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Panda Facts – In childhood, everyone probably has the dream to play with real teddy bears. Interestingly, nature has done that work way before you ever thought. That real teddy bears are very own “Giant Panda”. Belonging to the family of bear, Giant pandas are found at the top of Yangtze Basin.

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Enlisted as one of the endangered species of the world, pandas are provided with the national treasure status. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), only 1600 pandas live in the wild and rest 300 in the zoos. These species of bear are not only cute but are famous for the specific panda characteristic behavior. So, we have brought this article to reveal information about the pandas, the cutest real teddy.

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Classification of Pandas

According to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (IT IS), the classification of Pandas are as follows:-

  • Kingdom- Animalia
  • Subkingdom- Bilateria
  • Class- Mammalia
  • Order- Carnivora
  • Family- Ursidae
  • Genus and species- Ailuropoda melanoleuca

How do the Pandas look?


Pandas are medium sized bears with black ears and teardrop circles around the eyes. Colour of their limbs is black with a band wrapping from their front arms around their back. These black and white colors though have made confusion to its classification researches but have proved a blessing to it. How? The answer is itself in the panda information, the color of panda blends with the black mountain rocks and white snow making it safe from its enemies. The color of its tail is white.

Where do Pandas live?

Nicknamed as Asian bear or Oriental bear, Pandas are confined to the hilly areas in Central China specifically in the areas of Sichuan Gansus and Shaanxi. The remaining pandas live in the areas of Minshan and Qinling mountains. In these mountain ranges, the Chinese government has focused on conservation of these species. It is their consistent efforts with WWF that China now holds 67 panda reserves saving 66% pandas in the wild and around 54% of their natural existing habitat.

What do Pandas eat?


Despite having a carnivore’s physiology, pandas prefer to be vegetarians. That’s so veggie panda facts for kids who make faces while eating veg. Giant panda loves eating bamboo. Due to the low nutritious and high fiber value of bamboo, it needs to take in higher quantity. The most surprising panda facts and the information are the consumption of bamboo by them. An average panda eats 30-45 pounds of bamboo every day.

The most interesting eating baby panda fact is that no matter how small they look, they consume 5-10 pounds of bamboo a day. According to National Geographic, pandas eat bamboo 14 hours a day. They also feed sometimes on fish, insects and rodents. In fact nature has known their love for bamboo and blessed them with penetrating teeth, strong grinding powered molars and a unique thumb to hold bamboo sticks.

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Where do Pandas sleep?


The most interesting panda characteristic and behavior is their habit to fall asleep anywhere. They are not selective about the places of their sleep. It could be forest floors, tree branches and any other natural surroundings. Often they are seen sleeping on the tree with amazing balanced form. Unlike the other bear species, giant pandas do not undergo hibernation. After eating their favorite bamboo for the majority of the time, they take rest for only 2-4 hours daily. This panda fact for kids will surely make them envious as no study or anything just eat, sleep and repeat.

What do Pandas drink?


As all the other animals, pandas also drink water and that’s the only thing they drink. Wild pandas often drink from the nearby streams and rivers in the forest. They also drink by melting the snow fell in high areas. As the main staple food for their diet is bamboos, they get half of their water requirement fulfilled. Bamboo shoots contain half water approx. 90% water itself.

Characteristics, Behavior and Panda Facts

Pandas’ characteristic and behavior is quite different from the other bears. The most basic panda fact is they are not at all social. Pandas love to live lonely. The only time they get close to the other pandas is at the time of mating. Their high sensitivity to smell and through this only they decide their territory. It’s their smelling power through which they know about the nearby pandas and gets prepared to protect its privacy.

An average area of pandas is about 1.9 square miles (5 square miles). Giant pandas mark their territory through the secreting a kind of waxy scent marker. This scent marker is enough for the other pandas to tell about the owner of the territory.

Other pandas can easily dig out the facts like sex, re-productivity, community status, the age of the territory owner through the smell of secretion. In case any panda encounter any other panda in its territory, both starts growling, biting and swatting with each other.
Breeding Time

Facts About Panda Family


A Giant Panda breeds for only once in the year and that is spring time. The usual ovulation time period of a female panda is 100 to 180 days. Female pandas are able to give birth to one or two cubs usually. The weight of an average cub measures 3 to 5 ounces (85 to142grams). The most interesting fact about pandas’ birth is that they are completely blind at the time of their birth.

It’s the environmental robustness and habitat that determines the probability of baby panda survival. The baby pandas learn their skills from their mother panda. These small cubs get matured differently. A female panda gets matured till 4-5 years and a male panda gets matured till 6 to 7 years. The fiercest enemy of the baby panda is an owl.

Scientist in order to save these species from extinction also turned to artificial insemination process. Till now, three baby pandas have been born at the zoo through this process. These were- Tai Shan a male panda in the year 2005. A female panda Bao Bao in 2013 and female twins in 2015 at breeding center Chengdu.

Weight and Size

The weight of a male panda is more as compared to the female panda. An average male panda weighs about 175-250 pounds while a female panda weighs about 150-225 pounds. The height of male and female pandas makes same dimensions as weighing. The height of a male panda is about 2-3 feet tall and females are often half a foot shorter than their male counterparts. The length of pandas ‘tail usually reaches 4-7 inches.


An average lifespan of a panda is difficult to determine due to low survival instinct. In the wild pandas, the lifespan is usually 20 years. The captive ones are reported to have the life up to 35 years. The lifespan of wild pandas is short due to the scarcity of bamboos and encounters with hunters.

Apart from all these panda facts and information, there are some more panda facts for kids to get amused. One of these is that giant panda can climb 13,000 feet up over the mountains. And the baby panda starts climbing at the age of seven months only. Isn’t it amazing!

A male panda is called “Boar’ and a female one is called “Sow”. Another fact is about baby pandas. When the baby pandas are born, they are hairless and get their hairs until the age of 3 months. And the most important fact about panda’s importance can be seen in the republic of China. Here, the Giant panda is chosen as the national animal for peace.

Fun Facts About Pandas


  1. The life span of a giant panda is approximately 20 years. Captive they may live to be 25-30 years old.
  2. The eyespot of a giant panda cub is initially in the shape of a round circle. As the panda grows, the eye spot becomes shaped like a tear drop.
  3. Nominated as the cutest animal& dumbest animal in the world.
  4. Sometimes the female pandas go so freaked out that they kill their own crying babies.
  5. They are listed to the endangered species since 1990.
  6. According to legend, the panda was a white bear. When a girl tried to save a panda cub from being attacked by a leopard or tiger, the leopard killed the girl as an alternative. Pandas came to her funeral and all of them wearing armbands of black ashes. As they hugged each other, wiped their eyes and covered the ears.
  7. Panda is the laziest animal on this planet they even don’t want to walk, however, the actual reason behind this is their legs are not so much strong.
  8. If you even saw a panda running this will be the most amazing thing about a panda.
  9. It’s one of amazing panda facts that a male panda cub takes just 7 years to be an adult panda and as the female, it is 5.
  10. However, Pandas are really cute, but there is no hope that someone can list them to world’s smartest animals.

These all about the panda facts, the cutest creature of mother earth. The saddest part is, its on verge of getting extinct. And the main reason behind it is the human intervention in their habitat. However, the number of conservation projects has succeeded to save many of them; the only thing which can always make a change is “You and your affection to nature”.


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