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Newly Discovered Animals

Newly Discovered Animals: When we see the last one-year statistics, almost 18,000 new animal species discovered. It sounds a large number of creatures which live on the planet. Here, compiles a list of recent animal’s discoveries and their fantastic features that attracts people.

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1. Newly Discovered Animals: Sychedelic Sea Slug

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This creature is faceless and its appearance looks like an alien. They have fingerlike lumps; distinct markings of blue color enhance the beauty of Sea Slug. We can say that this is such a rare one of all new species of animals.

Recently, a new kind found of Psychedelic Sea Slug – “Phyllodesmium Acanthorhinum”. It is around 2 cm long and showcases their ultimate colors such as red, blue and yellow. These are just samples of such creatures and is situated in the waters of Okinawa, a few islands, and Great Barrier Reef.

Our professionals welcomed this newest discovered animal as a missing connection. This connection is in between coral eating sea slugs and that one who eats on hydroids. These are microscopic organisms. As well as, such beauties are termed as Eye-popping, but these are not the single gastropods. The Gastropods are capable to boost the incredible features.

2. Colorful Crayfish

Colorful Crayfish

If you have knowledge about marine animals, then you know that ordinary crayfish doesn’t have any kind of colors. But, they are marvelous and looking pretty as these colorful crayfishes. Can you imagine, you are searching in a pet store and suddenly you look at Colorful crayfish that directly stares you back via the glass.

I assure you that, it is really an amazing moment. This beauty is attractive and gets attention whenever saw them the first time. Usually, such kind of fish has about 40 years of life duration. These are omnivore animal which feeds on rotting wood, insects, leaves and carcasses. The mature crawfishes don’t have natural predators.

But, immature/ small species continuously ignore platypuses and fish. The scientific name of this colorful crayfish – “Cherax Pulcher”. These beauties are blessed with gorgeous appearances, but they are also overwhelmed due to their bad luck. They are threatened via the local individuals hunting, habitat loss and other kinds of the burden of wild animals.

3. Newly Discovered Animals: Ninja Lanternshark

Newly Discovered Animals Ninja Lantern shark

With a cool and attractive name – “Ninja Lanternshark” is extremely interesting. Most of us expect that animals are usually terrifying. In this case, the appearance of this creature is really horrible. Just because of pale eyes, black sharks and gaping teeth, it is just a devil which is out of a horror movie.

Around 46 centimeters/ 18 inches long, but these are comparatively smaller than the white sharks. These are generally found such species 300 meters underwater at the cost of Central America.

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4. World’s Smallest Snail

World’s Smallest Snail

This newest discovered animal is the smallest snail of the world. The shell of this snail has a diameter of 0.7 millimeters. It also has a trophy winner – “Angustopila Dominika”. We can say that; these snails are miniature beasts. Also known as – Acmella Nana.

These creatures are situated on the Borneo island which is in Malaysia. If you want to see them, need a microscope to watch in the wild. With the assistance of these snails, scientists understand the isolation of species grows in one place.

The reason behind the grow at one place, they get stuck due to their slow-moving procedure. Hence, they have lots of time to grow without any disturbance as compared to the other animals. Usually, they inhabit few major places on the island-

  • Limestone Caves – these are extremely delicate and simple to destroy without any hard work.
  • Loloposon Caves – It is located at the blazing forest fire which would wipe out the entire population.

Mining the limestone hills that destroy the home of these beauties completely. Here, you can see around 45 new discovered animals which are marvelous.

5. Long-Lost Whale Newly Discovered Animals

Long Lost Whale

As, this whale is not discovered recently, but it needs some consideration. Firstly, it was trapped in the year of 2015 in a movie. The professionals said this whale is such a mysterious species and unknown for fewer bodies.

Most of the specimens caught these fish when they are on the beach for watching another kind of whales. These are indefinable, then we don’t have the knowledge, how many whales exist. The long-lost whale is similar to the Bryde’s whale.

Lots of scientists/ professionals confused by seeing this creature. But, whales of Omura are a unique species which have small dorsal fins and markings on their lower jaws. Even researchers also agree that these are tropical in nature and no need to migrate them beyond the Indian ocean on the west side.

