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most romantic cities in the world

Most Romantic Cities in the World –¬†The world is so much beautiful and amazing. There is fight, fate, love, luck and everything. Everyone should enjoy their lifespan as much as s/he could. Life should be surprising every time. If you are in love with someone and want to spend a romantic holiday or romantic time you must travel to these most romantic cities in the world. Where, romance is always on its great heights. Some of the cities actually belong to the most peaceful countries on this planet.



World’s most lovable sight ever, once you come in the romantic city you never want to leave. The city is full of romantic features. If this city didn’t exist some of the creative minds of Hollywood will discover it as the screenplay. The imaginary world is in real here. The heartbreaking architecture and canals will make you stun. If you are looking to visit a superb romantic city then, Venice is calling you. Where you can share some¬†cute couple things whit each other.



Welcome to the city of love and also famous for the fashion streets, where you can find the highest paid models in the World. The city is announced itself the world most romantic city, and I bet you no one can deny that. The city is full of joy and love which can be described as the loving walk along with The Seine, Coffee at the cafe and absolute stunning mountains.

The sight of the Paris is unforgettable; [highlight]Champs Elysees, Gardens, and the Eiffel Tower.[/highlight] If you are really looking for the most romantic places of the world come to the Paris, where love is in the air, anywhere you look around. However, if you are planning a date in Paris, you should know, what girls plans for a perfect date.



One of the great cities of the world which is also nominated for the most peaceful countries of the world, the Prague is the most romantic surprise ever. [highlight]The city speaks itself the fairytales.[/highlight] Amazing infrastructure and the undeniable beauty of the city is waiting to grab your heart.

Just hold your hand together, and start an unforgettable walk with your love from the castle to great monumental Old Town Square by Charles Bridge, and all across the city. Finally, you are going to lose yourself with the world most romantic city ever.



The city is the romantic storybook itself. The atmosphere of the city is quite excellent for the lovers of the art of lovers. This is a mysterious backdrop filled with efforts by Michelangelo and Botticelli, where you can appreciate incredible views from the top of the Duomo or from the great Piazzale Michelangelo. End with a kiss on the traditional Vecchio Bridge following a candlelit dinner of exceptional Italian cuisine and wine. And if you still want to know how to comfort a girl? Florance will answers this.



Evoking memories of fighters and ancient treasures, Rome is one of the world’s most romantic cities in the world. Had you listened somewhere, about the throwing coin in a pound or fountains and making a wish? Yes, then its Rome. The romance is everywhere in this city. [highlight]Listening together the way past long history, sharing Gelatos (Italian ice cream), sip cappuccinos and the most delicious Piazzas, in Rome, life is really romantic.[/highlight]



This is the capital and the biggest city of Portugal. Starting a great ancient castle amazing views, hilltops, buildings, vintage trams, cobblestone designs, a river on its way to Atlantic and the stories makes this city the most romantic city in the world. Moreover, you are still looking for the romance in Lisbon then get tickets to the nearby town Sintra which was the wedding gift of the King to Queen, this is the remarkably charming antiquated village.



If you want to forget the world and just want to make the romance, this city is the perfect place to visit. It seems made for the romantic rides or walks with great streets surrounding around pedestrian lanes. And when you finally need some rest the horse-drawn vehicles will take you to the hotel. The city will give you the feel how to love and live a king and queen. Plus, don’t forget to visit the royal glory of the city’s palaces and museums.

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Get ready to lose your heart once again with the exotic fascinating charm and the great climate of Spain’s most romantic and as well the world most romantic city, Welcome to Seville. The city other remarkable aspects are the amazing Moorish architecture everywhere you look around.

Go to watch the traditional bullfight, see some flamenco dance, and to get your feet some rest go to a horse-and-carriage tour of the city. Then end your romantic day with a romantic candlelit dinner at a tapas bar (restaurant) that will explain why this city is one of the most romantic cities in the world.



Buenos Aires flow the passion, especially when you get a Tango show on the street. The streets are a delightful mix of European culture and Latin American violation, with impressive structure, tree-lined roads, and Al Fresco dining. It’s excellent for hiking and a place that makes wonderful desires. Buenos Aires deserves a place on the list of the world most romantic cities.



Also famous for its complicated markets, the spices, camel ride, and the weird snake charmers, the city offers you great pleasures to be shared with your special one. It is home to through the most passionate boutique resorts in the world (called Riads), as well as the ideal environment for a romantic getaway, encircled by palm trees, pictures of the Atlas Mountains, and of course the Sahara Desert.

It was really hard to list the most romantic cities in the world, however, finally, we found the best romantic cities and listed them. Everyone loves to travel with someone very special. And if you are planning anything like that get this sheet and pick your location and get the tickets to the most romantic cities in the world.

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