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Most Populated Cities in the World

Most Populated Cities in the World – As we know, the world is growing every day just like a rate of alarm. There are lots of experts estimated about the number of cities in the world. Even, they also want to know exactly that the most Populated city in the world. Traveling to large cities can give you the great and exciting rewards and knowledge of cultures. However, there are some populated cities are also listed to the most dangerous cities in the world, but some of them are really safest cities.

When we search on the web for this topic it shows more than 350,000 most populated cities in the world. This is not the exact statistics of finding the most populated cities or larger one depends on various things. Such as – living conditions, it’s just an estimation. It completely depends on the way to define a city.

Know about the most populated cities in the world

Most of the cases, a city is considered on such factors – large in size and number of population. Nowadays, the standard of living, employment factors, and different choice in all terms of life.

With these aspects of life, people attracted towards the city which increases the population growth. When the population growth enhances, the city will be managed by an authority. Usually, municipal corporation handles these things for a specific city. It is a kind of makeup that really signifies the beauty of the city.

For travelers, the experience of traveling in the populated city increases their experience. Like -adorable and number of different sights, cultures, food, sounds and much more. Sometimes the individuals feel great and their trip can be exhilarating.

Get a list of 10 most populated cities in the world. These are really beautiful and amazing cities. As well as, capable to attract travelers by their distinct quality modes. Here are –

1. Shanghai, China

This is the populated city in China in both the terms – Area size and population. It signifies that Shanghai has the most populated city in the world. More than 20,000,000 population and this figure increase as the year goes.

When we talk about the world populated and largest city -Shanghai comes on the top of it. A few years ago, it is popular by fishing and textiles town. But, this city grew very rapidly due to its port. Now, the world’s largest Cargo port is here.

Every year thousands of travelers come here to spend their holidays. It has various attraction points such as – City God Temple, Oriental Pearl Tower and so on.

2. Mumbai, India

Second populated city comes from India and comes under the most populated city of the world’s list. It has the population around 14 million which is a huge number. Mumbai is the richest city in the capital of India. The city have lots of traffic and rush so this is not a good choice to list in places to travel alone.

Formerly this city is known as Bombay. This is a high living standard city and several numbers of tourists come annually. It consists various beautiful spots that attract thousands of individuals. This is the reason, Mumbai is one of the famous stylish cities of the world.

3. Karachi, Pakistan

It is the 3rd most populated cities in the world. Along with 13 million population and the largest city of Pakistan. In the Islamic World, professionals said, this is the best study destination for students. If you are a solo traveler then you should know how you can travel alone.

4.Delhi, India

Delhi comes under the 4th populated city in the world. Whereas, India is on the 2nd number. It has around 23 million people live and one of the oldest cities of India. This city is the popular by the Home of Supreme Court of India and Parliament as well.

We can say that this has the most significant political and cultural centers of India. In the history of India, Delhi has the central part of the struggle, kingdoms, empires and much more.

5. Istanbul, Turkey

The city of Istanbul is formerly known as Constantinople. It stands in 5th position with a 12 million population. This city is one of the biggest cities in Europe and a huge business center. There are lots of memorable monuments are organized as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

6. Sao Paulo, Brazil

This populated city of Brazil is on the 6th position in the world and 11 million people live in this place. The name of Sao Paulo is named on the honorable “Saint Paul”. It has the most largest Helicopter fleet in the world. As well as, famous for the magnificent skyscrapers.

7. Moscow, Russia

When we talk about Russia, is the largest capital in the world. Moscow with a population of 11 million and 7th rank in terms of people and area. It has some amazing features like beautiful churches, cathedrals and much more. Tourists say this is a lovely city.

8. Seoul, South Korea

The population density of this city is around 10 million. Seoul is the huge city in the country of South Korea. Famous for the cultural, economic and political hub. When you want to experience the old and new Asia, Seoul is the great place. It has marvelous palaces, delicious food, and fantastic nightlife.

9. Beijing, China

The most populated country in the world – China. Beijing is such kind of capital that has no anomaly. This city stands on the 9th position with a population density of 10 million. In 2008, the Olympic Games were hosted in the Beijing.

10. Tokyo, Japan

This is the capital of Japan along with more than 8 million people. Tokyo is popular for its Sushi and the most advanced city in the world. It is the most attractive and top destination among tourists. Well-known for its technology products.

It is still an issue of deciding the populated city on the planet. That is the reason why I am sharing you the top 10 populated cities in the world as per the ranking and statistics as well. In fact, various professionals are continuously trying to get the exact information.

Explore the most populated cities is not a simple task. If you are planning to visit somewhere so it needs a list. With the help of list, you can decide the place according to your mood and likes. For instance, if someone likes adventures, sightseeing, cold weather place so they filter the places as per it.

We are always trying to provide such kind of information that fulfills your requirements. Also, you can get your desirable answers. Hopefully, you will get the top 10 cities in the world by population. Now select your favorite one and pack your bags.

Before going anywhere, check all the relevant details. The reason behind that, without knowing the basic information about the place can create huge issues. Ensure that everything will be appropriate and without any trouble.


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