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outdoor drinking games

Outdoor Drinking Games – The outdoor drinking games give always fun. But, drinking in outdoor areas makes the day or night memorable and enjoyable. If you see nice weather which means partying at the backyard. The term partying signifies alcohol consumption.

In spite of that, there is no compulsion that every person drinks. But those like drinks and playing games, this article is especially for them. When host includes games in the party, then it enhances the fun of party automatically.

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This is our fun outdoor drinking games list, know about them and enjoy the party.

Ice cube Tray Relay (Outdoor Drinking Games)

This game is the finest way to enjoy drinks outside with friends. Its name signifies that Ice cube tray is filled with alcohol and then competition starts. It motivates the players to win the contest. Plus, if you are looking for drinking couple games or for two this is a perfect fun outdoor drinking game to play.

Essentials for Ice Cube Tray Game –

  • 2 players
  • Drink
  • Straws
  • Ice Trays


This game is a combination of Volleyball and Beer Pong game and a perfect drinking game for 4 people. Through this combination, it makes this game as an outdoor activity. It allows teams of four to five individuals and plays in teams. Usually, people enjoy this United drinking game very much. Just try it once with your friends and share your experience.


In the Spikeball drinking game, it is two versus two outdoor games. Players have to coordinate their eyes and hands according to the ball. If the ball off a trampoline or hot the opponent, then take a drink. This is a way to play this outdoor drinking game and have a blast experience and fun.

Polish Horseshoes

This is the best game that can play on the beach side. The name Police horseshoes usually play outside on sea side along with the friends and colleagues. The Players have to mix the frisbee and beer and then start taking benefits of this contest.


Usually, people organize this game in outdoor parties. Most Americans like to play Cornhole which is just similar to a competition.  As well as, a unique way to get the drink with known individuals.

Traditional Beer Pong

In the United States, this is one of the popular outdoor drinking games for adults among the individuals. Beer Pong allows two players to play this game between the two teams. Every team of Beer Pong game acquires a ping pong ball in the cup. The cup is located on another end of the table. This side of table cover with few cups that filled with water and beer.

When any of the team get success from all the cups, then they will be the winner of Beer Pong game. This definitely increases your drinking and playing interest. Most of the people search about the World Series of Beer Pong that is really amazing. It contains several sets of rules and also gives instructions to play. It is just for fun while drinking.

Giant Beer Pong

This game is popular when people start allowing the events in beaches and other outside areas. It can be played with the tennis balls, buckets and make the setup for common beer pong. Those individuals want to play this game, have to purchase a kit. The kit is affordable and cost effective as well.

The Giant Beer Pong kit contains 12 buckets of red and blue, case and balls. If you want to play this game in a giant way so use steroids that will give blast experience. Try the Giant Beer Pong game with your friends in an outdoor zone.

Battleshots/ Beer Battlehops

The oldest board game – battleship is similar to the Battleshots. This game utilizes the pegs in the ships just like as drinks. When someone hits your ship so you have to drink. Through this way, Battlehops proceeds further. This game is really interesting with beer, shots or any other drink as per your choice.

The main aim of Battleshots is to drop all the opponent players by targeting them. It is not easily available at online stores. S, try to make the battle shots fun outdoor drinking games at home and enjoy with your partner.

Giant Drunk Jenga

For group players, Giant Drunk Jenga is the great game. As well as, easy to play and learn how to execute the steps. It takes short duration to complete and win the competition.

Steps to play Giant Drunk Jenga –

Collect all the pieces of giant Jenga and write rules on the board. Every player writes a rule on board, one board per rule. After that, mix all the rules.

  • Stand straight on the leg and start finding the next piece.
  • If a person resides left to you to take a shot which was done by that individual.
  • Start spin everywhere 3 times and drink, then again spin. Follow this process and move further.

So, what are you thinking now? Just make some calls to your friends and ask them to come forward. Book a unique venue for this outdoor fun activity with outdoor drinking games. Cheers 🙂


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