sao Luis, Brazil 53.05
22 Cuiaba, Brazil 48.52
23 Manaus, Brazil 47.87
24 Cumana, Venezuela 47.77
25 Guatemala, Guatemala 47.17
26 Belem, Brazil 45.83
27 Feira de Santana, Brazil 45.5
28 Detroit, U.S.A. 43.89
29 Goiania, Brazil 43.38
30 Teresina, Brazil 42.64
31 Vitoria, Brazil 41.99
32 New Orleans, U.S.A. 41.44
33 Kingston, Jamaica 41.14
34 Gran Barcelona, Venezuela 40.08
35 Tijuana, Mexico 39.09
36 Vitória da Conquista, Brazil 38.46
37 Recife, Brazil 38.12
38 Aracaju, Brazil 37.7
39 Campos dos Goytacazes, Brazil 36.16
40 Campina Grande, Brazil 36.04
41 Durban, South Africa 35.93
42 Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa 35.85
43 Porto Alegre, Brazil 34.73
44 Curitiba, Brazil 34.71
45 Pereira, Colombia 32.58
46 Victoria, Mexico 30.5
47 Johanesburg, South Africa 30.31
48 Macapa, Brazil 30.25
49 Maracaibo, Venezuela 28.85
50 Obregon, Mexico 28.29

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Here we showcase you all the top ten cities of the world which one must be careful about to visit. Some of these cities are pleasurable holiday destinations, but we need a lot of safeties and precautions during the travel of these dangerous cities in the world. Hope you get to know a lot from here.

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