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Most Peaceful Countries

Most Peaceful Countries – According to the GPI (Global Peace Index), our world is transforming every day into the terrible place. Many countries are getting involved in terrorist activities and other external disputes. However, there are still peaceful countries in the world which are proved safest and the most beautiful places to stay.

So, here is the list of the 10 most peaceful countries in the world which are still beautiful and have the amazing stay. Find out which one you love to visit.

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1. Iceland (Top of Most Peaceful Countries)


Not just a few but many factors put that name on the top of the list. The Iceland is known as one of the most beautiful and peaceful places (country) in the world. The country successfully defeated the banking crisis of 2008-11. And now with the 100% education rate the country became one of the most progressive countries.

The educated people never want to hurt anyone, they don’t want to fight, they just believe in living happy and that what actually the citizen of Iceland are doing for many decades. This country has a lot’s of nature’s gift also including glaciers, lands and volcanoes will make you woo every time. You must visit once if you are looking for a peaceful place.

2. Denmark


GPI ranked this country second in the list of the safest countries. The people of the country are always staying away from any kind of the fight with each other. They just focused to how to keep the economy improving every time. With the clever government policies, they always prefer to move ahead. They always try to keep the things simple and improving every day. The main priorities of the peoples of Denmark are health and the social help. Good people make a good nation, and the Denmark have an ample of good and nice people. This makes the country unforgettable and adds itself to one of the best peaceful countries of the world.

3. Austria


No fight since the World War II ended. Isn’t it amazing to listen and truly unbelievable but true? After that, the country stated a soft policy and strict impartiality. Now the country is highly known as the travel destination and a worthwhile business partner. The living pattern of the people of the nation is quite higher which is quite innovative for the economy. The Austria gives its full attention to healthcare and the education, which makes it the most respected country across the globe. That’s the only reason behind Vienna was the most loved place to live in the world.

4. New Zealand


With the low crime rates New Zealand is every year get listed to the most peaceful countries of the world. The country is proper stable with military and politics. The people of the country are well educated and always believe in welcoming everyone. As the other western countries, the living standard of New Zealand is quite similar. New Zealand has good connections with its neighbor Australia. The government and the people of the country believe in peace, that’s why are supporting the anti-nuclear movement and itself became the nuclear-free country. With the spectacular beauty, amazing living style and the friendly people makes the nation an amazing spot for tourists.

5. Switzerland


In the list of the most peaceful countries, you can’t miss this name. With the amazing skiing resorts Switzerland is an amazingly beautiful country you must visit once in the lifetime. You will feel royal yourself while you walking through the streets. People of the Switzerland are amazing they pay attention to the economy and the other people also. Many of Indian movies spotted here because the country has the most romantic spots over the world.

6. Finland


Naturally calm and content nature of the peoples of Finland makes it the peaceful country. The military of the country is always involved in peacekeeping campaigns. As the other peaceful countries, the people of the Finland are also well educated and helping to others and always lives with the high level of living standard. The education system of this country is quite high. With low crime and corruption rate, the country is such beautiful and peaceful.

7. Canada


According to the GPI, the living standard of the people of this country is high, and the citizens of the country have helping nature. So this country also gets placed into the list of the peaceful countries of the world. The economy condition of Canada is also very good and growing day by day. The Canada is also known as the multi-cultured country since 1971. Where the people comes from many nations but they have equal rights and freedom. No matter from where you are if you are moving next to Canada, you will feel like home.

8. Japan


The land of the rising sun is a charming region and amazing people plus awesome culture. Japan is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. The people of the Japan are very sweet with their nature and developed and rich families. The people of the Japan are quite different from other countries; they are more polite and mannered. The most beautiful thing about the people of Japan: they are punctual. The country has the strongest economy in the world. With the many attractive tourist places, Japan really deserves to be listed in most peaceful countries in the world and thus it is.

9. Belgium


Welcome to Belgium, a very small country and amazing to visit. Since the Second World War, the Belgium is the center of politics. This small country hosts some big names like NATO headquarters. Along with many facilities, the people of the country have an elevated lifestyle and high-quality education. The quality architecture, artwork and ancient places of Belgium will make you feel like the heaven. And if you are planning to visit this peaceful country then don’t forget to try the food and the beverages of Belgium. These are really amazing and delicious.

10. Norway


If you are looking for the number country which deserves the top place in the list of most peaceful countries of the world, then Norway, is that name. Just like these above mentioned, Norway also has low crime rates and other corruptions. They carefully invested in oil production.

That’s why they are great to manage their economy. Another amazing fact about the Norway, this is one of the richest and expensive countries of the world. The amazing lifestyle of the people of the Norway and high-level social get-together makes this country the most peaceful country in the world.

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Everyone needs peace in her and his life, even no matter what aged you are. If you are one of these who is looking to get peace in life and want to spend some time alone and looking for a unique amazing place, then these are the most peaceful places in the world. With lots of love these places always welcome you. So, try any of these top 10 most peaceful countries in the world which will give you a sweet sound of love and relaxation.

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