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places to travel alone

Usually, all are stuck with their jobs, studies and other relevant work. If you want to know the places where to travel alone, we are here to tell you. People don’t have time to go anywhere due to their struggling life. The finest way is travel alone, it sounds scary but trust me, you will enjoy a lot. This is an amazing chance to adventure and discovers several things.

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One main query runs in the mind of readers – where to travel alone? This is a common question that mostly individuals search on the web. Start making your list of purchasing because we are providing you best travel destinations.

Guide: How to Travel Alone?

In fact, these below-mentioned great places to travel alone for those people who love to travel

1. Melbourne, Australia


It is the hottest spot of the world in travel destinations list. This city is full of attractive beaches and buzzing life of the city. The Australia is examined as the safest place and that’s the main thing why solo travelers opt it. Plus, we would love to let you know that if you looking to travel to Australia then, stay away from these most dangerous birds, they may harm you badly.

2. Thailand


This is a place that consists Buddhist strategy. Due to this kind of mindset, they believe in equality among all. That is the main thing which people like and choose this place to travel alone. Traveling in Thailand is really cost effective and chances to meet a different kind of mindset travelers. Plus, this city is also listed to the sheet of the cheapest cities to travel in the world.

3. Bhutan


One of the finest country in the stream of Culture and traditions of the world – Bhutan. This place is popular for the World’s highest unclimbed peak Home called – Gangkhar Puensum. Those people have a pre-booked tour can only get an allowance in this country due to the security reasons.

4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

For adventures and surfing travelers, Costa Rica is a great choice to travel alone. People can enjoy adventures with volcanoes and various kinds of recreational activities. This place is full of golden hearted and helpful residents. Never feel alone due to the embark of thrilling experiences.

5. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong

This city comes under the list of biggest cities in the world. Hong Kong is the finest place to relax from the daily routine and fill your life with astonishing moments. There are incredible gardens and Tai Chi classes that attract solo travelers.

What are the most beautiful places to travel alone in the US?

If you are residing in the United States or want to know the places to travel alone in US, read this information carefully. As we know, traveling alone enhance the confidence and experience of a person. When you are alone so it increases the self-exploration, and visits the amazing and new lands.

As well as, know about the different cultures. Individuals can pick the plenty of cities, national parks, arty enclaves to go and exploit the places. Get the names of places to travel alone as a female and know it is not scary as earlier. We are mentioning you some best places to travel alone in California/ US

1. Boulder, Colorado


This place is perfect for solo travelers and those want to hike their boots. It has beautiful rock mountains and sitting on that really feels good and relax. This outdoor town gives the best chance to take an experience of cycling and skiing. The best places to travel alone female is the most searchable query of on the internet.

2. Key West, Florida

Key West

This is situated on the south side of Florida, US. The Key West is popular because of its sunny seashores, offbeat, wildlife and full of marvelous points.

3. San Francisco, California

San Francisco

At this place, solo travelers really enjoy at their summer concerts and festivals. These are absolutely free of cost and give lots of happiness. It makes the traveling in this country is simple and cheap as well.

4. Hot Springs National Park

Hot Springs National Park

This is one of the oldest and smallest national parks in the United States. Most of the travelers visit this place in the spring season. On this season, the natural beauty of this park becomes double and incredible.

Is Asia being one of the safest places to travel alone in the world?

When we talk about Asia which is the largest area of the World. In fact, solo traveling may seem a difficult task for the first timers or inexperienced people. There are lots of places to travel alone in Asia, which is really simple for solo ones.

Due to the low cost of traveling, people enjoy their travel journey in South East Asia. Another reason is usually travelers find friendly people to talk and discuss the localities. Few are the most ideal and great places to travel alone in Asia

1. Otres Beach, Cambodia

Otres Beach

It is full of astonishing beaches that give the feeling of peace. Usually, people enjoy their vacations on the beach and its high waves. Solo travelers can enjoy their personal time with this wonderful place.

2. Phong Nha Ke Bang, Vietnam

Phong Nha Ke Bang

This is very small town and has few places where people can reside. Travelers feel very good by friendly locals, peaceful smile, everlasting beauty of beaches.

3. Pai, Thailand


It can be a great place to visit alone. The reason behind that, their residents are really cool, warm hearted, spiritual and fun loving. That is the main cause why individuals opt Thailand.

4. Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

Gili Trawangan

It looks like a party island that is on a small scale. This place of Indonesia has finest beaches and underwater life is also great. If you like adventures then choose this place to enjoy the life under water.
Most of the traveling agencies get request of women to travel alone in the world. Are they worried/ anxious related to their safety? They want correct advice about the good places to travel alone which gives the secure feeling.

Get a list of places to travel alone for woman in Canada that are secure and amazing as well

1. Ottawa, Ontario


This is the capital of Canada and full of tourists around a year. This thing makes it safest for women travelers. Females are really enjoyed at this place which has wine bars, cozy live music concerts, etc.

2. Kingston, Ontario


When we come to the city of Kingston, popular by the most secure city for female travelers. Those are searching for the places to travel alone female, then Kingston is right for them. It has low crime rate and a nice museum to visit and discover things.

3. St. Johns, New Foundland

St johns

No one can be bored in the St. Johns whether it is a solo traveler or not. This city welcomes their tourists with open arms and facilitates all kinds of amenities. It is considered as the oldest city in the North America.

4. Victoria, British Columbia


This beautiful city is special appeals the alone travelers. It is loaded with various things to do and secure as well. Take a car on rent and get a round of the entire city. A rental car is a great option for travelers that shows the map and directions as per the selected place.

We hope that our article will satisfy your need to know the places to travel alone. however, if you still have any other place to travel alone then feel free to let us know in the comment section below.


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