6. Glow in the Dark Turtle

Glow in the Dark Turtle

One of the most amazing and newly discovered animals – Hawksbill Sea Turtle. It usually lives in the tropical waters of three oceans – Atlantic, Indian and Pacific. These creatures glow in the dark color or shade. We can say that these are the judgmentally and rare species of turtle in the world.

As the expectations of people, these are capable to swim, eat sponges and have gorgeous shells which enhance its appearance. The scientist’s team of the Solomon Islands found these turtles and produced a film – “World’s first Biofluorescent reptile”. They also found a same community of hawksbill that glows in red color.

Even, they are not sure about the miracles of such reptiles. These have two color coats – neon green and red which displays as radioactive and ghostly. We all knew about the regular hawksbill sea turtles. These are the few ones that are found in the year of 2016.

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7. Pig Nosed Vampire Rat

Pig Nosed Vampire Rat

This newly discovered animal has a critical name which is comparatively small and incapable of defense. The face of a Pig nosed vampire rat is extremely different, you can’t forget. The scientific name of such rat species is Hyorinomys Stuempkei. This rat is a large hoglike nose and resides in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

The beauty of Indonesia has an eye-catching characteristic and its impressive long teeth. The teeth are really big similar to the Dracula. The bottom side of teeth can easily grow up to 0.75 inches. Hence, the researchers accept that they have never seen such kind of creature in the world.

8. Shape Shifting Frog

Shape Shifting Frog

These frogs aren’t transforming their shapes like magic spells and witches. In spite of that, they are tremendously amazing and gorgeous frog among others. They are usually found in Ecuador and easily alter the skin texture from smooth to bumpy environment. In such species, only two are popular – Pristimantis Sobeys and Pristimantis Mutabilis.

They are marble size frogs and looking spectacular via its skin. Few naturalists found this one of the tiny amphibians and study it. The back side of this creature is damaged with tickles and offering a presence of punk rocker. If you set the frog on a piece of paper, then their skin must be altered as smooth on which they sit.

Even, professionals are not sure the accomplishment of their feat. But, the structure of the frog’s skin permits the water movement to alter their texture. This technique provides an advantage protection from the predators. If frogs shift their shapes, then nobody will identify them to hunt.

9. Pikaboo Spider Newly Discovered Animals

Pikaboo Spider

As we know, there are different kinds of venomous varieties of creatures in Australia. Whether the animal is recently discovered or smaller one. Therefore, one of the unique and distinct spiders that cut down all the species by side.

This Pikaboo spider first found in the year of 2014. Scientifically, it is known as “Jotus Remus” has simple color or we can say a surprising look. On the other hand, the male species of this spider has really unique features that can attract anyone.

They have two legs in front side which is sufficient for this jumping spider. As well as, the third leg is located on every side of the body is long and surpassed with a paddle which is heart shaped. Generally, Pikaboo spider hides under the leaf.

The male spiders raise their paddles and roam around here and there to grab the attention of female ones. In fact, most of the time, scientists observed that they can wave his paddles for an hour. If they have good luck, then female spiders provide hunt.

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10. Undersea Crop Circles

Undersea Crop Circles Newly Discovered Animals

For 20 years, researchers and scientists are puzzled by the appearance of a strange animal on the floor of the ocean. Finally, this new animal found that has delicate designs just like geometric. These have diameters of around 2 meters/ 6 feet and termed as aliens of underwater. They got an answer of this hidden species which swims the underwater and look adorable.

The scientific name of this creature is – “Torquigener Albomaculosus”, utilized the circles as a producing nest. It is also known as white puffer fish. The male white puffer fish usually found in the sand to construct the ultimate designs in a hope of female fishes. This statement signifies that the main motive of males is just attracted them and catch the attention.

The nests of these newly discovered animals’ channels to defend the eggs from predators and ocean activities. These are located around the Japan and its appearance is normal. But, the major talent of this puffer fish is its uniqueness.

Know about the newly discovered animals list in this article and their characteristics. There are thousands of attractive species present in the world that has unique features and qualities. We hope you will get the desired information.


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