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most spoken languages in the world

Most Spoken Languages – Language has been an integral part of the cultures that prevailed throughout the centuries. Its origin was considered to be the demand felt by the people for communication. The early stone age shows various cave paintings where the language was in pictorial form. Later with the rise of human intelligence, languages get their scripts.

Today, there are a large number of languages that are spoken in the different parts of the world. But still, there are many which are spoken and learned more than any other languages of the world.

Here, we have got the list of world’s most spoken languages.

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1. Mandarin

With the highest population in the World, China possesses the World’s most spoken language. Mandarin is spoken by 955 million native speakers and 194 non-native speakers in the world, which makes it one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. The standard official language Of China has gradually paced up as the second most popular online language. Moreover, if you are planning a trip, then stay alerted in these most dangerous cities in the world.

It is also the native language of Taiwan and Singapore. In spite of being the What’s the most spoken language in the world, mandarin is considered as one of the hardest languages to learn due to its tonal language that includes pictograms.

2. Spanish

You might have thought that the second most spoken language might be English. However, with 420 million native speakers, Spanish is second among what’s the most spoken language in the world. It is the primary language of Central and South America, Spain and large areas of US.

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With growing learners, the number of native speakers of Spanish has crossed over 91 million. Its prominence can be found by the fact that it has its influence over 44 countries including Argentina, Costa Rica, United States, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia etc.

3. English

603 million non-native speakers including you make English one of the most spoken languages in the world. It is one of the most used languages in the world. Though the number of native speakers decreased with time but it still has the strong influence over the world with 360 million native speakers. One of the official language of United Nation itself shows the power of English around the world.

Easy approach and power of US culture have strengthened it among the countries other than natives. England, Srilanka, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Africa, Ireland, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand are some of the countries where it is spoken.

4. Hindi

You read it right. With 310 million native speakers and 120 million non-native speakers, Hindi has the highest number of speakers. With easy pick words and approach, it can be easily learned. The second largest population of India has made Hindi one of the most spoken one and India is one of the cheapest places to visit.

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Its influence can be learned from the fact that many words of Hindi have been taken as it is in the Oxford Dictionary. Some of them are the jungle, shampoo, bungalow, jodhpurs etc. It is the official language of India. Even its of Devanagari script, Hindi can be heard with different dialects in the various parts of the country.

5. Arabic

One of the official languages of United Nations and world’s most spoken language by Muslims, Arabic stands in the top 10 list. Native regions where the language is spoken widely is Algeria, Comoros, Chad, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, UAE, Palestine and many more. Though the number of native speakers are 295 million, the written and spoken forms are vastly different.

The written form of Arabic is closely related to the Classical form written in Quran, while the spoken forms are little different especially in the parts of morocco and Oman. Non-native speakers of Arabic is estimated to be 127 million.

6. French

The official language of over 29 countries, French is one of the most spoken and learned languages in the European Union. The most interesting fact is that the non-native speakers are more than the native speakers of French. There are around 153 million non-native speakers as compared to the native speakers of 80 million as observed in 2007. Widely spoken in Europe, Belgium, Tunisia, Canada, Algeria, French Guiana, Luxembourg and 26 countries with three pacific islands, French is also one of the six official languages of United Nations.

7. Bengali

205 million native speakers, yes! Bengali has a large number of speakers all around the world. Being the second most spoken language in India and primary language of eastern countries like Bangladesh, Bengali serves strong in the list.

Its rich cultural history and literature have been the major reason behind its increased popularity. Being widely spoken in the India and Bangladesh, it covers the highest figure of 19 million non-native speakers in the world.

8. Russian

The official language of the once considered superpower Soviet Union, Russian acquired the status of official language of United Nations also. It is estimated that there are 171 million native speakers in the countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Estonia, Byelorussia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Georgia and the countries that were once part of soviet Union. Though the number of speakers is decreasing gradually after the breaking up of the Soviet Union. Despite all these, Russian is learned all over the world with an estimate of 30 million speakers.

9. German

Apart from French and Spanish, the other most popular language is German. It has over 89 million native speakers. One of the reasons considered behind it is said to be Germany. Germany is the most populated country in the European Union and has the vast majority of German speakers. German is also spoken by the people of Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. The number of non-native speakers is around 52 million that comprises the two third of native speakers.

10. Japanese

With great technological advancement, Japanese are known to preserve their culture. This is one of the reasons the Japanese language remained as world’s most spoken languages. In 2010, there were 127 million native speakers that reside in Japan and Okinawa. The language exhibits “hiragana” and “katakana”, two distinct writing systems and also use Kanji (Chinese) characters. 12000 non-native speakers are found in the part of US, Philippines and Brazil.

Infographic Representation of Most Spoken Languages in the world.

Most spoken languages infographic

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Languages are the basis of civilization and their development since years. Now it has grown to the wide globalization and helping people to connect and have more opportunities than ever. So, learn any of these most spoken languages and grow more.

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